Did Eli Kim’s Wife Have Plastic Surgery or Not? Let’s Find Out Here!


Did Eli Kim’s Wife, Racing Car Model Ji Yeon-soo, Have Plastic Surgery?

Ji Yeon-soo is a South Korean racing model, who’s also known as Eli Kim’s wife. Her husband, Eli Kim, is a member of he idol group U-KISS. Eli Kim revealed on December 4, 2015, that he had been married for over a year but didn’t reveal her identity at the time of the announcement.

Eli Kim’s marriage was huge news at the time, and the other members of U-KISS, Kevin and Soohyun, needed to comfort the fans via Twitter, saying that his marriage won’t effect Eli Kim’s activities or promotions in the future.


The public was shocked to hear Eli Kim’s sudden marriage news when he announced on his Instagram that he married a woman who was 11 years older than he was, and that they had dated each other for 5 years before their marriage. They were also expecting a child soon after the wedding.

After the wedding news and a little bit chaos, On August 30, 2016, Eli Kim appeared with his wife Ji Yeon-soo on the variety show Video Star that aired on MBC Every1. Following that, he also joined the variety show Mr. House Husband from KBS, to show his life as a father and as a husband to his wife.

Eli Reveals His Wife For the First Time

On August 30, 2016, Eli Kim made his first appearance in public since his wedding when he was invited as a guest on the talk show, Video Star, which aired on MBC Every1.


His wife’s identity remained a secret for a while even after their marriage. About a year after their wedding, Eli Kim had a chance to made his appearance again in public and become the guest on a television show.

Eli Kim revealed through the show that his wife was a former racing model, and that she was 11 years his senior. The idol also said that they had a hard time right after finding out about his wife’s pregnancy, and their parents were disappointed when they found out about it. Eli Kim decided to register the marriage first, because he was afraid to lose his wife.


Eli Kim and his wife, Ji Yeon-soo, gave a birth to their first baby boy, named Michael Minsoo Kim, on June 8, 2016. When Ji Yeon-soo was asked about what makes Eli Kim looks sexy for her, she answered “When he farts while only using his underwear”, adding the sweetest things that her husband ever did for her, “My heart skips a bit when he sleep with our child in his arms and he’s willing to do everything for me.”


Eli Kim announced the couple’s wedding when Ji Yeon-soo was 3 months pregnant. Through the talk show Video Star, he shared photos of his baby boy for the first time with the public, since he only revealed the back of his son’s head on his SNS before.


When the host and guests were talking about the baby, Eli was asked to dance in front of them while holding a baby in his arms, which made everyone break into laughter at the same time.


The star shared that he chased his wife for about a year and he was worried about the difference in their ages. When he was asked what made him interested in dating his wife, he said it was because he fell for her appearance and that she has a curvy, S-Line figure.


He even confessed, with a laugh, when he drove to the Han river with his wife, Ji Yeon-soo, he thought that he looked cool when he acted like that. The host asked if he drove in reverse with his arm on the back of her headrest and he said yes, and then added that he also held the parking ticket using his teeth.

The member of U-KISS also shared that he’d already prepared a bouquet of flowers and asked her if she wanted to date him. Ji Yeon-soo worried about what their age gap would mean for their relationship, because she’s older than he is, but he quickly said that age was just a number and they ended up dating each other without any doubts.

He said that the other members of U-KISS didn’t knew about his wife’s pregnancy before their manager and company announced it, and he regretted it, at the end.

Eli Kim proposed to his wife in Rome, and he proposed to her again, later, before he registered their marriage. When the host asked him what he said when he proposed to her, he said he couldn’t remember because he was so nervous at the time.


During his wife’s pregnancy, Eli Kim revealed that he felt nauseous because he had sympathetic morning sickness. He also shared sweet photos of the newlywed’s moments as the couple welcomed a new baby boy to their life.


