Here’s The Complete List of Enhypen Members’ Heights!

Enhypen's Height: Enhypen's Members in a Cover Magazine Photoshoot when Promoting Their First Extended Play (EP) Album "Border: Day One"

Everything You Need to Know About Enhypen Members’ Heights!

Enhypen is a South Korean boy group that debuted in 2020 under Belift Lab. The group which debuted with the single Given-Taken has seven members. When you take a closer look at the seven members, you will notice that they’re almost the same height. So, is it true that the seven members have the same height?

Even though the members look the same height, they actually have different body heights. To find out the details about their heights, you need to continue reading this article. In this article, you will find out the height of the Enhypen members, including the tallest and the shortest. Without further ado, let’s check their heights now!

List of Enhypen Members’ Height: From Tallest to Shortest


The following is a table of Enhypen members, sorted from the tallest to the shortest one.

Members Height
Heeseung 1.83 m (6’0”)
Sunghoon 1.81 m (5’9”)
Niki 1.81 m (5’9”)
Jay 1.80 m (5’9”)
Sunoo 1.77 m (5’8”)
Jungwon 1.75 m (5’7”)
Jake 1.75 m (5’7”)


Heeseung’s Height and Roles


The oldest, as well as the tallest member of Enhypen is Lee Hee-seung. Heeseung rocks a height of 6’0’’, making the vocalist the real hyung due to his mature appearance and big stature. The hyung once revealed that he likes playing basketball. With such a hobby, it’s no wonder Heeseung can be the tallest member of his group.

Sunghoon’s Height and Roles


Sunghoon is 2 cm shorter than Heeseung. However, he’s still considered one of the tallest members of Enhypen. The vocalist and dancer is the most attractive member, and that’s the reason why he’s nicknamed The Enhypen Handsome Member. He was a figure skater, giving him another nickname, The Ice Prince.

Niki’s Height and Roles


The maknae of Enhypen shares the same height as his hyung Sunghoon. Nishimura Riki, widely known as Niki, is often considered the best dancer in the group by Engenes (Enhypen’s fans) and his hyungs. His dancing career is extraordinary, and he has Michael Jackson as his main inspiration for dancing.

Jay’s Height and Roles


Park Jongseong, a.k.a Jay Park (he’s different from 2PM’s Jay Park, by the way), or widely called Jay, is 1 cm shorter than Sunghoon and Niki. Similar to Niki, the Washingtonian also has excellent dancing skills. He once trained at LP Dance Academy before joining the current label, and he ranked second in the final episode of I-Land (Enhypen’s survival show).

Sunoo’s Height and Roles


Kim Sun-woo, or Sunoo, is the only member who has a height of 5’8’’. The member who was born in June 2003 is considered one of the best vocalists among the I-Land contestants, and especially among the members of Enhypen. His position in Enhypen is main dancer and lead vocalist. However, these are not official positions, as Belift Lab has never released official positions for each of the members.

Jungwon’s Height and Roles


It’s rare to see a leader who comes from the maknae line. However, we can see that Jungwon is such kind of leader. Apart from being a leader, he’s also the vocalist and dancer of the group. The dimpled leader, and the shortest member, also took first place in the final episode of I-Land.

Jake’s Height and Roles


Together with Jungwon, Jake is the shortest member of Enhypen. His inspiration to become an idol grew as he watched BTS’s performance of DNA. When he joined Enhypen, he trained for nine months to become an all-rounder. His current roles in Enhypen are vocalist, rapper, and dancer. He once admitted that he grew up in Australia since he was nine years old.

That’s all that you need to know about Enhypen members’ heights and their roles in the group. So, what do you think about the height list? Do you feel that there are some members who don’t look as tall as they are?