Get To Know The Stunning Members of ELRIS: EJ’s Profile, Facts, Performance, and More!

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Get Closer to The Lead Rapper of ELRIS—EJ

Kim Eun-ji who is famously known by her stage name EJ is a member of the girl group ELRIS. Previously, EJ was a trainee of another agency before moving to Hunus Entertainment and joining ELRIS as a member. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with some detailed information about ELRIS’ EJ, so keep reading!

ELRIS’ EJ’s Profile

elris ej

Birth Name: Kim Eun-ji (김은지)

Stage Name: EJ (이제이)

Place and Date of Birth: South Korea, August 13th, 1997

Age: 23 years old (International Age)/24 years old (Korean Age)

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Blood Type: AB

Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Years Active: 2020–present

Label: Hunus Entertainment

Associated With: ELRIS

Fun Facts About ELRIS’ EJ

elris ej
  • EJ was added to the group in February 2020
  • Previously, EJ was known as a trainee of STL Entertainment
  • In October 2019, EJ took part in the Busan One Asia Festival
  • In ELRIS, her symbol is a star
  • Her favorite character is Crayon Shin-chan
  • For a late-night snack, EJ would like to eat tripe
  • According to other members, EJ is suited the most with the “Jackpot” concept
  • During the filming for the “Jackpot” music video, EJ revealed that she didn’t undo her hair for three days

ELRIS’ EJ’s Career Journey

elris ej

Before being introduced as an added member of ELRIS, EJ had already started her career journey in the K-Pop music industry. It was revealed that she used to be a trainee of STL Entertainment practicing vocal and dance skills, and she became a participant of the Busan One Asia Festival as well.

Even before her debut, EJ had already shown-off her amazing vocal skills through a bunch of cover songs which you can find on several videos on YouTube. And finally, EJ could prove her talent to the world when she officially debuted as a member of ELRIS in 2020.

Debut with Girl Group ELRIS


EJ joined the group as an added member in February 2020, with the other added member Chaejeong. Even though she was an added member, EJ proved her amazing talent which made her fit well with ELRIS’ concept for emphasizing the fresh, fairy-like charms and getting along with other members very well.

Her debut as an ELRIS member was marked through ELRIS’ comeback with the fourth mini-album Jackpot that was released on February 26th, 2020, with the single “Jackpot” serving as the title track.

elris' ej

EJ also revealed her thoughts on her debut with ELRIS. For her, it was such an honor to become a part of ELRIS, and she had a lot of fun during the promotion and she would try even harder to show her great sides as well!

ELRIS’ EJ On Stage & Cover Song Performances

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Let’s take a look at EJ’s amazing cover songs and her energetic performances on stage.

ELRIS’ EJ amazed people with her unique vocal performance during a song cover of “Juice” which was originally performed by Lizzo. From the music video, people were able to see the 90s concept that matched with the song as well. EJ also performed the song very well since the mixture of slow-rapping and upbeat music completed her performance!

Other cover song performances of ELRIS’ EJ include “Woman Like Me,” which was originally performed by Little Mix. Her low, husky voice suits very well with the song, and not to mention the way EJ ‘kills’ the high-notes part of “Woman Like Me,” making people speechless with her charismatic aura.

With the other ELRIS members, EJ has appeared with powerful dance and a playful-fierce style that emphasizes her charisma even more. With her twin-tail hairstyle, black outfit, and various expressions while dancing on the stage, EJ is indeed stunning, right? Especially EJ’s rap performances where she looks beyond amazing and awesome.

That was all the information about ELRIS’ EJ! She has proven that even though she is an added member, she can easily amaze people with her amazing voice and incredible dancing skills which have brought her the current spotlight as a K-Pop idol. Well, what do you guys think about EJ?

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