K-Drama Review: A Shopaholic Rich Guy and a Sweet Country Girl Fall in Love in ‘Shopping King Louis’


A Romantic Comedy Starring Seo In-guk and Nam Ji-hyun

One more Rom-Com (Romantic-Comedy) drama, a must watch that should be added to your drama watchlist, especially for those of you who love this genre. Korean drama fans are surely already familiar with Seo In-guk, the actor who is also good at singing, popular for the various plays he has played in, both as the main lead and supporting roles. Finally, he came back in a Rom-Com drama, together with actress Nam Ji-hyun, who is also quite famous for her various roles as a child actress.

Are you ready to find out more about the roles and stories they brought in this drama? Let’s take a closer look!

Shopping King Louis: Review


This drama is a romantic comedy about a rich heir who always spends money to buy everything that has a subtle beauty talking to his soul named Louis (Seo In-guk). One day, on the way to meet his grandmother, he loses his memory and his identity and meets a pure and energetic woman from the countryside named Bok-shil (Nam Ji-hyun).

Despite his loss of memory and identity, Louis’s habit of shopping for expensive and luxurious is still quite present and attached to him, which makes Bok-shil very surprised and astonished. But slowly, Bok-Shil teaches Louis to be wiser in spending money and only buy as needed. The nature of the two of them, who are equally innocent, makes an even deeper impression of this drama. Their innocence leads to love for one another that is so pure and adorable.


This is the scene where Louis losses his memory and meets Bok-shil. At that time, Louis is really craving for food, and is whining to Bok-shil to feed him, but because Bok-shil is late for work, she ignores him. But suddenly, his attention is drawn by the egg sandwiches that are being made in the street cart and he innocently asks for one. When he gets it, he starts shoving it in his mouth as fast as he can. Seeing the whole thing, Bok-shil starts yelling at him because she knows that he doesn’t have money to pay for it.


In the morning, Louis asks Bok-shil to wear her new clothes instead of her old dress. He then pulls out a handkerchief and folds it into a rose shape, which he then tries to pin to her dress, but their faces end up getting too close to each other.


The scene from above depicts the piggyback ride Loius gives Bok-shil after she gets sick from being caught in the rain. Loius gives her a piggyback ride on the stairs leading to their apartment. Bok-shil is against the idea at first, but since Loius teases her and she gets embarrassed about her weight she ends up accepting the ride.


As Louis and Bok-shil walk past a bookstore, he pulls out his phone and asks Bok-shil to record him. He tells Bok-shil that he wants to get his memory back, but that he’s also very happy now. Shyly he says that his heart feels joyful, and while he’s still being filmed, Bok-shil asks what the most memorable moment of his new life has been. He tells her that his best moments are the ones he spent waiting for her and tells her the details about them. Bok-shil looks at Louis and she smiles, and he takes the phone and switches the phone to record her and asks the same question. Bok-shil’s answer: “Right now.”

At that time, Louis takes a step forward while looking at her and gets close to her. He lowers his head and kisses her.


As they walk home that night from the bookstore, Louis gets dragged by 3 men in suits to a nearby car. This causes both Bok-shil and Loius to find out what his real identity is, namely the only grandson of the Golden Group, meaning that he is the sole heir of the Golden Group.

The day after, Bok-shil heads home from work and finds that there is a red carpet in the stairway in front of her apartment. Startled, Bok-shil stops and stares at him, and Louis opens his arms wide and says, “Come to Oppa.”

Shopping King Louis is a South Korean drama starring Seo In-guk, Nam Ji-hyun, Yoon Sang-hyun, and Im Se-mi. It aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00 (KST) on MBC from September 21st to November 10th, 2016. And here’s the official poster for the drama!


Shopping King Louis: The Cast


Now, let’s meet the main cast and supporting cast of Shopping King Louis!

Seo In-guk as Louis/Kang Ji-sung (25 years old)


Seo In-guk plays the role of Louis who is the only grandson of a rich family, meaning that he is the heir of the Golden Group. He has grown up in France, he lives like a king during his lifetime, even has a natural instinct in him to own and buy luxurious things. One day, he finds himself dropped into the bustling Seoul after having lost his memory.

2. Nam Ji-hyun as Ko Bok-shil (21 years old)

Asia Starz

A country girl from the Gangwon Province, who has a sweet personality and is hard-working. She is so simple that she even isn’t very familiar with technology, being a country girl, however, she is quick to learn and adapt and she immediately adjusts to her life in the city.

3. Yoon Sang-hyun as Cha Joong-won


Louis’s rival in love. This character in the drama is also attracted to Bok-shil and gives her more attention. Even though Louis is his rival in love, he doesn’t hate Louis. He is the director of Golden Group’s merchandising department and Goldline.

4. Im Se-mi as Baek Ma-ri


Louis’ childhood friend, who has a one-sided love for him because of Louis’ status as the heir of the Golden Group. But she later falls for her boss, Joong-won.

5. Kim Young-ok as Choi Il-soon, Louis’ grandma and the Chairman of Gold Group.


6. Kim Sun-young as Heo Jung-ran, Il-soon’s assistant


7. Um Hyo-sup as Kim Ho-joon, Louis’ butler


8. Kang Ji-sub as Nam Joon-hyuk, Bok-shil’s detective friend


9. Kim Bo-yeon as Shin Young-ae, Joong-won’s mother


10. Kim Kyu-chul as Baek Sun-goo, Ma-ri’s father; and the President of Golden Group who schemes to take over the conglomerate.


11. Yoon Yoo-sun as Hong Jae-sook, Ma-ri’s mother


12. Kim Byung-chul as Lee Kyung-kook


13. Oh Dae-hwan as Jo In-sung


14. Hwang Young-hee as Hwang Geum-ja