DreamCatcher’s Jiu: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Debut, Vlog

Jiu’s Appearances in Dreamcatcher’s Vlog


Dreamcatcher occasionally posts each member’s activity through a series of YouTube vlogs to increase the engagement with fans. For Jiu, it is also her way of communicating with fans on how her day goes.

Check out her daily activities in her Dreamcatcher vlogs below!


Dreamcatcher’s Jiu Singing Skills


Jiu is one of the lucky members who has a voice that evokes a distinct atmosphere. There are many fans who can recognize her voice as ‘Jiu’s part,’ as soon as they hear it because it is the most distinguishable voice in the team. Besides, the color of her voice itself is also full of personality. As she has a stable voice and a high musicality, no wonder she is given the role of the lead vocalist of the group.

Check out her vocal skills in the few videos below!


Dreamcatcher’s Jiu’s Focus Fan-cam


As it has been said again and again above, Jiu has a very strong stage presence. This stage presence is not only recognized through her top-notch vocal skills, but also her slick dancing skills on stage.

Check out how she rocks the stage in the fan-cams below!

So, those are all the things that you need to know about the fairy leader of DreamcatcherJiu, starting from her bright personality to her strong leadership! What do you think about her? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!