The Talented DRIPPIN Leader Yunseong: Profile, Facts, Pre Debut, Instagram, Etc.

DRIPPIN Yunseong

Everything You Need to Know About DRIPPIN’s Yunseong

Yunseong is one of the members of DRIPPIN as well as the leader of that group. He debuted with DRIPPIN on October 28th, 2020, under Woollim Entertainment, alongside the seven other talented members. This time, Channel-Korea will not be talking about the group as a whole, but specifically about the leader, Yunseong. Is anyone curious about him?

Don’t worry, in this article, we are going to provide you with all the information about DRIPPIN’s Yunseong, starting from his profile to his focus fancams. So, stay tuned and keep reading!

DRIPPIN’s Yunseong’s Profile

DRIPPIN Yunseong

Name: Hwang Yun Seong (황윤성)

Stage Name: Yunseong (윤성)

Birthday: October 30th, 2000

Birthplace  Seongbuk, Seoul, South Korea

Height: 180 cm (5’11”)

Weight: 60 kg

Zodiac: Scorpio

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

Blood Type: AB

Nationality: Korean

Debut: 2020

Occupation: Singer


Agency: Woollim Entertainment

Instagram: @drippin_insta (Yunseong’s group)

DRIPPIN’s Yunseong’s Facts

DRIPPIN Yunseong profile

After reading his profile in general above, you are probably even more curious to find out all the information about DRIPPIN’s Yunseong. If you want to get closer with him you should read Yunseong’s facts listed below. Check it out!

  • Yunseong has an older sister and an older brother.
  • Yunseong comes from a wealthy family.
  • His original name is Hwang Dongwook, but when he was in 4th grade, he changed it.
  • Seventeen’s Hoshi, Michael Jackson, EXO’s Kai, and SHINee’s Taemin are his role models and his inspiration in music and dancing.
  • Winter is his favorite season.
  • His fans have said that he looks like The Return of Superman’s Bentley Hammington, so he often introduces himself as Bentley.
  • Yunseong can beatbox.
  • If he wasn’t an idol he would be a dancer.
  • His hobby is reading reviews of food delivery services.
  • He was a trainee for two years and five months.
  • In 2019–2020, Yunseong was the brand ambassador for clothing brand DWMU.
  • Yunseong attended an acting theater academy during his elementary school days.
  • He often makes dance covers of iKon and BTS songs.
  • After he became BTS’s backup dancer by performing “Mic Drop”, he was contacted by many agencies but he chose Woollim Entertainment.
  • Yunseong was a BTS backup dancer when BTS performed “Not Today” at Gayo Daejun. He got paid and then he used the money to buy a bag for his mother.
  • Yunseong is the only one and the first K-Pop trainee that has had a solo fan signing event.

DRIPPIN’s Yunseong Pre Debut

DRIPPIN Yunseong predebut

Yunseong has a lot of talents; he can dance, sing, and also has a great acting technique because he used to attend a theater academy. However, it is not only his talent that attracts people to him, his visual appearance is also quite exquisite. Yunseong has little droopy eyes, a nice smile, and almost looks perfect.

But, how did Yunseong look when he was a child or even when he was a trainee? Wanna see him during the pre-debut period? Well, here are Yunseong’s pre-debut photos!

DRIPPIN Yunseong pre debut

The first photo is when Yunseong was a teenager and he wore his school uniform.

DRIPPIN Yunseong pre debut
DRIPPIN Yunseong pre debut
DRIPPIN Yunseong pre debut

Yunseong attended a theater academy, and the photos above were taken while he was performing in a play.

DRIPPIN Yunseong pre debut

The last photo is when Yunseong was a BTS backup dancer and performed “Not Today”.

DRIPPIN’s Yunseong’s Appearance in Produce X 101

Hwang Yunseong produce x 101

Just like other programs, Produce X 101 is a South Korean survival variety show with the purpose of debuting a new group named X1. This program included the participation of 101 trainees from various agencies; Hwang Yunseong was one of the contestants who, unfortunately, didn’t get to debut with the project group. Produce X 101 was aired on Mnet from May 3rd to June 9th, 2019.

After working hard with all his might, sadly, DRIPPIN’s Yunseong didn’t make it to the top 11 to secure himself a spot in the new group, namely X1. Yunseong was eliminated in the final round in 15th place with a total of 20,036 votes.

Previously, Yunseong passed the audition. For those of you who want to see his introduction video, please click the video below along with one of his performances in the show.

DRIPPIN’s Yunseong’s Focus Fancams

DRIPPIN Yunseong fancam

As K-Pop fans, you are certainly familiar with the term fancam. This is a video of K-pop idols’ performances that are recorded by their fans or even from the music programs. The purpose of a fancam is to record the idols’ performances so the fans can watch it repeatedly.

There are two kinds of fancams: a group fancam and a member-focused fancam. In this regard, we provide two videos of DRIPPIN’s Yunseong’s focus fancams that have been uploaded on YouTube by Mnet and his fan account. Check them out!

Well, that’s all the information about the leader of DRIPPIN, Yunseong. After reading this article, please don’t forget to kindly drop a line with your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial and share this article on your social media!