K-Drama Review: Watch Park Min-young and Seo Kang-joon’s Heartwarming Story in ‘When the Weather is Fine’

when the weather is fine

A Series That Will Makes Your Heart Flutter: When The Weather Is Fine

If you’re looking for a heartwarming story with beautiful romance story vibes, When the Weather Is Fine could becoming the answer! Starred by Park Min-young and Seo Kang-Joon, the romance drama has been released since February 2020 and already came to an end. The drama was becoming one of the best romance in early 2020 since people were in love with the characters as well as the story-line. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain the details, so stay tuned!

When the Weather is Fine: Review

when the weather is fine

When the Weather Is Fine was narrated a story about the love story between Mok Hae-won (starred by Park Min-young) and Im Eun-Seob (starred by Seo Kang-Joon), both of them used to know as childhood best friend in their hometown, but then Mok Hae-won has left the town. Turns out, Im Eun-sob still waiting for her until several years afterward.

Mok Hae-won was worked as a cello tutor at first, but due to specific reasons, she got fired from her job and returned to her hometown in Bokhyeon village. It also leads her to meet Im Eun-Seob, who already owned his bookstore named ‘Good Night.’ Mok Hae-won has decided to apply for a job in his bookstore as a part-time assistant, and easily accepted because Im Eun-Seob was in love with her since their high school era.

As time went by, both of them were in a relationship. Since Im Eun-Seob was a bookstore owner and he loved everything about literacy, we could see a bunch of beautiful quotes or magnificent phrases from Korean’s poems and poetry! Even though their story sounded full of romance things, but there’s also mystery and conflict within their story.

General information about When the Weather Is Fine:

Title: When The Weather Is Fine / I’ll Go To You When the Weather Is Fine

Genre: Drama

Directed by: Han Ji-Seung

Written by: Han Ga-ram

Starred by: Park Min-young, Seo Kang-Joon, Moon Jeong-hee, Lee Young-ran

Episodes: 16

Official drama poster of When the Weather Is Fine:

when the weather is fine

The Scenes

when the weather is fine

Im Eun-seob and Mok Hae-won’s high school moments; where all of their love stories have started from the beginning!

when the weather is fine

Im Eun-Seob and Mok Hae-won were working together in Good Night bookstore, and the warm atmosphere within the store was up in the air!

when the weather is fine

The simple interactions between Im Eun-Seob and Mok Hae-won, they were sitting right next to each other and involved through a deep talk!

when the weather is fine

Mok Hae-won was played again the cello after all this time during the closing of Im Eun-Seob’s bookstore event!

when the weather is fine

As a bookstore owner, Im Eun-sob was taking care of really well of books. He was arranged it neatly, as well as taking care of other essentials things in the bookstore as well.

Spoiler Alert: Finale Episodes

There was a time when Im Eun-sob and Mok Hae-won were breakups, and she hoped that time would endure the pain, then she left him and went to Seoul. Just like Im Eun-Seob, he also hoped that she was doing well, but all he could do was fooling himself because he still loves her. Both of them were being selfish since they were hidden in their feelings.

The finale episodes of this series also revealed everything pretty well! Each of the characters has found out their answer, and it also leads Im Eun-Seob and Mok Hae-won to getting back together. After all, this time have hidden their feelings, Mok Hae-won was coming back to Im Eun-Seob.

Overall, the drama was worth to watch and highly recommended for you! For those of you who love romance and light story of K-Drama, When the Weather Is Fine was one of the best choices!

When the Weather is Fine: The Casts

when the weather is fine

Here are some of the main casts from When the Weather Is Fine!

Park Min-young as Mok Hae-won

park min young

Mok Hae-won used to work as a cello tutor, but she left and went back to her hometown. She met again with Im Eun-Seob, her high school friends. Then she was worked in the Good Night bookstore. Even though at first she was somewhat arrogant and hidden, but eventually she was fell in love with Im Eun-sob.

Seo Kang-joon as Im Eun-Seob

seo kang joon

Im Eun-Seob was the owner of Good Night bookstore and hidden his feelings towards Mok Hae-won since a long time ago. After their reunion in his bookstore, Im Eun-sob has started to show his love towards Mok Hae-won.

Moon Jeong-hee as Shin Myeong-yeo

when the weather is fine

Shin Myeong-yeo was Mok Hae-won’s aunt, who worked as a writer and hostelry owner. She lived with Bokhyeon village with Mok Hae-won, and really taking care of her as well despite all of her past sins.

Kang Shin-il as Im Jong-pil

when the weather is fine

Im Jong-pil was Im Eun-Seob’s adoptive father. Even though Im Eun-seob wasn’t his real son, but he really cared about him. He knew that Im Eun-Seob already experienced such a hard time during childhood.