Learn More About 10 K-Pop Idols Who Became Viral for Their Ending Fairy

2PM’s Junho

On July 9, 2021, 2PM gave their special performance of “Make It” on the popular music show Music Bank. 2PM’s comeback this time was certainly very special for fans considering it was the first time in 5 years. In this performance, it was 2PM’s Junho who was lined up to be the ending fairy.

kpop idols ending fairy

2PM’s Junho didn’t seem to give a unique fairy ending as many other idols do. The handsome idol only gave a heart symbol with his fingers and smiled sweetly by displaying his trademark eyes smile.

Although simple, 2PM’s Junho’s fairy ending immediately stole the attention. 2PM’s Junho was even immediately discussed in the online community by South Korean netizens in online communities. They claimed to be amazed by Junho’s eyes smile and youthful, handsome face. Not a few claimed to have been captivated by Junho’s smile since elementary school.

STAYC’s Seeun

Who would have thought that STAYC’s Seeun could make the K-pop world go into an uproar when the fairy ending managed to make the virtual world go into an uproar. At that time, STAYC was promoting one of their songs when the camera spotted STAYC’s Seeun at the end. Netizens expressed that they were amazed at Seeun‘s beauty because she was still beautiful even though her pose was a bit awkward and shy.

TXT’s Yeonjun

In episode 406 of Show Champion, TXT appeared as one of the artists who performed and won it. At that time, the group performed their newest title song “LO$ER=LOVER.”

During their performance, TXT managed to amaze the audience with the extraordinary and perfect performance they presented on stage. However, the most stunning appearance that day was none other than Yeonjun.

kpop idols ending fairy

TXT’s Yeonjun stole hearts with the final pose or so-called ending fairy with an adorable style after the show. Yeonjun managed to describe the title of the song, “LO$ER=LoVer,” with a “loser” face.

It looks like this idol shed tears that turned out to be fake and then turns into a sweet person or becomes a “lover” with a bright smile. Because of this appearance, fans immediately expressed their admiration for TXT and Yeonjun.

Well, that was all for the information about K-pop idols who appeared as the iconic ending fairy that K-pop fans must remember. Surely, when you have a cute idol like this, it feels really lucky to get a total performance and also an unexpected ending that can look very hilarious at the time. Don’t forget to give a lot of love and support to K-pop idols so they can continue to give great performances in the future.

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