K-Drama Review: A Journey of a Single Woman Who Wants to Have a Baby on Her Own in ‘Oh My Baby’


Jang Na-ra Is Desperate To Have A Baby In Romantic K-drama Oh My Baby

Jang Na-ra is one the best actress in tearjerking and romantic K-dramas. All of her drama projects are popular and she became one of the leading Korean actresses.

In Oh My Baby, Jang Na-ra’s character is a successful fashion magazine editor. She has everything, from career, appearance to personality. Anywhere she goes, people admire her beauty. Despite her popularity, she finds it hard to find a lover. She has been single for too long and she already forgives marriage. She is desperate to have a baby even though without an official marriage. Suddenly, three handsome and successful men approached her and wanted to be her lover. Who is the person that she chooses?

In this article, Channel Korea will talk all about K-Drama Oh My Baby. So stay tuned!

Oh My Baby: Review


Oh, My Baby is a romantic Korean drama about a woman in her late thirties. Oh, My Baby aired on May 13th to July 2nd, 2020 on the cable channel, tvN. It’s was divided into 16 episodes. The average rating of Oh My Baby is 1.95% while the highest rating was 2.95%.

Youthful Korean actress, Jang Na-ra collaborated with handsome actors like Go Jun, Park Byung-eun, and Jung Gun-joo. Jang Ha-ri is a single woman in her late thirties. She has a high position as a deputy manager of a magazine company. Despite her beautiful and charming appearance, Jang Ha-ri hasn’t been in a relationship for more than 10 years. There is nothing wrong with her personality and man’s preference. It’s just that she is too busy with her career and daily work.


Truth is told, she gave up a romantic relationship or marriage. One day, she decided that she wants a baby despite not being in a romantic relationship with any man. As soon as she mentions her intention, she suddenly finds three handsome men who want to be her lover.

Oh My Baby: The Casts

Jang Na-ra as Jang Ha-ri


Jang Ha-ri is a woman in her late thirties with a successful career. One day, she wants to have a baby but is currently not in a relationship. She is an experienced professional with more than 15 years of career in fashion magazines. Everywhere she goes, she hears people compliment her beauty and humorous personality. She is desperate for romance and is trying to be a member of a marriage information company. Jang Ha-ri’s mother is her close friend. Both spend time together traveling to beautiful places. Other than traveling, Jang Ha-ri and her mother also went out and watch movies together to soothe the lonely nights. She gave up in finding a husband but desperate to have a baby.

Go-jun as Han I-sang


Han Yi-sang is a freelance professional. He has a habit of constantly finding new hobbies that make him happy. He is a dedicated man but always complain about everything. He never settles to one hobby. He fell in love with first love at the age of 20 years. He never forgets about the first love. He wanted marriage in order to maintain relations with the community.

Park Byung-eun as Yoon Jae-young


Park Byung-eun works as a medical professional. He has been Jang Ha-ri’s close friend for a long time. He is a single father but having difficulties in managing his marriage status. He was born from a wealthy family and went to medical school after graduating from high school. During his study in medical school, he got married to a goddess-like student of medical school. His wife left him with a child at the 100th day after giving birth. He struggles to care for his child.

Jung Gun-joo as Choi Kang Eu-tteum


Choi Kang Eu—tteum is Jang Ha-ri’s junior colleagues at work. He has a kind personality and adores Jang Ha-ri’s personality. He forgets his college in order to pursue a career in an advertising company. He is a rookie employee at Jang Ha-ri’s company.

Oh My Baby: The Soundtracks


Love Is All Around revolves around the life of Jang Na-ra. Singer, I’ll contribute his gentle and emotional voice in this acoustic slow rock soundtrack. Love Is All Around is filled with acoustic guitar stroke and strings that gave a happy and bright mood.

The second OST from Oh My Baby sends melancholic and sad vibe. The combination of Soyou’s melancholic voice and piano tune brought tears to anybody. In the middle of the song, strings ensemble and acoustic guitar stroke change the mood of the song to a brighter vibe.

The bright and cheerful voice of Cheeze brought a happy mood to the third soundtrack, Raindrops. Easy listening lyrics and soothing guitar melody represent the bright and fresh air after rainy days.

Like A Star tell the story about the melancholic mood of a woman. The woman is expecting someone to shed a light in her life, just like the stars in the dark sky. Kwon Ji-ah contributes her sweet voice to this easy-listening soundtrack.

The combination of sweet piano tune and Kim Sung-gyu’s sweet voice send a romantic vibe to Oh My Baby’s viewers.

The last soundtrack of Oh My baby sends bright and uplifted mood to the listener. It is the perfect song to end the soundtrack compilation. It is the perfect song for starting an active and meaningful day.


5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Oh My Baby


There is the various reason for watching this romantic K-drama. Here is the best reason to watch Oh My Baby.

  1. Easy listening OST

The original soundtracks of Oh My Baby consisted of easy listening songs. It has both melancholic and upbeat music. All of the singers are the best singer for drama soundtracks.

2. Jang Na-ra

Despite her youthful look, Jang Na-ra has an acting career that spanned more than two decades. In this drama, she acts alongside younger and newer actors.

  1. Realistic and relatable storyline

The working condition in Korea is very time consuming and tiring. Office workers spend more than 50 hours a week in the workplace. In the end, they have no time for romance or normal relationships.

  1. Taboo

Having a baby without marriage is considered taboo in Korea and probably there is no K-drama that showed the topic. It is worth noting to see how Korean respond to a woman who has a baby without an official marriage.

  1. Jang Na-ra’s specialty

Jang Na-ra specializes in tearjerking K-dramas. Her melancholic appearance is probably best suited for romance and melancholic drama. She also has the sweet charm that make viewers rooting for her acting.


That was all the information about romantic K-Drama, Oh My Baby. Don’t forget to share your opinion about Oh My Baby and Jang Ha-ri’s romantic relationship in the comment section.