South Korean Girl Group DreamNote’s Profile, Discography, Performances, and Latest News

DreamNote’s Music Videos through the Years

On March 12, 2019, DreamNote released their second music video entitled “Hakuna Matata” (Hagnul: 하쿠나 마타타). DreamNote’s second album Dream: Us contains interesting stories that happened in the lives of eight girls. The title song “Hakuna Matata” is based on the up-tempo synth-pop genre.

It expresses the feeling of a beautiful girl who wants to cast a love spell on a boy in order to have him fall in love with her. With a concept that is almost the same as their previous music video, the scenes in “Hakuna Matata”‘s music video also look very colorful and, of course, can convey a message of happiness to everyone who listens to this song.

On January 8, 2020, DreamNote made their comeback with a song called “Wish” (Hangul: 바라다). In this comeback era, they looked different from before because there was a change of members and a new line-up with only 6 members active. This music video shows scenes that are dominated by pink and also aesthetic scenes. “Wish” is the title song of their third single album titled Dream Wish. Through this music video, fans are presented with energetic choreography and musical performances.

DreamNote’s Debut Era

dreamnote profile

DreamNote is a girl group that has stolen attention in the K-pop world even though it has just debuted recently. DreamNote released an album titled DreamLike on November 7, 2018. In Korean, “dream” means things you want to do in the future and “notes” means a youth room, so DreamNote means a record of young dreams in the future. DreamNote has 8 members named Youi, Boni, Lara, Miso, Sumin, Eunjo, Habin, and Hanbyeol.

The group, which had an initial formation of eight members, started its career by performing on the streets. “We made our debut after going through various hardships like doing a lot of shows on the street or just a mini showcase,” said Youi as the leader of DreamNote.

When they first debuted, DreamNote had the attention and response from fans and the public because iMe Korea as their agency had also created a special timetable to promote DreamNote when they had just debuted. DreamNote also had several opportunities to hold a showcase or fan signing event to interact directly with its fans.

DreamNote’s Music Video

On November 7, 2018, DreamNote released their debut music video titled “Dream Note.” In the music video, the members look very happy and cheerful when performing the special choreography of their debut song. With a very colorful scene, the members were seen dancing in an indoor field with their school uniforms and sporty costumes. With a cheerful youth image, DreamNote presents catchy pop dance music and colorful music videos.

DreamNote’s Debut Stage

DreamNote debuted with their single with the same title as the group under iMe Korea. The girl group with 8 members who are cheerful and active performed their debut stage on several music programs broadcasted on television, one of which was M Countdown. Songs filled with colors and cheerful choreography are DreamNote’s debut concept that can make other people’s moods happier. On the debut stage, DreamNote looked very cheerful with the sportswear they wore in the music video for the song.

Still with the same song, DreamNote promoted their debut single by appearing on the music program The Show on November 13, 2018. On the broadcast, the members looked very cheerful wearing sportswear that was made almost the same as each other. With dark blue and yellow tartan motifs, the girl group that had just debuted at that time optimized their performances to entertain fans.

DreamNote was also present on an episode of Music Bank and sang “Dream Note” live on December 07, 2018. On their debut stage at that time, several members were seen holding a mic to make it easier for vocalists to dance and sing with a stable voice. In the performance, the members were seen wearing school uniforms with shades of red. Stylists certainly play a very important role in preparing comfortable outfits with different concepts.

DreamNote’s debut concept really accentuates the energy of youth. With similar school uniform outfits in each broadcasted program, the members don’t look boring because the stylists prepare costumes with different shades and colors when DreamNote has to appear. This is important because their debut era is the most important, especially in introducing DreamNote to people who don’t know them. During their performance that aired on Simply K-Pop on December 14, 2018, there was the sound of fans chanting to cheer up the members as they performed.