The Relationship Between ENHYPEN’s Jake And His Late Grandmother

ENHYPEN's Jake Grandmother

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ENHYPEN (hangul: 엔하이픈) is a South Korean boy group that debuted under Belift Lab and has 7 original members line-up with Jungwon, Jay, Jake, Niki, Heeseung, Sunghoon, and Sunoo. One of their members, ENHYPEN’s Jake, was known to be very popular among international fans.

In this article, there’s a detailed information about ENHYPEN’s Jake and the news about his grandmother, who passed away during his birthday. Fans also spotted that he was crying during a concert when talking about his late grandmother. To learn more about it, let’s find out more in this article below!

ENHYPEN’s Jake’s Grandma Died During His Birthday

ENHYPEN's Jake Grandmother

ENHYPEN’s Jake shared his grief with fans during a concert after he had to release his late grandmother. Many people were shocked by the sad news that one of the members of ENHYPEN’s Jake had to experience, knowing he loved his grandmother so much.

The vocalist and rapper of the group, Jake, was born on November 15, 2002. The news that his grandmother died during his birthday is accurate because he has already confirmed it.

There is no chronology about the sudden news since this news is related to the idol’s personal life. The fans also keep trying their best to provide support so that ENHYPEN’s Jake doesn’t dissolve in his sadness because there are so many people who love him and trying to cheer him up.

As the hit-maker of “Drunk-Dazed”, ENHYPEN’s Jake also shared that his grandmother was very close to him and that she also enjoys listening to ENHYPEN’s songs. This sad news is also heart-breaking for fans to hear, especially knowing that ENHYPEN’s Jake loves his grandmother so much.

ENHYPEN’s Jake Cried Out Loud At The Concert

ENHYPEN's Jake Grandmother

During the concert, no one expected that at this moment, ENGENE witnessed that ENHYPEN’s Jake was being emotional when speaking about their families. As their fans, they know that ENHYPEN’s Jake had to struggle with hardships when his grandmother died.

After he expressed his gratitude to ENGENE, he took a little opportunity to take a flashback, especially when he lost his grandmother. ENHYPEN’s Jake knows that his grandmother really supported his career when he wanted to debut as an idol.

ENHYPEN's Jake Grandmother

Being an idol in South Korea also has to have great strength while undergoing a trainee. There is no easy way to debut as an idol. Therefore, they have their family as their support system.

When ENHYPEN’s Jake remembers his late grandmother, he can only express a few words that he said for the people he cares about. He immediately broke down in tears, which made other members try to comfort him as he sat cross-legged while crying out loud.

ENHYPEN’s Jake Thanked ENGENE For Remembered His Grandma

ENHYPEN's Jake Grandmother

ENHYPEN held their first face-to-face concert, EN-Connect: Companion, in November 2021. The concert got emotional when Ni-ki and Jake cried while talking about their family.

After Jake thanked fans, he took the time to thank his late grandmother. Knowing how much she had supported and enjoyed ENHYPEN, Jake got so emotional that he couldn’t hold back tears.

ENHYPEN's Jake Grandmother

“Thank you so much, ENGENE (ENHYPEN’s fandom name), and to my grandmother who looked after me in heaven. I miss you and thank you,” Jake said.

Seeing Jake so emotional, the members sat by his side and hugged him tightly until the emotions flowed by themselves. Other members also need their support.

ENHYPEN's Jake Grandmother

Even though ENHYPEN had emotional moments at their first face-to-face concert, they have each other’s members and fans to share their feelings.

ENGENE’s Reacts To ENHYPEN’s Grandma Passed Away

ENHYPEN's Jake Grandmother

There are some of the K-Pop idols who had to let go of their loved ones to heaven as they passed away, such as Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, who lost her father, 2NE1’s CL‘s mother passed away due to a heart attack until actress Ha Ji-won whom her brother also passed away in January 2018.

ENHYPEN's Jake Grandmother

The news of ENHYPEN’s Jake’s grandmother who passed away also received some comments from fans, such as :


“Rip Jake’s grandma and Niki pls don’t cry-”

“OH MY…… WHAT?????? WHY COULD……? Last night I dreamt one of the woman being burried….. AND…. WHAT HAPPENED???? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”

“She died on jacks birthday :(:(”

“I JUST WOKE UP and im already crying this is so sad . I hope they get to visit there family and R.I.P.”

Let’s send prayers to ENHYPEN’s Jake’s late grandmother and keep supporting his career in the future, hopefully, he can be happier after the loss.

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