K-Drama Review: ‘Night Light’ Is a Drama About Politics and Business That You’re Going to Relate to so Much


Flashback with the Drama About Business and Politics, Night Light

If you’re a fan of Korean dramas and like stories about politics and business, hopefully you’ve watched the drama Night Light. Night Light is a drama that tells the story of political and business life in the world of economics. The drama stars Lee Yo-won, Jin Goo, and UEE.

This story highlights the difficulties you might encounter in the world of business and politics in the real world. It aired at the same time as the dramas Goblin and Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, so tits ratings were fairly low, however, even so, this drama is still worth watching because  the cast and storylines are both unique and interesting.

Let’s discuss the drama Night Light!

Night Light Drama Review


As we know, Night Light is a Korean drama that tells about the lives of wealthy entrepreneurs running their businesses in South Korea, and money is everything to them. Night Light illustrates to the viewers that money can buy anything and money plays an important role in business.

The drama tells the story of Seo Yi-kyung, played by Lee Yo-won, a businesswoman who ambitiously wants to build her own empire. She is a beautiful, smart, and wealthy young businesswoman, who has a large gallery that she continues to develop so she enter into a company, namely the Moojin Group, where she can get recognition for all her business.


One day at a charity event, Seo Yi-kyung met a girl who caught her attention, Lee Se-jin, played by UEE. Lee Se-jin is an ordinary girl who needs money to support her life with her aunt and cousin. Lee Se-jin came to a charity event with her paid man.

Lee Se-jin is a smart girl, and meeting with Seo Yi-kyung changes her life, because later Seo Yi-kyung offered her a job with fantastic value.


This drama really gives a feeling of ​​the business world being both timeless and being all about the money. The drama was directed by Lee Jae-dong and written by Han Ji-hoon.

Night Light Drama Rating


If you are a Korean drama lover and are interested in business and politics, this drama is for you.

First, the cast is full of very popular actors, such as UEE, Jung Hae-in, Lee Yo-won, and Jin Goo. Not only is the cast full of popular names, their acting really brings their characters to life.

Second, it’s got a great storyline. The storyline for this drama is quite interesting because it illustrates how money and power can get you anything in the business world.

Third, drama OST (original sound track). The drama OST really supports the drama’s storyline. Night Light also has a great drama OST, with songs like WAY by XIA, Like That Day by Sungjae (Supernova), and For Me by Bae Soo-jung.