K-Drama Review: All of the Characters Deal with Cheating in ‘My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week’

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week


Of course, many are curious whether this drama is worth watching or not. The following five reasons should be enough of a proof why you need to watch this drama.

The storyline of a Realistic Married life

As Korean drama enthusiasts, maybe many of us feel challenged and curious to watch this drama. Different from most Korean dramas, which focus on meeting someone you love, and after going through various challenges, making a marriage a happy ending.

It may be that, in the minds of many people, marriage is a solution to achieving happiness. But many of the opinions of married people disagree with this. Most of them argue that marriage is not that beautiful, bringing together two different characters, one with each other’s own thoughts, and opinions which might lead to conflict.

This is what is depicted in this drama, where a husband discovers that his wife who he has been married to for eight years, is having an affair with another man. This drama was so realistic that people in the comment section actually told their own experience of being cheated or cheating, it also gave a wake-up slap and different perspective to see. While people automatically blame the cheater for cheating all this time, this drama will force you to see things from both the cheater and the cheated’s perspective.

Gives a deeper meaning to an Affair

Most of the views towards someone who is having an affair, maybe they are considered negative. Of course, an affair is also not a good thing.

In this drama, the affair itself is explored more deeply and is the main conflict in this drama. Where there is certainly a reason that someone cheats, and maybe one of them is the result of our behavior towards a partner, which makes the couple feel more understood or loved by others, and in the end, will hurt every party involved, and the innocent maybe will get hurt like a parent, family of a spouse, and certainly their child will be hurt.

Melodrama with a little sense of Romantic Comedy Drama

Quite different from the expectations of many people after seeing the teasers of this drama. This drama has a very sad story, the 3 main stories in this drama concerning marriage where infidelity is a part of the three experienced by highlighting reactions based on different characters.

But in each episode, this drama provides a bit of comedy, which of course aims to entertain the viewers and play the emotional dynamics of this drama.

Do Hyun-woo’s surrounding people’s issues, Depth Story

Everyone around Do Hyun-woo (Lee Sung-kyun) played an important role in the character of Do Hyun-woo in this drama, including the anonymous netizen’s side story. Because he is too embarrassed to ask his family/colleagues for advice, so he’s going on a social media instead to ask anonymous people for their opinions regarding what he should do to save his marriage.

This drama makes us aware that everyone has their own problems, whether they come from the past, present or future.

Ahn Joon Young’s story represented a phase when a marriage ends and the remaining person tries to love someone new but with hurtful memories of the past, it seemed to be hard. Choi Yoon Ki’s story represented a phase when a marriage is stable but monotonous, which pushes one party to try to revive their motivation of loving someone by choosing a person that’s not their partner. While Do Hyun Woo’s story represented a broken marriage. Trying to knit the whole mess back, but hard to do. At the same time, they have a kid who stands in between the line and connects both parents while hoping to have a happily ever after with the family.

The Dilemma between Forgiving or Forgetting

After being caught red-handed by Hyun-woo, at first Hyun-woo said that they should get a divorce, and at that time Soo-yeon had no intention of getting divorced and said that she would never see Sun-woo again.

But in the middle, it was Hyun-woo who was trying to defend his household, and Soo-yeon wanted to end it. He wants to start over, wants to try to give a second shot with his wife and continue to live together as if nothing happened, but he can’t. He simply can’t forget the fact that his wife betrayed him, his trust is not the same as before anymore.


From this drama, we learn a lot about marriage though not as a whole, but this drama helps us to see a picture of marriage. This drama deserves a lot of love because it will give you new insights into marriage and will shake your conscience as well.

Let’s look forward to the next drama of the cast of this drama, and always support them!