K-Drama Review: South Korean Kingdom In The 21st Century Modern Era In ‘Princess Hours’

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Princess Hours

궁-Goong-Princess Hours

Interesting and fresh storyline

A refreshing romantic story about a 21st-century princess, an ordinary girl who was nicknamed ‘Cinderella’ because she suddenly married the crown prince. Not all fairytales have a ‘happily ever after’ after turning into a princess, behind it all, strict rules, and loneliness behind the palace walls is inevitable.

Strong chemistry between the main characters

In addition to the excellent acting skills required, the chemistry between the characters is also very important in order for the storyline to feel more alive.

The chemistry between the four main leads involved in complicated romance is able to make the audience frustrated and enjoy the dynamics of the storyline.

Love between two contrasting characters

Chae-kyeong has a character that is really contrasting to that of Prince Lee Shin. Lee Shin initially liked Min Hyo-rin because she had a lot in common with him, but after meeting Chae-kyeong even though at first he didn’t like her at all, eventually, Chae-kyeong’s cheerful, clumsy and eager nature manages to make Lee Shin melt and claim to be bored if there was no Chae-kyeong.

The interaction between the two is very adorable seeing that they often fight with each other but at the same time love and care for each other.

Getting ‘Second Lead Syndrome’ with Prince Yul

Everyone would agree that when Prince Yul first appeared, he was much more friendly and gentle than Prince Lee Shin. Prince Yul also smiled more, but after Prince Yul began to realize his feelings towards Chae-kyeong who had become Lee Shin’s wife, Prince Yul began to desperately use any means to get Chae-kyeong. His love for Chae-kyeong who already loved Lee Shin, and couldn’t accept it, made many famous viewers get the so-called ‘Second Lead Syndrome’ because of the pity they felt for Prince Yul’s heart that had to be broken.

A simple family full of love: Chae-kyeong’s family

At the beginning of the series, when Chae-kyeong was just entering the palace, Chae-kyeong suffered from ‘Nostalgia’ and often cried because she missed her family. Certainly not an easy thing for a child who is accustomed to growing with love from her family to be separated suddenly and stuck in the palace with strict rules. Plus at that time, Chae-kyeong was only 19 years old, which is still young.

Chae-kyeong’s moments with her family that showed the warmth of a family touched the hearts of many viewers and made a deep impression on the hearts of viewers.

With this, we conclude the rundown of the popular 2006 series Princess Hours. We would like to hear your thoughts about the series if you have watched it, and if you still haven’t – then maybe you can give it try and then kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.