Full Profile of DreamNote’s Lara: Fun Facts, Visual, Personality, and Recent Activities

dreamnote lara

Everything You Need to Know About DreamNote’s Main Vocalist, Moon Sin-ae!

Do you like girl groups? Do you know about a girl group from South Korea that debuted on November 7, 2018, and is still famous today? Yes, the girl group in question is DreamNote which has 6 members who seem to still be active and releasing songs. Besides that, DreamNote also has very talented members.

Do you know about DreamNote‘s Lara? If not, let’s find out in more detail about one of the members of DreamNote, Lara, in this article below!

DreamNote’s Lara’s Full Profile

dreamnote lara

Real Name: Moon Sin-ae (Hangul: 문신애)

Stage Name: Lara (Hangul: 라라)

Birth: Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, August 9, 2000

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 161cm

Weight: 44kg

Blood Type: A

Family: Parents, sister, younger brother

Position in the Group: Main Vocalist


  • Songjeong-dong Elementary School
  • Songjeong Middle School
  • Jeonnam Girls’ High School (transfer)
  • Korea Arts High School (graduate)

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DreamNote’s Lara’s Fun Facts

dreamnote lara
  1. DreamNote’s Lara debuted as a child actress in The King of Legend that was aired on KBS in 2010
  2. DreamNote’s Lara was introduced as the 4th member to debute under iMe Entertainment
  3. DreamNote’s Lara’s MBTI is ISFP-T
  4. DreamNote’s Lara’s parents run a gomtang (beef broth soup) restaurant
  5. DreamNote’s Lara uses an iPhone 11 Pro
  6. DreamNote’s Lara can catch mosquitoes well
  7. DreamNote’s Lara said that she can’t watch horror movies
  8. DreamNote’s Lara has the same hometown as Rocket Punch’s Yeon-hee and Yun-kyung
  9. DreamNote’s Lara said that she recently enjoyed playing Sudoku
  10. DreamNote’s Lara said that she enjoys eating maratang, a Chinese spicy soup
  11. DreamNote’s Lara doesn’t eat spicy food well, but she likes it anyway
  12. DreamNote’s Lara said that she likes to cover her bangs
  13. DreamNote’s Lara has the habit of biting her nails
  14. DreamNote’s Lara’s role model is Kim Taeyeon
  15. DreamNote’s Lara was really popular before she debuted because she had an Instagram account where she posted cover songs
  16. DreamNote’s Lara’s special talent is acting
  17. DreamNote’s Lara often said that she looks like Weki Meki’s Lucy
  18. DreamNote’s Lara graduated from high school on February 8, 2019
  19. DreamNote’s Lara is an ORBIT (LOONA’s fan club’s name), and her bias is Go-won
  20. DreamNote’s Lara appeared in the web drama Mr. Heart as Hyori as a body mechanic
  21. DreamNote’s Lara said that she wants to buy herself something with her first paycheck
  22. DreamNote’s Lara shares a room in the dorm with DreamNote’s Youi and Sumin


DreamNote’s Lara’s Visual

dreamnote lara

DreamNote’s Lara is seen as one of the K-pop idols who shines very brightly at a young age. If you look at the picture above, DreamNote’s Lara looks really bright and also really matches the blonde hair which looks to portray the teenage vibe very well on her figure, right? Make-up that is very natural is also suitable for DreamNote’s Lara and does not make her appear too excessive.

dreamnote lara

Even though she has a vocalist position, DreamNote’s Lara looks very beautiful with her appearance and hairstyle that has been adjusted by the stylist. Fans might not have thought that DreamNote’s Lara is the main vocalist of the group if you see her beautiful visuals like this, right?

dreamnote lara

Not only with blonde hair but DreamNote’s Lara also looks beautiful with different hair that is golden brown with a little black touch from her original hair in the roots. As you can already find in the fun facts, it’s rare that DreamNote’s Lara looks like she doesn’t have bangs, but with different hair colors, it seems that she can pull out a different image really well!

dreamnote lara

DreamNote’s Lara also can pull out a great pose while taking a selca. The member who was born in 2000 looks very beautiful when she has ombre hair and poses in front of a mirror. With a very feminine and natural appearance, she can even invite the anticipation of many fans and also reap praise from many people for her always fresh appearance like this, right?

dreamnote lara

Besides being the member who reflects natural and feminine vibes, DreamNote’s Lara can also be cute as well. Just take a look at her picture above from a fan meeting where she looked very playful while wearing glasses and her blonde hair which was deliberately turned into a ponytail. Her expression is also very cute because she looks elegant but still cute as well.

dreamnote lara

Although DreamNote’s Lara rarely shows a different hairstyle, she also occasionally changes her hairstyle to brown hair so her visual looks more natural. Besides that, the bangs blocking her forehead were deliberately opened to reveal the other side.

What do you think about DreamNote’s Lara’s visuals?