K-Drama Review: ‘East of Eden’ Tells About the Bitter Rivalry Between Two Men who Seem Eternally Bound by Incredible Fate

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Getting to Know More About the K-Drama East of Eden!

Who missed the K-drama reviews from Channel Korea? We are coming back with another review, and this time we are talking about East of Eden! If you haven’t heard of it yet, don’t worry! Channel Korea will explain everything you need to know about the series.

East of Eden is a story about revenge and family problems. The lead characters, Lee Dong-chul and Lee Dong-wook were dealing with their fates and their complicated past. Moreover, when the person whom they love ends up being involved, and when the truth comes out, all of the good old days between them were gone. Betrayal, revenge, love, and other emotions were mixed through East of Eden! Do you want to know more about the drama?

Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you to the revenge and betrayal themed drama, East of Eden, and everything you need to know about it!

East of Eden: Review


First of all, let’s start with the synopsis. The drama told the story of revenge between certain characters. Lee Dong-chul (played by Song Seung-heon) had been seeking revenge since he was five years old. When he was at that age, he accidentally heard someone wanted to kill his father, Lee Ki-chul. The person was Shin Tae-hwan, a founder of Taesoeng Group.

Shin Tae-hwan felt threatened by Lee Ki-chul, because Lee Ki-chul was a leader of labor union who were held a demonstration for workers’ welfare in Taesoeng Group. That’s why Shin Tae-hwan wanted to kill Lee Ki-chul secretly, and he also planned on faking an explosion at their mining company to hide the truth.

Shin Tae-hwan’s wife, Oh Yoon-hee, and Lee Ki-chul;s wife, Chon Hee, gave birth to baby boys in the same hospital. The nurse who was helping Oh Yoon-hee’s birth process also wanted revenge on Shin Tae-hwan, because she used to be Shin Tae-hwan’s girlfriend and got pregnant, but he forced her to have an abortion. To get even, she swapped the two infant boys in the hospital.

Lee Dong-wook, who was actually Shin Tae-hwan;s son, was raised by Choon Hee, Lee Ki-chul’s wife. Lee Dong-wook also had an older brother, Lee Dong-chul. Both of them wanted to avenge their father’s death. Meanwhile, Shin Myung-hoo was raised by Shin Tae-hwan and prepared for being the heir of Taesoeng Group.

Long story short, Lee Dong-chul became a famous gangster and worked in a casino, meanwhile Lee Dong-wook had a dream to become a prosecutor, and, somehow, he reached his own dream, as well. Unfortunately, the good relationship between Lee Dong-chul and Lee Dong-wook went bad when the truth was revealed that they weren’t biological siblings because Lee Dong-wook actually was Shin Tae-hwan’s child, who also his enemy.

Let’s take a look at the general information about East of Eden and the official poster here:


Title: East of Eden

Genre: Action, Drama, Romance

Directed By: So Won-young

Written By: Lee Hong-ku & Na Yeon-sook

Starred By: Song Seung-heon, Yeon Jung-hoon, Park Hae-jin, Han Ji-hye, Lee Dae-hee

Episodes: 56

Network: MBC

Scenes in East of Eden

Let’s take a look at some scenes in East of Eden here!


The brotherhood between Lee Dong-chul and Lee Dong-wook!


The moment when Lee Dong-chul and Young Ran were officially married! Both of them are looking happy, aren’t they?


One of the most heartbreaking scenes, when Lee Dong-wook and Young Ran found out that Lee Dong-chul was dead.


After hearing the brief synopsis of East of Eden, people must be curious about the ending of the story! Get ready, because we’re about to give you a slight spoiler from East of Eden here!

After Lee Dong-chul and Lee Dong-wook found out that they weren’t really brothers, the relationship between them becomes bad. But, somehow, once the truth has been revealed, Lee Dong-wook was against his real father, Shin Tae-hwan. As a prosecutor, he wants to reveal all of Shin Tae-hwan’s crimes, including fraud and corruption.

The problem started when Lee Dong-chul wanted to save his wife, Young Ran, who was  kidnapped by a group of foreign gangsters. Lee Dong-wook who was worried about his brother’s safety, and helped his brother by sending a bunch of subordinates to help Lee Dong-chul.


Unfortunately, Lee Dong-chul spotted a gun being aimed at Lee Dong-wook. As soon as possible, Lee Dong-chul was protecting Lee Dong-wook and ended up getting shot. Before he died, Lee Dong-chul asked Lee Dong-wook to protect their mother and he also apologized to his wife, Young Ran, that he wouldn’t be able to live with her in this world.

The ending was beautiful, yet sad in the same time. In the ending scene, there’s a birthday party for Young Ran’s daughter. Choon Hee, Yoon Hee, Lee Dong-wook, and Shin Myung-hoon were all gathered together there. Even though Lee Dong-chul died, all of them could still feel his presence, then they were partying happily while reminiscing about Lee Dong-chul.

Overall we highly recommend you to watch East of Eden! Not only does it have great characters, but the family drama and betrayal theme made it fascinating to watch! If you are looking for this type of romance-betrayal theme, East of Eden might be right for you!

East of Eden: The Cast


Here are some of the main characters in East of Eden!

Song Seung-heon as Lee Dong-chul


Song Seung-heon was cast as Lee Dong-chul, the son of Lee Ki-chul and Chon Hee. He wants revenge on Shin Tae-hwan for his father’s death. Until he becoming a gangster and worked in a casino, he still wanted that revenge. Lee Dong-chul was a good brother to his sibling, Lee Dong-wook. Unfortunately, one day he found out that Lee Dong-wook wasn’t his biological brother.

Yeon Jung-hoon as Lee Dong-wook


Yeon Jung-hoon was cast as Lee Dong-wook. He used to be known as Lee Dong-chul’s younger brother, but actually he was the son of Lee Dong-chul’s enemy, Shin Tae-hwan. Lee Dong-wook had a dreamt of being a prosecutor, and his dream came true. He was also close with Lee Dong-chul, before he found out that he wasn’t his biological brother. After learning the truth, he turned against Lee Dong-chul, but eventually he found out that his real father wasn’t as good as he seemed, and he came back for Lee Dong-chul.

Park Hae-jin as Shin Myung-hoon


Park Hae-jin was cast as Shin Myung-hoon. He was raised by Shin Tae-hwan and his wife, even though actually he wasn’t their biological child. Shin Myung-hoon used to be the heir of Taeseong Group, before he found out the truth. Shin Myung-hoon also was jealous of Lee Dong-wook because the girl that he loved, Kim Ji-hyun, was in love with Lee Dong-wook.

Han Ji-hye as Kim Ji-hyun


Han Ji-hye was cast as Kim Ji-hyun, and used to be Lee Dong-wook’s sweetheart. But, unfortunately, Shin Myung-hoon was also in love with her. she was forced to marry Shin Myung-hoon because he raped her until she got pregnant with his child. But still, she only loved Lee Dong-wook.

Lee Yeon-hee as Young Ran / Grace


Lee Yeon-hee was cast as Grace, also known as Young Ran. She was the nice girl who already helped Lee Dong-chul when he was in Macau. Her father was the owner of a lot of famous casinos. Lee Dong-chul became her father’s confidant. Lee Yeon-hee and Lee Dong-chul were in love and eventually married. Unfortunately, it wasn’t last long because Lee Dong-chul got killed.