K-Drama Review: ‘Pinocchio’ A Well-Rounded and Emotionally Engaging Story, Starring Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye

The Soundtrack

Just like any other drama, Pinocchio also has many beautiful songs in the soundtrack to pull you deeper into the drama’s scenes. Pinocchio has 8 soundtracks with another 3 special songs in total, but there are only two soundtracks that have its official music video released by Stone Music Entertainment. The soundtracks that have a music video are Pinocchio OST Part 2: Pinocchio that was sung by Roy Kim, and Pinocchio OST Part 7: Passionate to me that was sung by Younha. Let’s take a look at the two music videos!

The first one is a song titled “Pinocchio” that was sung beautifully by Roy Kim. In the music video, we can see the love-and-hate relationship between the two main characters, Choi Dal-po who is actually Ki Ha-myung (played by Lee Jong-suk) and Choi In-ha (played by Park Shin-hye).

It mostly shows the scenes of their moments in school, and we can see the development of their relationship in the music video. If we take a closer look at it, we can see that at first, Choi Dal-po and Choi In-ha didn’t get along so well, but as time goes by, they become closer and closer until the two of them develop some feelings for each other.

We can also see that they have been facing a certain crisis when Choi Dal-po learns the truth about Choi In-ha’s mother, the one who caused his family to be turned into outcasts in the neighborhood because of a false assumption or rather, accusation. The video ends with a sweet moment between the couple, as Choi Dal-po can be seen giving Choi In-ha a piggyback ride.

Another soundtrack of Pinocchio that has a music video is a song titled “Passionate to you” that was sung by Younha. At first, the song is not starting as soon as the music video plays, but rather it plays one of the scenes in the drama where Choi In-ha confesses her true feeling to Choi Dal-po. But, we can see from their expressions that everything is not going well as we think it will be.

In the music video, we can also find some romantic scenes between the couple, including cuddling, back hugging, even kissing scenes of the two. However, we can also see some heart clenching moments between the two, as we can see many crying scenes in it.

What do you think about the soundtrack of Pinocchio and the scenes in its music videos?

10 Reasons Why You Should Give Pinocchio A Try

1. Chemistry Between The Main Characters

Choi Dal-po and Choi In-ha

If you watch Pinocchio, then you definitely will find that the chemistry between Choi Dal-po and Choi In-ha is incredibly good! Every time they are faced with a crisis or are seen to have sweet moments, we have no choice but to sympathize, laugh, or cry with them whenever something happens to them. Their chemistry just makes everything come together in a piece, and we definitely will get satisfied when we watch the drama!

2. Interesting Side Characters

Pinocchio casts

Not only the main characters, but the side characters of the drama Pinocchio also have an interesting background story as well! For example, the story of Seo Beom-jo, the son of a rich family who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Even though he used to live in leisure, he decides to become a reporter because of Choi In-ha and in the middle of it, he has to choose between justice and kinship as his mother turns out to be villainous.

3. Relevant with Current Times

Pinocchio Scene

With the dark story of the news industry as its main focus, it is completely relevant to what’s happening at current times. This is because it is not rare to find similar cases happening in our life, and it can make us realize what can happen behind the screen of our television.

4. Family Drama

Pinocchio Family Drama

Not only romance, but this drama also packages a lot of family drama. From the suicide of Ki Ha-myung, who took him with her and left Ki Jae-myung all alone, Song Cha-ok who is idolized by her daughter Choi In-ha but doesn’t care about her nonetheless, even the story of Seo Beom-jo’s mother who turns out to be villainous. The family just makes the plot thicken and makes it more interesting to watch!

5. Motivation to Work Hard

Pinocchio Motivates

As we watch the drama, we can feel the efforts of both main characters to realize their own dreams. By watching them, it can become our motivation to work hard just like them to realize our dreams.

6. Romantic Moments That Will Make You Squeal

Choi Dal-po and Choi In-ha romantic moments

In the drama, there are many exciting romantic moments that are able to make you squeal just by watching it. For example, there is the scene where Choi Dal-po is going to kiss Choi In-ha, but she quickly covers her lips with her hand. Even though she covers her lips, Choi Dal-po doesn’t falter and in exchange, kisses Choi In-ha’s hand.

There are many cheesy moments just like this, so those of you who like this kind of scenes, you should start watching Pinocchio as soon as possible!

7. Comedy Slipped In Between

Choi Dal-po

Not only serious scenes or romantic scenes, but the drama also includes comedy in it. One such example is when Choi Dal-po appears on television in order to prevent a boy named Ahn Cha-soo to confess his feelings to Choi In-ha on national television, which turns out into a very funny scene.

8. Thickening Plot as the Story Unfolds

Pinocchio Thick Plot

Even though at first, we’re watching a story that focuses more on Choi Dal-po and Choi In-ha’s relationship, as the episodes go by the plot is thickening and focuses more on the dark side of the news industry. Don’t you think that these changes will make your heart beat faster and become curious?

9. Gorgeous Cast

Pinocchio cast

Besides the story, we can’t forget that the cast of this drama is incredibly gorgeous. While we also enjoyed the story, we can also appreciate the actors and actress’ gorgeous looks.

10. Happy Ending

Choi Dal-po and Choi In-ha

The most important reason why you have to watch Pinocchio is that this drama has a happy ending. So, even though there are many crises in the drama that make us doubt if everything will end up well, you have nothing to worry about because the drama has a happy ending!

So, what do you think about the drama Pinocchio? Are you interested in watching the drama? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the drama Pinocchio in the comment section below!