K-Drama Review: Four Women Who Work to Overcome Life’s Challenges in ‘One More Happy Ending’


Women in Korean Dramas

Most women characters in Korean dramas are described as women who are weak and easy to fall in love with the male character. But, that’s not the case. There are other Korean dramas that have strong lead women characters. One of them is the drama One More Happy Ending. Unlike other Korean dramas, One More Happy Ending shows the reality of a former girl group that used to be shining and famous but now has to face the reality of life. They are working together to confront their destined one. Then, is One More Happy Ending drama worth watching? Here’s the review before you watch it!


Uncanny Theme of Divorce and Marriage Problems of People in Their 30s


Han Mi-mo is a former girl group member, Angels, in her 20’s. Her teammates are Go Dong-mi, Baek Da-jung, Hong Ae-ran, and Goo Seul-ah. The group is famous in the 2000s but had to disband because of a member’s mistreated from the company and bullying within the group.


After the group disbanding, Han Mi-mo becomes the owner of a matchmaking company called ‘Brave Marriage’. She herself is a divorcee and it inspired her to make a matchmaking company for a divorcee. Go Dong-mi is an elementary school teacher with the hope to find a man of her dream from her church. Baek Da-jung is Han Mi-mo’s partner at the company and the only one who’s still married. Unfortunately, her marriage with Kim Gun-hak is on the rock. The last member, Hong Ae-ran is an online shop owner who is in the dilemma because of the proposal marriage. She loves her boyfriend but she is too afraid of marriage’s life commitment. Goo Seul-ah is the only one who got famous from the group and now become the top actress. She is hiding her pregnancy to keep her career afloat.


One day, Han Mi-mo get a call from her ‘spy’ that said her boyfriend, Kim Jung-hoon, is about to propose her. Meanwhile, Song Soo-hyuk is a single father who is working as a journalist and stalking at Goo Seul-ah. At the parking lot, both of them are arguing because Song Soo-hyuk accidentally hit Han Mi-mo’s car. Knowing about to get propose, Han Mi-mo happily goes to Kim Jung-hoon’s restaurant. Turns out, her dream is just a lie. Song Soo-hyuk asking to break up with her and propose to Goo Seul-ah, who is pregnant with his baby. Because of the betrayed, Han Mi-mo goes to the ocean. Song Soo-hyuk quickly caught Han Mi-mo because he thought she’s going to commit suicide. In the end, fate brought them together.


Without they’re realizing, they both are actually neighbors. To help reduce Han Mi-mo’s sadness, Song Soo-hyuk brought her food and Han Mi-mo asked him to drink together. When they were drunk, Song Soo-hyuk asked Han Mi-mo to get married to him and they register their marriage. Then, what’s gonna happen with their relationship? Can the womans found their ‘happy ending’ once again?. To help you understand better, here’s the chart of character’s relationship.



The Casts

Han Mi-mo


Han Mi-mo is the owner of matchmaking company ‘Brave Company’. Even though her work is as a matchmaker, her love journey isn’t as smooth as we thought. Her first marriage is failed and her current boyfriend is cheating. And now, she got herself into drunk ‘marriage’ with Song Soo-hyuk. The character is perfectly played by actress Jang Na-ra.

Song Soo-hyuk


Song Soo-hyuk is a single father and has a son named Song Min-woo. He is working as the journalist at the gossip magazine Masspunch. He got himself into trouble after meeting with Han Mi-mo. The character is played by actor Jung Kyung-ho.

Go Dong-mi


Among the others, Go Dong-mi is the only character who is quirky and unique. Even the way she dresses is strange but unique. Her work is an elementary school teacher. To find love, she starts looking for a man from her church. But, to find a decent man for herself, isn’t easy as she thought until one day he accidentally meets her other half. The character is played by actress Yoo In-na.

Baek Da-jung


Baek Da-jung is a Han Mi-mo’s partner at the company. From the outside, her life looks happy. But, actually, her marriage is on the rock with her husband, Kim Gun-hak. Her husband asking to divorce him but Baek Da-jung still hold off her relationship because of her kid’s future. The character is played by actress Yoo Da-in.

Goo Hae-joon


Goo Hae-joon is Song Soo-hyuk’s best friend who is working as a neurologist at the Sarang Hospital. With Song Soo-hyuk, he is tangled in a triangle relationship with Han Mi-mo. The character is played by actor Kwon Yool.

Hong Ae-ran


Hong Ae-ran is the owner of an online shop and has a successful business. Her personality is short-tempered and spontaneous. However, she has doubt with herself after being proposed by her boyfriend, Bang Dong-bae. The character is played by singer and actress Seo In-young.


The Soundtracks

In the ’90s, Angels released a song titled Always For You. Each actress is participated by singing for this song. Here’s the scene in the drama where they are performing the song and the music video from Sony Music Korea.

The third singer who participated in the OST is a foreign singer, Elsa Kopf. The song is used to describe Song Soo-hyuk and Han Mi-mo’s relationship.

Kyuhyun from Super Junior participated for the OST part 5 with the song Where’s My Heart. The soundtrack is used at the scene where Song Soo-hyuk is still confused with his heart whether he’s in love with Han Mi-mo or this is just his momentarily feeling.

Sentimental singer, Ben, participated on the part 6 soundtrack. The song is used at the scene where Han Mi-mo realizes how much Song Soo-hyuk meant for her.


5 Reasons Why You Should Watch One More Happy Ending


There are some reasons why this drama is recommended for you. First, One More Happy Ending using a good story by highlighting the reality of woman in their 30’s. Not all woman are in a relationship and happily married. But also, there is a woman who is still looking for the right one to spend the rest of her life. The writer also adding the story of how the woman characters are fighting for their life. Even though there’s a man between them, the woman characters always know how to solve the problem by themselves.


The second reason is the story not only ordinary love story like other drama but also a good story about life. If we take a look at Goo Seul-hee’s life, her life isn’t always happy even though she’s in her top career and get all that she wants. She misses how to be ordinary people again without being followed by paparazzi. We can also take a look at Han Mi-mo’s life. Her divorce might be the reason to build her company. Because of her painful past, she wants to help other people by being a matchmaker.

The third reason is their unique background story. Not many dramas using second generation idol as the character’s background story. But, in this drama, they bring their best to show how idol’s life, not merely as a background story. The production team also released song and music video of the group to make the story even more alive. Kudos for them!


The fourth reasons are all characters are played by incredible actors and actresses. Jang Na-ra has been playing in many dramas and movies and her great acting is undoubtful. Jung Kyung-ho also is a good actor and been playing in many famous dramas. Not only for the male characters, but the supporting actors are also excellent actors such as Yoo In-na who is famous for her beautiful voice and Seo In-young who is a multitalented actress.


The last reason is the drama’s splendid cameos and supporting actors. Character Goo Seul-ah is played by Sandara Park, a former member of 2NE1. Her job as an idol is a perfect fit with her character as the former idol member. Actress Kim So-yeon also makes a cameo at the first episode as Han Mi-mo’s customer who’s looking revenge to her husband. Actor Oh Jung-se makes a cameo as the customer who is a clean freak. Not only from Korea, but there’s also one cameo from overseas. Yes, the famous American television host, Conan O’Brien, makes cameo as one of the customers. Wow!


Overall, this drama is for you if you’re looking for a rom-com drama with the slice-of-life genre. Now, are you interested to watch One More Happy Ending?