K-Drama Review: A Modern Retelling of The Little Mermaid in ‘Surplus Princess’


A Mermaid Searching For Her True Love

Do you know about the K-Dramaaired on tvN, Surplus Princess? The drama is a tale about a mermaid, starring popular actors and actresses such as Jo Bo-ah, On Joo-wan, Song Jae-rim, and Park Ji-soo.

The drama is also known by other titles, as The Mermaid or The Idle Mermaid, and it’s an adaptation from an Indonesian television series named Mermaid In Love.

If you want to find out more about K-Drama Surplus Princess, check out this article below!

Surplus Princess: Review

Surplus Princess, also known as The Idle Mermaid/The Mermaid (hangul: 잉여공주) is a television drama from South Korea that is a fantasy/romantic comedy. Each episode ran for a duration of 45-50 minutes and the series was a retelling of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen and written as a drama by Park Ran and Kim Ji-soo.


Surplus Princess aired their first episode on August 7, 2014, until October 9, 2014, for a total of 10 episodes. The story tells us about a modern mermaid who found out about the human world after saving a man from drowning into the Han River. The mermaid also found a smartphone and she used the internet to know more about the human world before deciding to become a human and live with the man she helped before.


Meanwhile, the ending of Surplus Princess is quite satisfying with a mellow love story between the two stars. The mermaid returned to her original form from a human being to a mermaid because someone was curious about her real identity and sneaked into the bathroom while the mermaid took a shower.

However, Surplus Princess is a story based on a tale of the little mermaid who found her true love and decided to become a human being even though it was a hard choice for her to live in a form that wasn’t really her own.


The ending of this drama is actually a plot twist between the two lead cast and the mermaid eventually disappears, although she already found her true love. The bond between the two lead characters was strong and they developed feelings to each other.


At the ending of Surplus Princess, the mermaid disappears into bubbles and left the human world she was in as a memory. No one knows about where she lived after that, or whether she will come back as a human or not.


Do you think the mermaid will come back as a human being?

Surplus Princess: The Cast

Actress Jo Bo-ah as Kim Ha-ni/Aileen


Actres Jo Bo-ah played as the character of Kim Ha-ni/Aileen, who is an 18 year old mermaid princess who lived in the sea kingdom. She figured out about the human world after a man fell into the sea and she used his phone to start searching in the internet. Eventually, she decided to become a human and fell in love with a chef named Kwon Shi-kyung, who she saved after he nearly drowned the Han River.

Actor On Joo-wan as Lee Hyun-myung


Actor On Joo-wan played as the character of Lee Hyun-myung, who became part of the love triangle between Kim Ha-ni (played by Jo Bo-ah) and Kwon Shi-kyung (played by Song Jae-rim). Lee Hyun-myung is a talented artist and smart, but he was so desperate while applying the right job for him. He had a good heart but lived in a pitiful situation, as his girlfriend dumped him because he still unemployed.

Actor Song Jae-rim as Kwon Shi-kyung


Actor Song Jae-rim played the character of Kwon Shi-kyung, who is a famous chef. He accidentally falls into the Han river.  He was on the verge of drowning when a mermaid named Kim Ha-ni came to rescue him and stole a kiss from him. The first meeting between Ha-ni and Shi-kyung is when he fell into the Han River and the mermaid herself saved his life. The mermaid believes that Shi-kyung is her true love and she tried to chase him in the human world.

Actress Park Ji-soo as Yoon Jin-ah


Actress Park Ji-soo played as the character of Yoon Jin-ah, who was Lee Hyun-myung’s ex-girlfriend. She worked at JH Food corporation and was a former resident of a high-rise apartment with Kwon Shi-kyung.

The other, supporting cast includes:

  • Actress Kim Seul-gi as Ahn Hye-young
  • Actor Kim Min-kyo as Do Ji-yong
  • Actor Nam Joo-hyuk as Park Dae-bak, aka “Big”
  • Actor Lee Sun-kyu as Lee Sun-kyu
  • Actress Jin Hee-kyung as Hong Myung-hee
  • Actress Kim Jae-hwa as Kim Woo-sun
  • Actress Han So-young as So Dae-ri
  • Actor Ahn Gil-kang as Ahn Ma-nyeo
  • Actress Kim Jin-hee as Han Gook-ja

Surplus Princess: The Soundtracks

Surplus Princess has 1 OST, titled The Last Conversation (그 사람과의 마지막 대화) sung by Ever-New with the duration of 4:18.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Surplus Princess

    1. With its total of 10 episodes and low production budget, Surplus Princess surely did a great job of finding fancy places to shoot for the drama. The basic story is about a mermaid who fell in love with a human and the production team has the best place in the city to film this drama.


    2. The story is about a mermaid who likes to adventure and is curious about the human world after she found a smartphone underwater, and how she adores a man named Kwon Shi-kyung so much that she decided to become a human, too. Her mission is to find her true love within 100 days before she disappears forever.
    3. For you who like some comedy in your dramas, Surplus Princess is a good recommendation to watch. The comedy from each characters in this drama is hilarious and will make viewers laugh out loud.


    4. Each actor from this drama has a different roles and they handle it very well. Jo Bo-ah, as the heroine, nailed her role while playing as the mermaid. Her character delivered a playful and an innocent girl when they were just a teenager.


    5. Even aside from the romantic story of this drama, Surplus Princess is also a story about the friendship between Ha-ni and Hye-young. She knows that her best friend is a mermaid but she is helpful for her and offers to dry Ha-ni’s mermaid tail.


Well, there was all for the information about the drama Surplus Princess. Don’t forget to watch this drama to know more about the mermaid, Ha-ni’s, journey and how she finds true love with a man in the human world!