K-Drama Review: ‘The Man Living in Our House’ Is a Cliche-Predictable RomCom That You’re Still Going to Love!


The Man Living in Our House: General Information

The Man Living In Our House (우리집에 사는 남자) or known by its English title Sweet Stranger and Me, is a KBS2’s romance and comedy TV series that aired from October 24th to December 13th, 2016. This drama replaced the historical romance TV series Moonlight Drawn by Clouds on Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 (KST).

The idea of this TV series is from a webtoon titled Woorijibe Saneun Namja that was created by Yoo Hyun-sook. This webtoon was published between March and May of 2016. Due to the huge success of the webtoon, the story got a live-action version, directed by Kim Jung-min and the adaptation script was written by Kim Eun-jung. The live-action version features two awesome artists, namely Soo Ae and Kim Young-kwang.

The Man Living in Our House: Synopsis


Hong Na-ri, a pretty flight attendant used to have a perfect life. Her job was going well, she was being loved by many people, and had a happy love story with her boyfriend of nine years, who finally proposed to her. Well, life is really unpredictable as Hong Na-ri’s life unexpectedly drops to the bottom. Suddenly, Na-ri received bad news that her mother died in an accident. Not long after, just a few months after that incident, she breaks up with her cheating boyfriend.

At that unpleasant moment, Na-ri decides to get drunk. In this drunk situation, she comes to her hometown to visit her mother’s grave. Unpredictably, she meets a man named Go Nan-gil who says that he also lives in Na-ri’s house. At first, Na-ri thinks that the man is her tenant, but to her surprise, he reveals that he is actually the husband of Na-ri’s mother, which makes him Na-ri’s stepfather, even though he is three years younger than her!


Go Nan-gil married to Na-ri’s mother before she died and now he has the responsibility of running Na-ri’s mother’s dumpling restaurant that he has inherited. Na-ri has got so many unanswered questions in her head about this strange stepfather. As time goes by, it’s not only that man who becomes a problem in Na-ri’s life, but also her ex-boyfriend messes things up and opens a hot dispute regarding the land of her house and her mom’s dumpling restaurant.

The Man Living in Our House: Casts and Characters

1. Soo Ae as Hong Na-ri


The stubborn flight attendant is extremely careful and super confident about her own intuition. However, she also develops an issue with her emotional control: used to have a perfect life, but now she is dumped by her boyfriend of nine years who cheated with her own friend.

2. Kim Young-kwang as Go Nan-gil


Na-ri’s stepfather, who is three years younger than her, has a dark past as the legendary gangster in the bond industry. Nevertheless, he has a strong will to protect his family.

3. Lee Soo-hyuk as Kwon Deuk-bong


The golden spoon born man, genius and ambitious company CEO. His family’s got their own personal problem with unresolved inheritance issues. Deuk-bong is actually a sadistic and a moody man, but he covers his true feelings with his cool attitude. He also has a crush on Na-ri.

4. Jo Bo-ah as Do Yeo-joo


The pretty and passionate flight attendant who stole Na-ri’s boyfriend. She is the oldest child in her family, so family life is on her shoulder. She likes being close to boys because she thinks that boys are easy to manipulate, as her father told her to marry someone rich. She always disguises her economical situation with her pretty face and appearance.

5. Kim Ji-hoon as Jo Dong-jin


Na-ri’s insecure ex-boyfriend. Even though he already cheated on Na-ri with Yeo-joo, he is still unsure about his decision to leave Na-ri.

The Man Living in Our House: Drama Review


If you are looking for a drama that is quite entertaining, but with a light story, then The Man Living in Our House can be added to your watch list. Many people admire Soo Ae and Kim Young-kwang’s natural acting even though they have an age gap. Soo Ae’s character, Na-ri, is that of a passionate, intelligent, fun, and independent woman who is always brave enough to face her life problems and likes to wear comfy outfits. Go Nan-gil appears as a protective and a hero-like man in Na-ri’s life, which makes him win all the viewers’ gentle hearts!


There are some serious and mysterious scenes, but the romantic and comedy touch in this drama makes the story more entertaining, just like the typical South Korean drama. The story is actually pretty much a cliche and very predictable, but it’s quite fun to follow it episode by episode.

Unfortunately, according to some people’s opinion, halfway through, the story of this drama started ripping apart. The story had to drag out things that could’ve been solved before and made the story too complicated even for the resolvable problems. It became monotonous, even though the beginning was quite exciting with the unusual background of the characters.

But, what might not let the viewers disappointed is the sweet and gentle love story between Na-ri and Nan-gil. Their unusual love story becomes the viewers’ favorite due to the cute, funny, and romantic moments with high chemistry between them.


Despite its pluses and minuses, this drama is still worth watching. So, would you watch The Man Living in Our House to entertain your gentle heart and humorous side? The decision is completely yours, but if you decide to watch it, share your opinion in the comment section below!