K-Drama Review: ‘Drinking Solo’ Follows the Lives of Teachers and Students in Tutoring Academies

Drinking Solo: The Cast

Drinking Solo

Let’s meet some of the main cast from Drinking Solo!

Park Ha-sun as Park Ha-na

Drinking Solo

Park Ha-sun was played as Park Ha-na. She was one of the standard-level tutors, but she was still focused on her career. Even though she wasn’t getting the VIP treatment, she did well with the job. She met Jin Jung-suk and as the story progressed they fell in love, even though they were also facing some problems in their relationship.

Ha Seok-jin as Jin Jung-suk

Drinking Solo

Ha Seok-jin was cast as Jin Jung-suk, one of the high-level tutors. He was rather arrogant as a result of his ability and excellent reputation. He didn’t want to blend in with the other tutors, and always looked alone. He eventually fell in love with the ordinary tutor, Park Ha-na, and has a relationship with her in the end.

Gong Myung as Jin Gong-myung

Drinking Solo

Gong Myung was cast as Jin Gong-myung, one of the students who was planning on taking the civil servants’ test. He recently returned from his military service, and went to the academia because his mother asked him to do it. Gong Myung was also close to Park Ha-na, and helped both of Park Ha-na and Jin Jung-suk when they were becoming a couple.

SHINee’s Key as Kim Ki-bum

Drinking Solo

SHINee’s Key played Kim Ki-bum. He went to the academia to prepare for the civil servants’ test, although he had already taken it and failed three times previously. Kim Ki-bum was the rebelliou student who was spending his mother’s money for unnecessary things, but he was a good friend to Jin Gong-myung and Kim Dong-young!

Kim Dong-young as Kim Dong-young

Drinking Solo

Kim Dong-young was cast as Kim Dong-young. Just like his other friends, Kim Dong-young went to the academia to pursue his dream of becoming a civil servant. He even broke up with his girlfriend to help him focus on doing the hard work and taking the test!

Drinking Solo: The Soundtracks

Drinking Solo

Hello Love by Oh My Girl

First, we have Hello Love from Oh My Girl! This is an easy-listening song from Drinking Solo’s official soundtrack, and you’ll fall in love with the lyrics! From the lyrics translation, we could imagine the story behind that, mostly when Park Ha-na and Jin Jung-suk weren’t realized their feelings yet towards each other!

On a rainy today I feel sentimental

My mind is full of you again

I wonder if you know my mind

Hello in your ears“.

With Me by Vanilla Acoustic

The next song isĀ With Me, by Vanilla Acoustic! Have you heard it? From the lyrics we could relate with the moment when Park Ha-na and Jin Jung-suk broke up, and they needed time alone.

With things that you can’t handle

You’re getting tired

Even the sound of laughter makes you exhausted“.

Dear My Lady by 40

Last but not least, we have Dear My Lady from 40! This is might be one of the saddest songs from the entire soundtrack! The song was sung by a man, and it reminded us of Jin Jung-suk. The lyrics related to Jin Jung-suk’s feelings when he decided to break up with Park Ha-na.

When you are in my arms, I keep feeling sorry so tears come to my eyes

Because of my promise of making you into the happiest woman in the world

Baby I’m so sorry, for not making you smile“.