Full Profile of Dreamnote’s Eunjo: Fun Facts, Visual, Personality

dreamnote eunjo

Everything You Should Know About DreamNote’s Youngest Member, Park Eun-jo!

DreamNote (Hangul: 드림노트) is a South Korean girl group that made their debut on November 7, 2018, under iMe KOREA. DreamNote currently has 6 members consisting of Boni, Youi, Lara, Miso, Sumin, and Eunjo.

In this article, there is detailed information about one of the members of DreamNote who is also the youngest member. Who else but Park Eun-jo? The member who was born in 2002 is considered one of the underrated K-pop idols with a charm that can make you gasp from her beauty!

Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about DreamNote’s Eun-jo in this article below!

DreamNote’s Eunjo’s Full Profile

dreamnote eunjo

Real Name: Park Eun-jo (Hangul: 박은조)

Stage Name: Eun-jo (Hangul: 은조)

Birth: Janghowon-eup, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi, Province, South Korea, March 7, 2002

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 165 cm (5’4″)

Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Position in the Group: Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Maknae

Nationality: Korean


DreamNote’s Eunjo’s Fun Facts

dreamnote eunjo
  1. DreamNote’s Eun-jo’s MBTI type is ESFJ
  2. DreamNote’s Eun-jo’s role model is BoA
  3. DreamNote’s Eun-jo wants to visit Europe
  4. DreamNote’s Eun-jo is the MC of the group
  5. DreamNote’s Eun-jo wanted to go see a movie with the members for their first Christmas together since their debut
  6. DreamNote’s Eun-jo is in charge of cooking at the dorms, and her specialty is hard boiled eggs
  7. DreamNote’s Eun-jo likes BLACKPINK
  8. DreamNote’s Eun-jo’s shoelaces always come undone on stage
  9. DreamNote’s Eun-jo and their manager share a room
  10. DreamNote’s Eun-jo’s nicknames are Jjo, Eunju, Jorangie, Jojo, and Thomas
  11. DreamNote’s Eun-jo was revealed as the second member of DreamNote after Sumin
  12. DreamNote’s Eun-jo became the youngest member of the group after DreamNote’s Hanbyul’s departure
  13. DreamNote’s Eun-jo chose Ariana Grande as one of her pop singer role models
  14. DreamNote’s Eun-jo said that she cried while watching the Haikyuu Season 4 2nd Cool 3rd episode
  15. DreamNote’s Eun-jo said that she hasn’t studied Mathematics since the third year of middle school
  16. DreamNote’s Eun-jo’s favorite lunch menu is Osam Bulgogi
  17. DreamNote’s Eun-jo likes Binggrae’s banana flavored milk and fat bars
  18. DreamNote’s Eun-jo is close friends with LOONA’s Olivia Hye, NATURE’s Yeo-jin, and REDSQUARE’s Bomin
  19. DreamNote’s Eun-jo uses an iPhone SE 2
  20. DreamNote’s Eun-jo has a soft heart, and she can easily burst into tears
  21. DreamNote’s Eun-jo has the largest fancafe share among the members according to an article
  22. DreamNote’s Eun-jo is very fluent in Japanese, probably because she enjoyed watching Japanese anime
  23. DreamNote’s Eun-jo said that her original dream for the future was to be a flight attendant
  24. DreamNote’s Eun-jo’s name meaning is to live with grace and help
  25. DreamNote’s Eun-jo’s favorite time of the day is from 14:00 to 17:00. The reason is that it feels the most relaxed
  26. DreamNote’s Eun-jo wanted to go to a Japanese school so she applied as an exchange student, but she said she couldn’t because she joined the company
  27. DreamNote’s Eun-jo hated science the most as a student, and her favorite subject was social studies and history
  28. DreamNote’s Eun-jo served as the vice president of the entire school, and it is said that she attended many school festivals in middle school
  29. DreamNote’s Eun-jo had a different name, but when she was in middle school, she changed her name to Eun-jo. Before the name change, her name was Seoyeon.
  30. DreamNote’s Eun-jo was in the athletics club when she was in elementary school

Dreamnote’s Eunjo’s Visual

dreamnote eunjo

DreamNote’s Eun-jo has beautiful visuals and is included in the Korean beauty standards where K-pop idols certainly have beautiful and good-looking visuals and appearances. Of course, DreamNote’s Eun-jo is an influential maknae when it comes to beauty from her visuals.

If you are curious how beautiful DreamNote’s Eun-jo is, don’t miss the session below which shows DreamNote’s Eun-jo’s visual!

When it comes to beauty, of course, it is owned by every K-pop idol who debuted in their respective groups. One of the famous girl groups with the single “Wish” is also famous for having very beautiful members! If you haven’t seen DreamNote’s member visuals, let’s see how beautiful DreamNote’s Eun-jo is in the picture above who is very beautiful with her natural beauty. One of the captured pictures from this fansign event shows DreamNote’s Eun-jo who is very beautiful like a fallen angel, right?

dreamnote eunjo

Not only in an event but DreamNote’s Eun-jo also looks beautiful with her daily activities. In the selca that she took, she looks very beautiful with natural makeup with pink blush, and her lips are wearing brightly colored lipstick. DreamNote’s Eun-jo’s visuals really shine in this selca, not only because of her appearance but we can also admire her facial features with her sparkling and round eyes, small oval face shape, and also high nose just like a celebrity would have.

dreamnote eunjo

Talking about DreamNote’s concept, they always have a very beautiful concept by wearing beautiful and luxurious outfits. It is likewise with DreamNote’s Eun-jo who looks beautiful in this black and white dress and pearl necklace accessories which are clearly worn and shown in the picture above. Her long, maroon hair looks long and straight, which fits perfectly with her image as the youngest member of the group. The stylists did their best to deliver an image that perfectly matched DreamNote’s Eun-jo when performing and it came out flawlessly!

dreamnote eunjo

Being one of the members who were included in the initial lineup when it was announced, DreamNote’s Eun-jo certainly had a chance to steal the attention of many people because she looks beautiful in the individual teaser image above.

