Everything About ELRIS’ Bella: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut, and The Truth Behind Her Controversy!

elris bella

ELRIS’ Bella: The Hip-Hop Girl with Amazing Rap Skills!

Bella gained a lot of attention after her debut as a member of girl group ELRIS in 2017. With an adorably fierce appearance, she also came with a magnificent talent that made people curious about her. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with everything you need to know about Bella, so stay tuned!

ELRIS’ Bella’s Profile


Birth Name: Choi Yoon-ah (최윤아)

Stage Name: Bella (벨라)

Place and Date of Birth: Incheon, South Korea, February 2nd, 1999

Age: 22 years old

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Blood Type: B

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Nationality: Korean

Position: Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist

Years Active: 2017–present

Label: Hunus Entertainment

Associated With: ELRIS, MIX NINE

ELRIS’ Bella’s Interesting Facts That You Need to Know

  • Bella was known as a contestant of the survival show MIX NINE
  • She attended Dongjin school
  • In ELRIS, Bella was considered as the ‘mother’ of the group
  • Bella was known as a Hip-Hop girl who loves to write her own rap lyrics
  • She also participated in writing the lyrics to the song “No Big Deal,” as well as the rap part in the song “I Want To Take Care of It”
  • Bella loves sweet vanilla and blueberry macaroons, but she doesn’t like cherry tomatoes
  • She also loves the anime One Piece and watches one episode every day
  • In ELRIS, she was the easiest member to cry
  • Bella was the member who looked the most different with or without makeup, because she could transform from elegant, to adorable, to sophisticated, depending on the type of makeup she would decide to wear

The Story of ELRIS’ Bella’s Career Journey


Bella amazed people after her official debut as an ELRIS member in 2017. And in the same year, she managed to draw a lot of attention with her appearance in the survival show MIX NINE. Let’s find out about Bella’s career journey.

Bella’s Appearance in MIX NINE


Several months after her debut with ELRIS, Bella decided to take part in MIX NINE as a contestant along with ELRIS’ Hyeseong, in October 2017. MIX NINE was known as the survival show created by JTBC and YG Entertainment. As a contestant, Bella was competing against a bunch of other trainees from various agencies who participated in the program as well.


Bella appeared with various performances, whether it was individual or group performances during MIX NINE. Not only that, but she was also voted as ‘Best Style’ on the show! Unfortunately, Bella didn’t make it until the final round. She was eliminated in episode 14 with the final rank #17. However, her performance and her talent during MIX NINE were acknowledged by people which made her name even more popular.


Let’s take a look at Bella’s performances in MIX NINE, here:

Bella’s Debut as an ELRIS Member


Bella officially debuted with ELRIS on June 1st, 2017, as the lead rapper and main dancer of the group. ELRIS was marked as the first girl group under Hunus Entertainment. On their debut, Bella appeared with the other four members since the group was still recognized as a five-member line-up at the time. As a debut project, the group released the first mini-album titled We, First and a title track of the same name.


From their debut, Bella and other ELRIS members have emphasized the feminine, fairy-tale, and cutesy concept which was quite different from the current ELRIS concept. However, their debut gained a lot of attention and was welcomed warmly by people as well.

Later on, the group also released a bunch of great songs such as “Color Crush” (2017), “Summer Dream” (2018), “Miss U” (2019), “Jackpot” (2020), and many more!

ELRIS’ Bella’s On-Stage Performances & ‘Get Ready With Me’ Vlog


Live Stage Focus Fan-cam

From one of the ELRIS “Jackpot” live performances: ELRIS’ Bella looked absolutely adorable with her iconic short hair and feminine outfit. During a live performance, Bella showed off her natural charms and energetic dance moves as well. Moreover, the crowds would also get very loud every time Bella would sing her rapping part in the “Jackpot” single!

Well, Bella seemed to really know how to amaze people with her charms. Through her live stage performance with ELRIS for “Summer Dream,” Bella appeared with a different style: a mixture of boyish and vintage! Not to mention her amazing voice and powerful dance; Bella looked adorable and gorgeous at the same time!

Get Ready With Me Vlog


Through ELRIS’s official YouTube account, Bella has been entertaining her fans with the “Get Ready With Me” vlog! Since she was planning to go vintage shopping, Bella asked the fans to watch her do her makeup and go out. The way Bella explained everything from the video also made her looked like a ‘real’ YouTuber! It seemed like we could hope to see a personal YouTube account from her, right?