K-Drama Review: ‘Lucky Romance’ is a Cringeworthy Cheesy Rom-Com You’re Going to Love

Lucky Romance: The Soundtrack


Lucky Romance’s original soundtrack is a compilation of songs from various artists. The album was released on July 14th, 2016, and produced by H Brothers/LOEN.

Original Soundtrack

OST Title Artist
OST Part 1 Tingle Kei from Lovelyz
OST Part 2 Sad Fate Park Hye-soo
OST Part 3 Tell Me Soyou from Sistar
OST Part 4 Syalala Romance Dawon from Cosmic Girls
OST Part 5 Sincerely to You Sweetpea
OST Part 6 Lean On Me (XIA) Junsu
OST Part 7 More Than Anyone Taeyoon


The OST Part 2 song “Sad Fate” is a remake from a popular song from 1985 by Korean legendary singer, Nami. The song itself was a remake from a Japanese song titled “Fate.” “Sad Fate” is a legendary song, sung by artists from every generation. As for Lucky Romance’s OST, “Sad Fate” was sung by Park Hye-soo.

The MV tells the story of Shim Bo-nui’s hard and struggling life. She has to earn money to support her younger sister’s medical treatment for two years. Her parents have passed away and her sister is her only remaining relative. She tries hard to help her sister to recover albeit with an unfounded way by asking advice from a shaman.

The OST Part 6 song “Lean On Me” is performed by husky voice singer (XIA) Junsu. The melancholic melody and excellent instrument represent Shim Bo-nui’s struggle and hardships while Je Soo-ho supports and encourages her.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Lucky Romance

  1. Easy to listen OST

“Sad Fate” is a popular song from the eighties and Korean people have their own memories with this song. (XIA) Junsu and Soyou are popular singers contributing to Lucky Romance’s original soundtrack.

2. Ryu Jun-yeol and Hwang Jung-eum’s excellent chemistry

Hwang Jung-eum performed her role brilliantly as a struggling woman. Her emotions and chemistry with Ryu Jun-yeol are cute and likable.

3. Lee Soo-hyuk’s handsome face and his athletic body

There are many scenes of Gary Choi taking off his clothes and flaunting his abs and shoulders. In Korea, Lee Soo-hyuk is famous for his broad and chiseled shoulders.


4. The superstitious character of Korean people


Many Koreans believe in superstitious things. Although modernization embraces Korean life in many fields, Korea cares and believes in fortune-telling, shamans, important dates, and relation with the ancestors. Shim Bo-nui believes in a Shaman and follows his directions in order to heal her sister instead of believing in the Korean health care system which is very advanced.

5. Lots of comedy scenes

Other than the romantic relationship between the leading male and female characters, the stories amongst the supporting cast are also worth watching and are quite funny. Ryang Ha’s character, played by comedian Jung Sang-hoon, and his interaction with Lee Dal-nim is funny and hilarious.

That was all the information about the K-Drama Lucky Romance. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!