Profile of Enhypen’s Jake: Korean-Australian Idol and Debut After ‘I-LAND’

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The Australian Born-Idol of Boy Group Enhypen Who is BTS Fans!

Jake was born in Brisbane, Australia. He comes long from the other continent to pursue his dream to be a star after feeling star-struck by BTS. He debuted with Enhypen on November 30, 2020. Let’s get to know Jake’s profile, and how BTS influences him below! Stay tuned!

Enhypen’s Jake’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Jake (제이크)
Birth Name: Jake Sim
Korean Name: Sim Jae-yun (심재윤)
Position: Rapper, Vocalist*
Birthday: November 15, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean-Australian
Solo Fandom Name: Jakeys

Enhypen’s Jake Fun Fact
  • Jake was born in South Korea but moved to Australia as a child.
  • Jake is the only child of his parents.
  • Jake is from a prosperous family.
  • He also loves the dog, his pet named Layla.
  • His dog name inspired by Clapton’s song “Layla”.
  • Jake is graduated from Dwight School Seoul.
  • His nicknames are Sim Jake, Daeng, Jayla (a combination of his and Layla’s names)
  • Jake is a Math genius in his class.
  • His MBTI is ISTJ.
  • Jake participated in the survival show I-LAND
  • Jake prepared for nine months to join I-LAND previously.
  • In the I-LAND competition, he got third place.
  • Jake is clumsy yet adorable.
  • His signature point is his loving of dogs, that’s why he called as “daengdaengmi” and “meongmeong”.
  • Jake has a dream to collaborate with Drake.
  • Jake has the ability in playing soccer, particularly in the striker position.
  • Jake loves to exercise.
  • He is also used to play the violin since 4 years old.
  • Jake could impersonate the dog’s voice.
  • His face signature in the corner of his lips.
  • On audition, Jake sing Love Yourself by Justin Bieber.
  • His favorite drink is grape soda.
  • Black and ivory are his favorite color.
  • Spring is his favorite season.
  • Math and physic are his favorite subject in school.
  • His favorite ice cream is chocolate
  • Jake wants to get the number 1 Billboard chart after debuting with Enhypen.
  • He wishes to be a person who conveys positive energy to his surroundings.
  • He portrayed himself as “passion”, “ perseverance”, and “love”.
  • Jake’s grandma passed away on his birthday.
  • Jake’s motto of life is “Live with positive vibes” and “Work hard, play hard”.

Enhypen’s Jake Pre-Debut Story

Jake was an athlete than a performer when he was a child. He loves to play soccer. Despite exercising, he is also able to play the violin for years.

He, later on, juggle into athlete and idol life. Jake gets sparks to be an idol after watching BTS performance in the American Music Awards in 2017. At the age of 15 years old, this event hit him so much and makes him want to try to be an idol.

Jake got into global auditions in Sydney, Australia which is quite far away from his home, Queensland. Next, Jake got calls from Big Entertainment after his audition. The CEO, Bang Si-hyuk personally took Jake from other 500 trainees, and of course offering him the contract.

He never confuses even if being an idol was really his dream. His forever support system, his parents, agree to any decision he would make. Next, he chooses to move to Korea and pursue his idol career.

Jake participated in I-LAND Mnet, which bring him into his debut with Enhypen.

Enhypen’s Jake Debut after Survival Show I-LAND

On June 1, 2020, Jake joined I-LAND, a reality survival show as a contestant. After three months of the show, he was gladly chosen as the third place to be a member of the boy group Enhypen.

He has the unique rapping impression and charisma that lead him into a special mark to the viewers.

On show I-LAND, he performs ‘Crown’ by TXT and also ‘Fire’ from BTS. Look at his performance during I-LAND below!

Jake receives 1,179,633 votes and officially becomes a member of Enhypen.

Enhypen’s Jake Speaking English

As Jake was coming from Australia, he continued his education in an international-based school. Jake is become a student from one of the expensive high schools in South Korea, named Dwight School Seoul.

They offer English communication and lesson through their subjects. On many occasions, Jake was speaking English to his interview or event. People or his fans curious to hear him speaking English. Generally, Korean rarely express English in communication due to difficulties. Having an idol who could speak bilingual is such a fresh and exclusive. See how Jake speaking English in this video above!

Launched ‘Given-Taken’ Official MV with Enhypen

In November 2020, Enhypen released Given-Taken. They hope to get achievement in getting rookie categories on music.

That’s all about Jake, his profile, and his pre-debut journey and debut with Enhypen. What do you think about his chosen path from Australia to be an idol? Give your comments below and don’t forget to share them on Twitter as well!