Dreamcatcher’s Handong: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Absence, Solo Debut


The Wuhan Princess Handong

Among the seven DreamCatcher members, Handong is the only member who comes from China. She was born on March 26th, 1996, in Wuhan, China. Her position in the group is a vocalist. Handong has a shy personality, in fact, if she didn’t get orders from her professor to do an audition, she wouldn’t do it. She got the nickname ‘Dongdong’ from Yoohyeon, her groupmate. In 2019, Handong took an absence from DreamCatcher activities, because she was preparing for her participation in the Chinese survival show Idol Producer (Season 2) or Youth with You. It goes a long way to 2020 since she got stuck in China due to quarantine.

So, it is no wonder that when she came back to Korea, fans got all excited to see her after months of her absence. Are you curious to know more about this beloved girl? If so, scroll down the article below to find out all the details!


Full Profile of DreamCatcher’s Handong

  • Stage Name: Handong (한동)
  • Real Name: Han Dong (韓東)
  • English Name: Della Han
  • Position: Vocalist
  • Birthday: March 26th, 1996
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Height: 165 cm (5’5”)
  • Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Weibo: 韩东_捕梦网


Facts to Know about DreamCatcher’s Handong

  • She was born in Wuhan, China
  • Single, Dongdong, Dongdongie, and Wuhan Princess are some of her nicknames
  • She can speak Mandarin and Korean fluently
  • She has blood type O
  • After she appeared in the musical Les Miserables during high school, her professor told her to go audition in Korea
  • She learned opera and acting in the past
  • Choco pies, sausages, and mangoes are among her favorite foods
  • She is a big fan of Taeyeon and even sang Taeyeon’s “If” on Happy Face Entertainment’s audition
  • She trained to be a member of DreamCatcher only for five months
  • She has a shy personality
  • If she hadn’t debuted with DreamCatcher, he would have become a flight attendant
  • She sneezes every time she eats chocolate even though she really likes it
  • In the DreamCatcher dorm, Gahyeon is her roommate
  • She likes to shop for expensive clothes
  • CLC’s Elkies is her friend
  • In the group, she represents the nightmare of being watched
  • She participated in Idol Producer (Season 2) or Youth with You
  • When describing her ideal type, she said: “A kind person who has a good personality and is tall.”


DreamCatcher’s Handong’s Personality


Thanks to the harmony of the long and thin facial lines, the thick-lined eyelids, and the thin and small lips, her face exudes maturity and oriental beauty. But, unlike the cold princess aura that she radiates, she has an open but humble personality. She always tries to learn and accept new things that she encounters without reluctance. Even though she is the only member who comes from China, she also knows how to blend silently and naturally into the members’ malls and puns. Perhaps because of her good language skills, she learned Korean very quickly and became close to the other members. She even can blend in with the other members’ slang Korean jokes.

She shows a lot of gratitude to her fans without pretense, and she likes to have a conversation with them as a friend would. No wonder she has become one of the most beloved members of the group.



Debut with DreamCatcher


Prior to debuting in DreamCatcherHandong already held a few musical talents as she performed in a musical titled Les Miserables during her high school years, and even got lessons in opera and acting. Seeing her talent, she was told by her professor to go to an audition in Korea. And following his words, she moved to South Korea to study at Sejeong University in 2015. One year later, she went to HappyFace Entertainment’s audition singing Taeyeon’s song “If” and got herself a trainee contract. It took only five months of training before she finally debuted as a member of DreamCatcher.

She finally made her debut with DreamCatcher on January 13th, 2017, being one of the two members in the re-debut line-up. In the group, she represents the fear of being watched.


DreamCatcher finally released their album titled Nightmare and title track “Chase Me” on January 13th, 2017, where she filled a position as a vocalist. She attracts public attention with her fluent Korean and stunning vocal skills.


DreamCatcher’s Handong’s Absence in 2019

Handong began to be absent from DreamCatcher activities around August 2019, to be precise during DreamCatcher’s European tour. The news was announced by the company in charge of the DreamCatcher tour. It was around this time that the speculation for her participation in the upcoming season of the Chinese survival show Idol Producer (Season 2) or Youth with You began to surface.

But Handong still participated in the special DreamCatcher album titled Raid of Dream, which was released in September 2019, although she didn’t promote it with them.

True to the rumor, she then was declared on hiatus from DreamCatcher in December 2019 because she participated in Idol Producer (Season 2).


DreamCatcher’s Handong’s Appearances in Idol Producer Season 2


Despite the previous fans’ suspicion, it was revealed on October 15th, 2019, that Handong would be one of the trainees who participate in Qing Chun You Ni (Idol Producer). The news was released through a solo video interview of her.


She also opened her own Weibo account just shortly after getting confirmed to be on the show, and she also released an individual self-introduction video.

In the show, she also met with BLACKPINK’s Lisa who was one of the mentors on the show.

The show also got criticized a lot by DreamCatcher fans for Handong’s lack of screentime, despite her being overwhelmingly talented. It was just on Team A’s performances that she got proper screentime on the show.

Sadly, she was eliminated in the second-ranking ceremony and finished the show in 56th place.

Although she didn’t win the show, Handong is still grateful for the chance to participate in this season. Later, in an interview, Handong revealed the reasons she chose to join Idol Producer (Season 2). “I thought of it as a chance for me to meet Chinese fans and improve myself further,” she revealed. “Through Youth with You 2, I learned that I need to have my own unique personality and charming qualities in order to appeal to the public. It was an opportunity for me to realize that I need to improve,” she added.

“I was able to meet great friends through the show, and more people also now know about DreamCatcher,” she went on. “The biggest thing was that I was able to improve my skills.”

Unfortunately, after her appearance on the show, she was unable to go back to Korea due to Korea’s strict travel ban regarding COVID-19. So, she had to be quarantined in China and was unable to promote with her group.