K-Drama Review: Comedy with a Violent Crime Detective Raising a Child in ‘My Little Baby’


A Sweet Slice-of-life Series About Parents and Their Children

Do you know the k-drama My Little BabyMy Little Baby (Hangul: 마이 리틀 베이비) is a South Korean TV series, starring Oh Ji-ho, Lee Soo-kyung, Kim Min-jae, and Nam Ji-hyun. The first episode was aired on March 5th, 2016, on MBC.

My Little Baby is basically a family and romantic comedy-drama written by Kim Yoon-hee and Lee Eun-yeong, directed by Han Cheol-soo and Lee Soo-ok. Each episode of the drama had a duration of 35 minutes and reached an average rating of 2,2 percent.

Well, if you want to know more about the drama My Little Baby, let’s get ready and check out this article below!

My Little Baby: Review

Cha Jung-han, played by Oh Ji-ho, is a detective and leads a special investigative team who is in charge of daily investigations of crime and violence. One day, he has to take care of his niece Eun-ae and struggled to raise her. Meanwhile, Han Ye-seul, played by Lee Soo-kyung, is a single mother who is raising her 5-year-old child alone for a long time. Cha Jung-han is Ye-seul’s first love. Will their love blossom again?


My Little Baby (마이 리틀 베이비) is a super cute comedy-drama with a total of 16 episodes. The duration of each episode is only about half an hour, instead of 60 minutes, which made the drama go faster than any other drama. Many viewers wrote a review that the male lead is their most favorite character since he has an adorable smile and his character is almost perfect with his personality as well. The main cast, Cha Jung-han (played by Oh Ji-ho), was a little bit shy and hard to adjust on taking care of the baby, although his character brought comedy in this drama, he is a very loyal and caring person nevertheless.

Although the detective, Oh Ji-ho, had the most interaction with the baby, Eun-ae, compared to the rest of the cast, they are indeed an adorable pairing since the two are the cutest. On the other hand, the female lead has a somewhat weaker side than the male role. Many viewers thought that the female lead in this drama is weaker than her appearance in another television drama or variety show. The leading actor, Oh Ji-ho brings all the mood up and becomes the only powerful cast in My Little Baby. Even though the episodes are quite short, overall, this drama is a quick and fun drama to watch. Additionally, there appear a few other cast members, playing the neighborhood moms, and they also bring fun and laughter in the series, providing viewers with a lot of funny scenes.


The drama is simply a story about a man who suddenly has to face his life with a baby and has to pretend to be in the role of a father to raise the baby. The main storyline of this drama teaches us about the concept of taking care of a baby and learning to give what we have in our lives to help someone else. This drama is a good recommendation for everyone who likes the idea of a life’s meaning.

As usual, the characters in the drama are divided into leading and supporting roles, however, none of them seems to be developed well and connect well with the other characters. There are so many cast members of the drama appearing at the same time that the viewer gets the idea that they do not all have actual attachment or connection with each other. When it comes to romantic scenes, the relationship seems more developed and the love between the characters blossoms like in any other love story. They even manage to create sweet moments including the 5-year-old child.


From a certain viewpoint, it might seem like the drama is simply combining many unconnected roles, rather than focusing on the main characters which of course should be the focal point of the drama. The main story should be centered around the story of the baby, uncle, and his first love, instead of being interconnected with many supporting characters shifting the viewer’s attention from the central idea.

My Little Baby: The Cast

Main Cast


Oh Ji-ho as Cha Jung-han


Lee Soo-kyung as Han Ye-seul


Kim Min-jae as Yoon Min


Nam Ji-hyun as Han So-yoon

Supporting Cast

Fire Community

  • Jung Soo-young as Jo Ji-young
  • Go Soo-hee as Kang Yoon-sook
  • Joo Sae-byuk as Kim Bo-mMi


  • Yoo Na-rand as Seo Eun-ae
  • Hong Eun-taek as Kim Hoon-goo
  • Jang Hee-soo as Ma Jung-soon
  • Tae Hang-ho as Seo Jang-hoon
  • Kim Sung-gi as Han Sa-jang

My Little Baby: The Soundtrack

Title Artist Music Video
My Litte Baby OST Part 1
My Little Baby  Yun Kyu Sung, Jang Woo Ram feat. Kwon Oh of Freshboys
My Little Baby (instrumental) Yun Kyu Sung, Jang Woo Ram feat. Kwon Oh of Freshboys
My Litte Baby OST Part 2
Lululala My Love Jungheum Band
Lululala My Love (instrumental) Jungheum Band
My Litte Baby OST Part 3
Little Thing 5NL
Little Thing (instrumental) 5NL

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch My Little Baby

  1. Flexible Time To Watch the Drama

The time slot it occupies is after midnight, which is actually a perfect time to simply unwind and relax in front of the TV, especially after a long day. The drama is heartwarming and is filled with light conversations which are not going to burden you just before going to bed.

2. Sweet Drama Moments With A Baby!

Most of the other dramas are filled with cast members who are either teenagers, or mature actors and actresses, and often times it causes the viewers to be bored with their appearance, especially the ones who have starred in many dramas before. My Little Baby has chosen a baby to play the leading role, forcing all the other cast members to simply adapt their screen presence to the baby’s acting. So we can watch their cute interaction with baby, which is great, right?

3. Another rom-com Drama With A Neighborhood Background Story

The set up of the drama is kind of relatable and realistic in terms of the background story and characters who are quite realistic. The viewers can enjoy every scene that has been brought to the screen from everyday life.

4. The Plot

The basic plotline revolves around a melodramatic-ahjumma-fighting comedy with a hint of romance. Overall, the drama is kind of funny and quite interesting, it just doesn’t hide the fact that it’s low-budget. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of low-budget great dramas, but this one just loses a lot with where it has been cut. I’m talking about the backstories and the flashbacks.

5. The Soft Side Of Each Role

Whenever it comes to babies, no one can resist their cuteness. The main cast of the drama, who had a chance to be in a scene with the baby would make their best aegyo or let out their soft side to take care of the baby. The baby’s feelings were so pure and innocent that she reacted to people’s treatment of her.

Well, that was all for the review of the k-drama My Little Baby. How would you rate a rom-com drama with a family background story like this one? Kindly share your opinion in the comment section below.