K-Drama Review: ‘The Heirs’ is a Typical Cinderella Story with Meaningless Conflict Among Chaebol

The Heirs: OST

The Heirs

Let’s move on to the official soundtrack of The Heirs! And here are some of the recommended tracks from the official soundtrack of The Heirs:

I’m Saying by FT Island’s Lee Hong-ki

First, we have “I’m Saying” by FT Island’s Lee Hong-ki! From the lyrics translation, we can assume that the song is about the moment when Cha Eun-sang and Kim Tan met for the first time! Then, unexpectedly, love started to bloom between the two, even thou there are a lot of obstacles on the way.

“Because I was surprised by the love that came quietly to me

Only the heart tingling

Memories have remained.”

Moment by Lee Chang-min

Next, we have “Moment” by Lee Chang-min! And still, the song is about the love story between Cha Eun-sang and Kim Tan! But looking at it from another angle, we can also assume that it’s about the struggles in the love of Choi Young-do for Cha Eun-sang.

“You filled up my eyes, you filled up my heart and I keep thinking of you

Love is the moment, the day, the moment you left I can’t forget it

I keep thinking about it.”

Story by Park Shin-hye

Last but not least, we have “Story” by Park Shin-hye! Not only she plays the main character, but Park Shin-hye also sang a track from the soundtrack of the drama. From the lyrics translation, we find out that “Story” tells us about the struggling life of Cha Eun-sang. She is often quiet about a lot of issues, whether it is about her love story, her family, or her problems in school. But she manages to cope and overcome everything with her belief.

The wind passes by my eyes

Telling me to cry if I want, as if it’s the wind’s fault

No Matter how much I say I’m alright.”

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Heirs

The Heirs

And now, we’ll give you 5 reasons why you should watch The Heirs as one of the recommended dramas!

1. Your Typical Love Triangle Story

Who doesn’t love the romance story, especially a love triangle among the main characters in the drama? You can find it in The Heirs! The love triangle among Cha Eun-sang, Kim Tan, and Choi Young-do is one of the most attractive points of the drama. And we are sure, you won’t easily choose who’s the right one for Cha Eun-sang, between Kim Tan and Choi Young-do!

2. The Last ‘High-School Guy’ Role for Lee Min-ho

On one occasion, Lee Min-ho has revealed that The Heirs would be the last drama where he acts as a high-school guy. In his age, he thought that that kind of role wasn’t proper for him anymore, even though a lot of people loved him in it.

3. Written by a Famous Scriptwriter

The Heirs’ script was written by one of the popular scriptwriters in South Korea, Kim Eun-sook! She has also written the script for other famous dramas, such as Descendants of The Sun, Secret Garden, Mr. Sunshine, and many more!

4. Full of Famous Cameo

Not only the drama is starring a lot of famous idols, but there are also a lot of famous cameos in The Heirs, such as Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, BTOB, VIXX, and many more!

5. Recommended for Sweet Love Story Lovers!

For all of you who are craving a good romance story, The Heirs is highly recommended! Not only it presents you with the love story between Cha Eun-sang, Kim Tan, and Choi Young-do, but you can also see the love story of Lee Bo-na and Yoon Chan-young, and also the unique yet sweet relationship between Rachel Yoo and Choi Young-do as a prospective stepbrother.

That’s all the information about The Heirs, Channel-Korea introduces in this K-Drama Review of The Heirs as the typical Cinderella story with a meaningless conflict among chaebol! Overall, The Heirs is one of the best romance dramas and is highly recommended to watch! What do you guys think about the drama? Tell us your opinion and don’t forget to leave a comment below!