K-Drama Review: ‘Tunnel’ Tells the Story of a Time Traveling Cop Solving Murder Cases


Learn More About Korean Drama Tunnel

Tunnel (터널) is a Korean crime-thriller series. It was written by Lee Eun Mi and directed by Shin Yong Whee and Nam Ki Hoon, and the cast included Choi Jin Hyuk, Yoon Hyun Min and Lee Yoo Young, with an appearance by N from VIXX. The first script reading was on December 2016, at the CJ E&M Center that was located in Sangam Dong, Seoul, and filming began in late December.

The drama aired from March 25 to May 21, 2017, and ran for 16 episodes. Tunnel took over the 10:00 p.m time slot Saturdays and Sundays on OCN, that was previously taken by Voice, and was followed by Duel on June 3, 2017. The drama series was based on a true story from Hwa Seong Serial Murder Cases.

Tunnel: Synopsis


In 1986, detective Park Gwang Ho (played by Choi Jin Hyuk) is desperately trying to catch a serial killer. He chases the killer through a tunnel, and when he comes out the other side he finds he’s been transported 30 years into the future and is in 2017. The killer he’s been chasing resumes his spree in the future, and detective Park Gwang Ho has to stop him.

The time-traveling detective Park Gwan Ho assumes the identity of a young policeman and works with new colleagues, including his efficient partner detective Kim Sun Jae (played by Yoon Hyun Min) and their icy criminal psychology consultant Shin Jae Yi (played by Lee Yoo Young), who may be better equipped to catch the killer.


Tunnel is less dynamic than Signal, in which investigations across time overlap, diverge, and merge. Over the 16 episodes, the central characters are revealed to be more closely related then they realize and their backstories fit together like jigsaw pieces. The show focuses on the human elements, the wellspring of emotional truth. Many of the characters have lost someone precious, and the drama underlines just how intangible loss is.

Tunnel: Drama Summary

Tunnel executes a neat narrative while connecting the two timelines surrounding the main conflicts. An inventive storyline strategically makes use of the side cases that are presented to link time, exceeding the problem that the main character tries to solve.


Instead, the drama used a small story to unravel the reasons why a detective from 1986 mysteriously jumps to the present time. While adapting to the new world that he’s forced to live in, he decodes the junctions of the cases he works in the present, just as he did in 1986.

The drama’s final episode maintained a sentimental note which suited the intense story. It’s great to see the synergy of the actors focused as if they were all real detectives, with their deepening acting in their respective roles. Tunnel puts forward some possible motivations for why the numbers of psychopaths and sociopaths are growing in society. It also underscores that evil actions are never justified.


Technically, the time-travel magic was vaguely explained through the series, so we won’t spoil it here. After all, Tunnel gives us lessons about the goodness and the evil in human nature and the importance of a loving family.

Recommendation for this Drama?

Tunnel‘s dark tone and themes are targeting a specific audience, but the drama isn’t as sadistic or bloody as a lot of other dramas in the contemporary police-procedural genre.. It can easily win you over with its uncultured storytelling combined with the nail-biting moments on some episodes.

If you’re up for a drama that makes you think while you pretend to be an amateur detective, Tunnel is absolutely suited your taste. From the beginning until the end, the enigmatic story was never dull.

Here’s a look at the drama’s teaser. Are you guys brave and interested enough to watch this thrilling, mysterious drama??