K-Drama Review: South Korean Kingdom In The 21st Century Modern Era In ‘Princess Hours’

Princess Hours: OST

궁-Goong-Princess Hours

In addition to having an interesting storyline and also the amazing acting quality of the actors and actresses, this drama is also supported by their original soundtrack which is very suitable for this drama and the royal atmosphere in accordance with the concept of this drama. Based on Wikipedia, this soundtrack is divided into two discs.

Disc 1

“사랑인가요” (Perhaps Love)-HowL feat. J

“당신은…나는 바보입니다 (Acoustic ver.)” (With You…I’m a Fool) – Stay

“두 가지 말” (Two Words) – Jung Jae-wook feat. The One

Give Me a Little Try – Seo Hyun-jin

난 널 사랑해 너만 사랑해Ⅱ (I love you only love you Ⅱ) – Shim Tae-yoon

1993 광화 49년

宮 (Shrine)

복장 불량! (Dress badly!)

우주 정복 #1 (Space Conquest #1)

Crystal Flower

A Dancing Teddy

내가 선택한 길이야! (It’s my chosen length!)

닿지 못한 마음 (An unreachable mind)

꽃잎이 내린다 (Petals Fall)

우주 정복 #2 (Space Conquest #2)

Disc 2

사랑에 빠지다 (Falling in Love) – HowL feat. Luna

그대를 사랑합니다 (I love you)

이 노래를 부를게요 (I Would Sing This Song) – Sorea

Always – Geon Hwi

궁 (Palace) – Second Moon

바람에 실어 (Blow By Wind) – Sorea

Home – Second Moon

닿지 못한 마음 (An unreachable mind) – Second Moon

말할 수 없어도 (Even if I can’t talk) – Second Moon

As well as several other tracks included in the Princess Hours original soundtrack

“너를 보면…” (If You See…) Words by the Crown Princess
“惡緣” (Evil Fate) Second Moon
“내 맘속의 너” (You in my heart) Words by the Crown Prince
“별처럼…” (Like a star…) Words by the Crown Princess

Awards and Nominations

궁-Goong-Princess HoursNAVER

This hit drama certainly deserves various awards, aside from the interesting storyline factor, this drama is very much enjoyed and entertained by the audience due to the amazing acting abilities of the actors and actresses. Plus at that time, the main actors and actresses in this drama, were in fact, still newcomers and didn’t have much experience in acting.

But the actors and actresses in this drama play the role of professionals and do their best to portray their characters. No wonder this drama won several awards, one of them at the 2006 1st Seoul International Drama Awards, where this drama won an award in the category for Best Art Director (Min Eon-ok) and at the 2006 MBC Drama Awards the leading artists in this drama also won an award in the category for Best New Actor (Ju Ji-hoon) and Best New Actress (Yoon Eun-hye).