Dreamcatcher’s Fandom Name, Colors, and Meaning!

dreamcatcher fandom name 2022

Let’s Get to Know All About Dreamcatcher Fandom Name!

Dreamcatcher (formerly known as MINX) is a female K-pop group that formed under Happyface Entertainment (now Dreamcatcher company) that consists of JiU, Siyeon, SuA, Handong, Dami, Gahyeon, and Yoohyeon. This group debuted on January 13, 2017, with the first single, Nightmare. Through the music and the talents of all members, they got a lot attention from the public, and many people joined as their fans. So, what’s the name of Dreamcatcher fandom and logo as well?

Through this article, Channel-Korea provides you with information regarding the Dreamcatcher fandom name, meaning the logo. So, keep on reading this article!

Dreamcatcher Announced Their Official Fandom Name: InSomnia

Dreamcatcher fandom name 2022

Half of K-pop groups decided to announce their fandom name a few months after their debut day, but it’s not possible if their choose to reveal the fandom name a year or even more after their debut. Over a year after its debut, precisely on March 13, 2018, finally Dreamcatcher announced its official fandom name through a video that they uploaded on Happyface Entertainment YouTube channel, they chose to call their fans “InSomnia”. That announcement makes fans feel happy moreover, the name sounded unique as well.

Here’s the video of the fandom name announcement!

Dreamcatcher Fandom Name Meaning

dreamcatcher fandom meaning

Before we talk about InSomnia, Dreamcatcher itself claimed to be an antidote to nightmares. If we see their fandom name, InSomnia is very connected to “Dreamcatcher”. They both are complete each other.

InSomnia is derived from the Latin word ‘Somnium’, and it’s the plural of ‘Somnia’. Meanwhile, these words mean “dream” or “fantasy”. The name represents how they (Dreamcatcher and InSomnia) will be together forever and create many memories even when in the dream.

Dreamcatcher Fandom Name Ideas

Dreamcatcher fandom insomnia

Before they released the official name, each member had their suggestion for the name. A month before they revealed the name, Dreamcatcher was interviewed by one of the UK media, and they were asked about the fandom name ideas from each member. Some member gave their suggestions, Siyeon said that she thought that their fans were better called “Suncatcher”, meanwhile, for Yoohyeon the name was quite challenging to say. However, the name was SuA’s idea.

Then, Siyeon gave another one, namely “Chers”, and again and again, her suggestions were declined by another member, Gahyeon. Gahyeon said that the name sounds weird. Meanwhile, some fans chose “Chers” at first and thought that it would be a perfect match for the fandom name.

Dreamcatcher Fandom: InSomnia Logo

dreamcatcher colors fandom

As we know, Dreamcatcher is one of the K-pop groups that use more spooky and dark concepts. Besides the group name, their fandom name was so unique! On July 1, 2019, Dreamcatcher officially announced the color and logo for InSomnia. The official colors consist of Pantone black 6 C, Pantone 7623 C, and Pantone P 10-6 C. They posted the photo following the caption, “A day when the red moon rises, Dreamcatcher invites you to come in their dream”.

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