Elris’ Sohee’s Profile: Pre-Debut, Plastic Surgery, Body, Debut in a Film, Etc.

Elris’ Sohee’s Plastic Surgery Rumor


Every K-pop idol must have a bad rumor surrounding them. Some of the rumors that are often linked to K-pop idols are dating scandals, plastic surgery rumors, bullying, etc. And, the one that has been linked to Sohee is a plastic surgery rumor.

Some people on the Internet are questioning some parts of Sohee’s face such as her eyelids, nose, etc. Here are some pics of pre-debut Sohee and pics of Sohee after she made her debut with Elris.

sohee elris

Whether it’s true or not, we can just say that Sohee is pretty then and now. And besides, even if she did do that, it isn’t a crime so we have no right to judge her. Let’s just support her in whatever makes her happy!

Elris’ Sohee’s Body Goals


There are a lot of K-pop idols who not only have one talent, or are good at one thing, but they usually have something that makes their charms stand out, too. Sohee already has a good voice. She’s also pretty, and most of all, she has a good body figure.

Her body is just so ideal that everyone can’t help but stare at her.

Let’s see some Sohee body goals appreciation!

sohee elris

What do you think of Sohee’s body figure? She’s really stunning! Who wants to go on a diet and go to the gym so we can have a body like Sohee’s?

Elris’ Sohee’s Debut in a Film

elris sohee

In December 2020, it was reported that Sohee will be joining the lineup of a new movie called Idol Recipe. Not only Sohee but there will also be several K-pop idols joining the cast of the movie, too. Some of them are Jongup, the former member of BAP, JBJ95’s Kenta, Sonamoo’s Nahyun, and Dal Shabet’s Woohee.

The story tells about an unsuccessful girl group called Bella that almost gets sold by their director. At that time, Bella suddenly reached success by getting into a billboard. There will be the producer of Bella’s songs, the group’s talented dancer, and, of course, the members and the leader.

Sohee will be playing as the leader of Bella.

What do you think about the movie? Just by reading the synopsis, the movie sounds fun. For your information, the movie has the same director as the popular drama, Full House. This movie also will be a comedy, so let’s prepare to laugh while watching the movie soon.

Anyway, this will be the debut acting role of Sohee. Can’t wait to see Sohee portraying her first role in the movie!

Elris’ Sohee Starred in CFs

Let’s agree that Sohee’s pretty face is something that shouldn’t be hidden. If portraying in a movie called Idol Recipe is her first acting debut, then it means she hasn’t been in a drama before just like some other K-pop idols. So, how come she didn’t get noticed by people when she has all that beauty?

No worries, Sohee has starred in a lot of CFs after she made her debut. Let’s see some of the CFs that used her as a brand ambassador.

What do you think of Sohee’s appearances in the CFs? All of the products that Sohee promoted seem promising, right? Our girl Sohee is really something.


Well, we have reached the end of the article. Even though there are a lot of people named Sohee in the Korean entertainment industry, Sohee from Elris has a different charm that makes us fall in love. She’s indeed such an amazing and talented idol, right? Sohee’s vocals are just so soothing and alluring. Which of her charms do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments, please!