K-Drama Review: ‘Drinking Solo’ Follows the Lives of Teachers and Students in Tutoring Academies

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Drinking Solo

Drinking Solo

1. A Lot of Drinking Scenes

Don’t worry! If you think that the ‘drinking scenes’ implies a lot of alcohol, in Drinking Solo, the drinking scenes weren’t just when the characters were consuming alcohol, but also other drinks! The ‘drinking’ scene was to show viewers how to spend your time alone as a me-time, and one of the ways to spend it is to indulge yourself with some excellent food and drink In addition, drinking alone gives the various characters time and solitude to contemplate their lives.

2. The Funny and Relatable Story From Teachers and Students

This is might be the most pleasant part of the drama! In Drinking Solo, we could see a lot of real activities of students and teachers in academia, how the students struggled to reach their dreams, and how the teachers were divided into high-level and standard-level tutors. Moreover, when the students had a crush on their teachers, it was attractive yet pleasant enough to watch!

3. Shows Us What ‘Hagwon’ Was Really Like

As previously mentioned, Drinking Solo is built around a Hagwon. It gives us a taste about what it’s like at certain academics when the students were signed up and provided a good quality of education. And there’s also the expensive high-level tutors who taught them in such an exclusive way!

4. The Romance Between Park Ha-na and Jin Jung-suk

Since the series uses both romance and comedy themes, the romance between two of the main characters was one of the most important parts! Coming from different backgrounds and different levels in their academic, the relationship between Park Ha-na and Jin Jung-suk was sweet, yet complicated! Even though they broke up at one point in the drama, they eventually found their way back together by the end.

5. Friendship Everywhere

In Drinking Solo, viewers can watch stories about real friendship from all of the characters, started from Park Ha-na with Hwang Jin-yi, and the hilarious friendship between Kim Ki-bum, Jin Gong-myung, and Kim Dong-young! Even though they often got into fights or arguments they kept on supporting each other and showed us the love for their best friends!

That was all of the information about Drinking Solo. It’s a great romantic drama, especially for viewers who also like a little comedy thrown in. Make sure that Drinking Solo will be on your drama list!

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