In a full-face picture like the one above, of course, she has an image that is no less beautiful than the other members. Everything looks so perfect on her visual. If you take a quick look at this photo, of course, it will take us at a glance to see there are similarities between DreamNote’s Eun-jo and other girl group members such as mixed facial features with ITZY’s Yuna and Ryujin, right?

dreamnote eunjo

Not only does she look beautiful with her pure beauty, but DreamNote’s Eun-jo can also really entertain her fans while interacting with them. From the photo above, DreamNote’s Eun-jo looks cute while wearing some accessories such as round glasses while holding a newspaper, and there is wine on the table right in front of her. She looks like a character from a movie when this photo was taken.

What do you think about DreamNote’s Eun-jo’s visuals?

Dreamnote’s Eunjo’s Vlog on YouTube

Lately, there are many K-pop groups that expand their interactions to social media so that they can provide interesting content for fans to see. One of the social media accounts owned by DreamNote is their official YouTube channel where they uploaded official music videos and some interesting content to watch.

In this session, let’s see more about DreamNote’s Eun-jo’s vlogs uploaded on their YouTube channel!

On May 4, 2019, DreamNote’s Eun-jo showed her vlogging skills while she was on vacation. In this vlog, DreamNote’s Eun-jo seems to be enjoying the beach and going to the sea. She also records when she approaches the beach to show how beautiful nature is in Ulsanbawi and takes the time to take the cable car. After that, she also went to the market and saw some live seafood there.

On February 25, 2020, Eun-jo was back on DreamNoteTV instead of her usual vlog. However, Eun-jo is seen taking the lead role in this vlog and showing her backstage habits while wearing contact lenses, hand cream, and also showing preparations before going to the stage by wearing ear microphones and various other things. She is also not shy about eating fruit and doing a short ASMR session during this video.

On March 6, 2020, DreamNote’s Eun-jo uploaded her daily activities while they were running a schedule together and also when they were backstage when they were waiting for their turn to perform. In the video titled “[Dream_Log] Vlog (Edited by Eunjo),” we can see the behind-the-scenes preparations of each DreamNote member recorded and also edited by Eun-jo to her daily activities while in the studio where they practice.

DreamNote’s Eunjo’s Focus Fancams

In this session, let’s take a look at DreamNote’s Eun-jo’s focus fancams from several stage performances!

On January 9, 2020, DreamNote held a comeback performance on M-Countdown and performed their single “Wish.” In this focus fancam, of course, we can see DreamNote’s Eun-jo who was there performing with the other members. Very beautiful and elegant, DreamNote’s Eun-jo exudes her charm very well as she seems to dominate the stage by dancing and still playing with facial expressions very well. She also wore a beautiful black outfit that gave off a “rich” vibe in this comeback stage.

Still in the series of comeback stages from DreamNote, this time, the five girl group members performed “Wish” on Music Bank while wearing the same costumes as each other. In this focus fancam, you can watch DreamNote’s Eun-jo wearing a baby blue blouse with white hotpants and short ankle boots which she wore as the main outfit while performing “Wish” on this stage. Not only that but her outfit looks great with a ribbon accent on the front of her body and a ribbon around her wrist.

On August 30, 2018, DreamNote had just made their debut as a rookie girl group and held a debut announcement ceremony. During the performance, the members showed their skills in dance covers and performed TWICE‘s “Like OOH-AHH” and Girls’ Generation‘s “Run Devil Run.” The members looked very cheerful when doing a dance cover in front of many people, including DreamNote’s Eun-jo who was wearing a white crop top and jeans that showed her slim body that looks perfect!

On October 9, 2019, DreamNote celebrated their debut album and held a busking located in Myeongdong while promoting their single “Like You.” In this performance, DreamNote’s Eun-jo looks beautiful while wearing a tartan skirt and also a green crop top with a small ribbon accent underneath. She seemed to show her best performance in this focus fancam and was very cheerful while performing “Like You.” The choreography, which is full of energetic and girly movements, certainly shows DreamNote’s Eun-jo who is very cheerful during this performance.

On September 27, 2019, DreamNote had been debuted for a year as a girl group ready to compete in the music industry. In this focus fancam, DreamNote who performed at the Copper Cosmos Festival performed one of their singles, “Dream Note,” very cheerfully. Especially, DreamNote’s Eun-jo looks very happy and cheerful while performing “Dream Note” on stage. Not only that but she also looks beautiful in a pink dress that looks simple but very sweet and cute when she wears it in this performance.

What do you think about DreamNote’s Eun-jo’s focus fancams?


Well, that is all of the information about DreamNote’s Eun-jo and everything about her information that you should know! Let’s give a lot of support and love to DreamNote and Eun-jo so that they can continue to be passionate about work so that their careers can shine even more in the future.

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