Since it was the first time the idol revealed whom he’d married, there were many reactions from public, who wanted to get a look at his new wife. Here are the comments from netizens reaction to Ji Yeon-soo’s face from Sports Today via Nate:

[+958, -61] Looks like Korean men like plastic surgery beauties after all

[+836, -70] So what hospital did she get all that work done? It came out nice;;

+108, -6] I think I could see his wife at Myungdong ㅋㅋㅋ that face is so common

[+59, -3] She has a strong plastic surgery monster look to her

[+53, -3] Wow, that is some crazy plastic surgery work

[+50, -2] I honestly know at least 3 other women who look like her

[+44, -2] Looks like she went with the C package at Gangnam’s plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery Rumors

There’s never been any official news about whether Ji Yeon-soo had plastic surgery, but let’s take a look at Ji Yeon-soo’s visual, below:

Ji Yeo-soo always claimed to be a Gangnam Unnie, which is a nickname for females who like to hang out around Gangnam or Myeongdong, the famous street for a high-class citizen to hang out on.

It’s very normal that some changes in the skin appear as a human gets older. There are many skin treatments available to help have healthier skin at any age. South Korea is known as a country that has the best treatments when it comes to a visual appearance, and most Koreans take very good care of themselves.


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With myson💝 #michael #love #❤️ @babarastudio

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Despite being called beautiful, the beauty standards in South Korea have changed since there are many people who had plastic surgery to become more pretty or handsome. Some of them had such drastic procedures that their faces are nearly unrecognizable since they had the procedures done.

In Ji Yeon-soo’s case, many people gave their opinions about her looks, saying that she must have had her face done with plastic surgery, since she  worked as a model, too.

Although she looks pretty,many people said that the plastic surgery was too much for her, giving her a doll-like look, but still looking like a human. Netizens said that it was obvious from how Ji Yeon-soo looks that she went for plastic surgery, and her face wasn’t natural anymore.


Opinions were circulated on online forums, and some netizens added pictures of so-called Gangnam Unnies, which somewhat resembled Ji Yeon-soo’s face. Their facial structures were built using plastic surgery, and twhich may be why it looks slightly similar.

Ji Yeon-soo Back to Work As a Model

Ji Yeon-soo was known to have worked as a car model before she married a member of U-KISS.

On April 12, 2017, there was highlight news of Ji Yeon-soo, saying that she would be returning to working as a model after a two-year hiatus and taking care of her baby.

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2005년에 데뷔해 지금까지 넘치는사랑 주셔서 늘 감사했습니다. 어떤곳에서 어떤모습이든 저란 사람을 사랑해주신 냐옹이클럽분들과 운영진이셨던 연애소설님, 한결님, 테라님 최강 운영자셨고 제가 열심히 할수있는 원동력이자 버팀목이었습니다. 갑작스런 결혼에 출산에 실망한분들께 죄송하다는 인사와 오랫동안 변함없이 사랑해주셔서 감사하다는 인사가 늦어 죄송합니다. 시간이 많이 흘러 저도 나이를 먹고 예전의 젊고 예쁜모습은 사라졌어도 늘 겸손한 마음으로 매순간 감사함을 잊지않고 살아가겠습니다. 오늘이 오지 않기를 바랬던 날도 있었지만 기쁘게 보내지 않으면 새로운 일을 과감히 시작할수 없을꺼 같아 용기냈습니다. 이제 레이싱모델을 은퇴하고 새로운 직업으로 전향해 열심히 살겠습니다. 새해복많이 받으시고 건강하세요 마음깊이 감사드리고 사랑합니다. 레이싱모델 지연수올림.

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The model and mother, Ji Yeon-soo, revealed on Mr. House Husband that she would be ready to go back to work after giving birth to her first child.

She expressed how nervous she was when she was contacted by the Seoul motor show, and immediately asked her husband, Eli Kim, whether it was okay if she went back to work. She was afraid that she lost her chance after taking a two-year break from modeling, but her confidence was already on at the highest level and she asked her husband, saying they could buy a house in a year if she worked hard.


Ji Yeon-soo becomes a model again at the Seoul motor show with the support of her husband, Eli Kim, who also acted as her manager for the day. Ji Yeon-soo was overwhelmed with her own decision to go back to work as a model with support from her husband, but she expressed her happiness with it,  adding that her husband was proud of Ji Yeon-soo for her effort and professionalism.

That’s all the information about Eli Kim’s wife, Ji Yeon-soo, and whether she had her face done with plastic surgery or not. Let us keep supporting her activities and career in the future and hope that she can be a good mother for her son and a supportive wife for her husband, too!