K-Drama Review: A Love Story Between an Aspiring Prosecutor and Her Mentor in the Crime-Romcom Drama ‘Suspicious Partner’

The Soundtrack

Suspicious Partner OST part 10

There are 10 songs in the original soundtrack of Suspicious Partner. Each of the tracks sounds amazing and fits perfectly with the scenes in the drama. Not only that, but the ones who sing the original soundtrack are all amazing artists, and even Ji Chang-wook participated in singing one of the tracks.

Here is the list of the soundtrack:

Title Artist Length
Why you? (너는 왜) SEENROOT 03:36
How Do I Say It? (어떻게 말할까) O.WHEN 04:27
The Same Day (똑같은 날) Ra.D 04:01
How About You (어떨까 넌) CHEEZE 04:47
Eye Contact (눈맞춤) Kim E-Z (Ggot Jam Project) 03:46
Breathing All Day (숨쉬는 모든 날) Bumkey 04:26
I’ve Got A Feeling (정이 들어버렸어) Kihyun (Monsta X) 04:52
The Memory of That Day (그날의 기억) Kim Jong-wan (Nell) 03:36
Silly Love Yoo Ha-jung 03:47
101 Reasons Why I Like You (네가 좋은 백 한가지 이유) Ji Chang-wook 03:43


Each of the tracks has an instrumental version of the song, so if you only want to hear the melody of the original soundtrack, you can just download the instrumental version of it! Also, for the original soundtrack part 5, Eye Contact, it has 4 versions: an acoustic version, a full version, and the instrumental of both versions.

You can see the compilation of the soundtrack while reviewing a few cut scenes here:

What do you think about the original soundtrack of Suspicious Partner? Did you enjoy listening to the soundtrack?

The Drama’s Ratings

Suspicious Partner ratings

According to AGB Nielsen, the average ratings for Suspicious Partner in total is 8.2% in total, while in Seoul it is 8.7%. Based on it, the lowest rating they got was when the third episode titled “Take It” was aired, in which the rating reached 6.1% nationwide, while in Seoul it was 5.8%. Meanwhile, the highest rating took place when the drama aired its 26th episode titled “Attributable Reasons” with 10.5% nationwide and 11.7% in Seoul.

Meanwhile, TNMS Ratings showed different results in which the average ratings in total is 7.2% nationwide and 7.9% in Seoul. Based on it, the lowest rating was the 7th and 8th episode in which they got 6.0% nationwide, while in Seoul the 7th episode got 6.6% and the 8th episode got 6.4%. On the other hand, the highest rating was when the final episode aired for which it got 8.7%. However, the highest rating in Seoul took place when the 36th episode was aired, for which it got 9.4%.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Suspicious Partners

1. An Unusual Mixture of Crime and Romantic-Comedy Genre

Suspicious Partner

Every time we watch a drama of the crime as the genre, we think that it will have a heavy plot line and there will only be serious scenes in it. However, that’s not the case with Suspicious Partner. While we can still enjoy the serious and thrilling atmosphere of the crime genre, we can also enjoy lovely and comedic scenes at the same time in Suspicious Partner. So, it will be worth to watch!

2. Amazing Cast

Suspicious Partner Casts

In the drama, we can find many amazing cast members, either playing as the main characters or the supporting roles. Just take one look at the characters and their acting skills, you can be sure that the drama will turn out incredible!

3. High Quality Soundtrack

Suspicious Partner OST

Not only a good story and cast, but Suspicious Partner also has an amazing original soundtrack! Besides indie bands and solo artists, there are also soundtracks that have been sung by a member of Monsta X, Kihyun and even one of the main cast, Ji Chang-wook! Don’t you think it makes all the more worth to listen to the soundtrack?

4. Good Chemistry Between The Cast Members

Suspicious Partner Chemistry

Even though there are many amazing actors, a drama won’t be complete without good chemistry between the cast. Not to worry, because the cast of Suspicious Partner definitely has the chemistry when playing their roles! Of course, the good chemistry resulted in many funny, sweet, or even sad moments that can pull us deeper into its story.

5. A Happy Ending

Suspicious Partner Happy End

When we either read a story or watch something, most of us definitely want to find the characters to live happily at the end of it. This is one of the reasons why you should watch Suspicious Partner because you won’t be disappointed nor find a bad ending in the final episode! Even in our life, we want to see a happy ending, right?

That is all about the crime-rom-com drama Suspicious Partner. What do you think about the drama? Are you interested in watching it and follow the adventures of Noh Ji-wook and Eun Bong-hee? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the crime-rom-com drama Suspicious Partner in the comment section below!