K-Drama Review: ‘Voice’ Sets a Crime Story Through an Emergency Call Center

Voice: Drama Review

Moo Jin-hyuk and Shim Dae-sik

This drama is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a drama that give them thrills and chills, and is okay with the sight of blood. Voice has a lot of scenes that involve violence, blood, and corpses. Even when the drama censored a corpse, it definitely did not censor the blood.

The plot itself is very interesting. Even though the early episodes might leave you a little frustrated because the progress starts a bit slowly, you’ll be stunned when the drama starts to reveal hints about the murderer. In the beginning, the only clue about Moo Jin-hyuk’s wife and Kang Kwon-joo’s father’s murderer is that the culprit’s jaw always makes a cracking sound.

Hwang Kyung-il and Kang Kwon-joo

When Kang Kwon-joo solved a case involving Hwang Kyung-il, a boy who loves to make rape videos and turn them into bitcoin, he copied the sound of a cracking jaw, which leaves Kang Kwon-joo flustered. She immediately asked him if he knew the murderer or not, but he refuses to answer and other policemen prevent her from asking any further questions. When Hwang Kyung-il went to the bathroom, he planned to escape, but he ended up being burned to death. When he’s on the verge of dying, he whispers something, but Kang Kwon-joo couldn’t understand what he said, and in the end, he died.

Nam Sang-tae

After that, the drama keeps on faking us out about who the true murderer is by showing Nam Sang-tae as he is making his haw crack. He’s also the one who burned Hwang Kyung-il alive, which makes us more sure that he’s the one who killed the two detectives’ loved ones. At the same time, the show also shows some doubt, because his posture isn’t the same as the murder’s posture. So, who’s the real culprit? Is it really Nam Sang-tae?

Those question kept ringing in our head until the true murderer, Mo Tae-gu, made his appearance in the show. Kim Jae-wook, who plays as Mo Tae-gu, completely pulled off showing us a picture of a cold-blooded murderer, a psychopath who thinks the police’s investigations of the murders he’s committed are a game. He even played the police by visiting Kang Kwon-joo’s house, and stirred up Moo Jin-hyuk’s mental distress by playing a fake recording of his wife.

Nam Sang-tae meets Mo Tae-gu

After the drama revealed a little bit of his past, it turns out that originally it was only Nam Sang-tae’s jaw that made the cracking sound. When he was in his teens, he was introduced to Mo Tae-gu and his father. Young Mo Tae-gu, who saw him do it, immediately started copying the sound as a way of mocking him. It is also revealed that Nam Sang-tae actually thinks of Mo Tae-gu as his own brother, but it turns out that the other doesn’t think the same way. Mo Tae-gu doesn’t even hesitate to kill Nam Sang-tae.

Nearing the end of the episode, we learn that Mo Tae-gu’s father is responsible for his behavior. His father was a businessman who would do anything to keep his money, even if he had to play dirty or hurt his rival in business. Mo Tae-gu watched his father’s violence from a young age.  Combined with the trauma of his mother’s death, he began to develop into a psychopath. He grew into a cold-blooded person whose father always cleaned up his messes, since he always felt responsible for Mo Tae-gu’s behavior.

Mo Tae-gu in Mental Hospital

In the end, his perfect crime came to an end and he had to go to a mental hospital after he was captured by Kang Kwon-joo and Moo Jin-hyuk. Not long before his capture, his father committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. We thought that he’d have to stay in the mental hospital until he was cured, but that’s not what happened. He was assaulted by other patients at the hospital and died as a result of it. The final scene was almost too dramatic, as he was being assaulted with opera playing in the background, but it still gives us goosebumps. Some might find the ending is too much, but some might find that it’s the perfect end for someone like him.


Overall, the drama keeps you wondering what happens next, and looking forward to the next episode Kang Kwon-joo’s hearing ability feels like a bit of a stretch, but who knows, maybe there’s someone like her in real life? Jang Hyuk, who played Moo Jin-hyuk, left us stunned with his acting. Also, Mo Tae-gu is perfectly portrayed as a calm, calculating cold-blooded criminal who gave us the creeps every time he showed up.

Voice has also released its second season this year with a few changes. If you still aren’t satisfied with watching the first season, you can continue watching its second season! So, what do you think about Voice? Are you interested to watch it anytime soon? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts about Voice on the comment section!