Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Debut, Cameo Appearance, Fancams

DreamCatcher’s Yoohyon’s Singing Skills


In the group, Yoohyeon fills the position of the lead vocal. So, looking at this fact, of course, she is a member whose singing skills stand out. Most of DreamCatcher’s songs are divided into chorus phrases, like any other girl group. But, her high tone and unique voice showcase a distinct difference. She has a voice that has a great range and strength. When singing ballad songs, she can control the strength and weakness of her voice well, and it has a strong tone of appeal.

If you don’t believe what we’re praising about Yoohyeon, you can check her vocal skills in her singing cover videos below!


DreamCatcher’s Yoohyeon’s Focus Fan-cam


On top of having a great vocal, Yoohyeon is also quite exceptionally a great dancer. In most of her performances, she can capture your attention well with her sharp moves and equally sharp expressions. No wonder every single one of her individual fan-cams is really good.

Singing, dancing, language-speaking, voice-imitating, game-playing, you name it, she can do it all! Yoohyeon is a real dream girl of DreamCatcherdon’t you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below to tell us whether you agree or disagree!