K-Drama Review: ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ Seven Handsome Princes in One Frame with Different Stories

The Soundtrack

1. Baekhyun, Chen, Xiumin EXO – For You

The scene in this song depicts the moment when Hae-soo gets trapped in the Goryeo era and meets all the princes. Then Wang Wook, Wang So, Wang Jung, and Wang Eun fall in love at first sight with Hae-soo.

2. Seohyun – All With You

In this scene, Wang Wook and Hae-soo fall in love with each other, then they dream of a life together but are lost because Wang Wook gets changed. The video also shows moments of when they first met and of when they fell in love. But at the end of that, they both end up crying because their relationship doesn’t go well at all.

3. LOCO feat Punch – Say Yes

The scenes included in this song show how the Princes fell in love with Hae-soo. They compete with each other to get and win her heart in different ways.

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’

  • Starring in the drama are seven handsome men, such as Kang Ha-neul, Kim Jisoo, Nam Joo-hyuk, Hong Jung-hyun, Lee joon-gi, and EXO’s Baekhyun
  • The soundtrack is very pleasant to hear
  • Can learn the history of the Korean Kingdom
  • The main female role is played by IU
  • The storyline is really interesting, that is using mixed grooves
  • The supporting roles are also no less interesting! There is Ji Hye-ran, Girl’s Generation’s Seohyun, Kang Ha-na, Z Hera
  • Seohyun and Baekhyun are not only part of the cast, but they also fill in for the drama’s soundtrack
  • Not boring, because the prince’s love story is very touchable
  • Has a good rating and is highly recommended
  • Although taken from real history, the story’s development is not easy to guess

Individual Thoughts

This drama is very extraordinary! Starting from the background and up until the soundtrack, none can be forgotten. At first, you definitely feel that Scarlet Heart Ryeo revolves around the kingdom, war, and the problems, too deep for the layman to understand. But, I really recommend this drama, why? Because, you will definitely feel shocked and surprised by every scene! Then you will feel as if you were in the Goryeo era too. Even more, a sad love story, about family, friendship, and also we can learn a lot from this drama. I’m sure, after you are done watching this, you will never ever be able to move on! I cried many times, and felt sad when I heard the soundtrack, and some of the scenes are still stuck in my mind.

The Most Interesting Scenes

Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Scarlet Heart Ryeo

When it was Wang Eun’s birthday, everyone gave him gifts and surprised him. Then, he asked Hae-soo for a present but instead of giving him a gift, she took him somewhere. The gift that Hae-soo gave him was a song. A song she sings especially for Eun. However, when she sings she realizes that the princes followed them and are hiding behind the pole. All the princes also want to hear the song that Hae-soo sings, but Eun forbids it because it’s a present for him. And finally, Hae-soo sings the song for all of the princes. It just was a fun scene! Actually, so many scenes are interesting but you all have to watch them for yourselves!