K-Drama Review: ‘Lucky Romance’ is a Cringeworthy Cheesy Rom-Com You’re Going to Love


Learn More About the Romantic-Comedy Drama Lucky Romance: a Funny Yet Heartwarming Drama

Lucky Romance is a Korean television drama based on the popular webtoon series of the same title. The webtoon was published in 2014 while the drama Lucky Romance was aired in 2016. Lucky Romance was aired by MBC from May 25th to July 14th, 2016.

Lucky Romance is a romantic comedy-drama about a young woman who believes in superstition and a smart young man who believes in logic and facts. The interaction between the two different characters is fun to watch and the storyline about the woman’s sad fate is heartwarming. She has to deal with her sister’s medical treatment and her own problems.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about the romantic comedy-drama, Lucky Romance. So, stay tuned!

Lucky Romance: Review


Shim Bo-nui is an orphan young woman who lives a difficult life. Her only sister, Shim Bo-ra, is hospitalized for two years due to a traffic accident. Their parents were also killed in a traffic accident in the past. Unlike other Korean women, Bo-nui believes in fortune-tellers and superstitious things. On the night of her sister’s accident, a fortune-teller came to her and told her about her current situation which was caused by a sad fate. She should follow his direction and perform rituals in order to upturn her sad fate. She does what the fortune-teller suggested and her sister’s condition starts improving. Although improving, she still hasn’t regained her consciousness and is in a state of comma.


She regularly meets the fortune-teller named Goo Shin, played by senior actor Kim Jong-goo. The fortune-teller tells her that she has been followed by bad luck since she was born. Bo-nul’s younger sister, Bo-ra, played by Kim Ji-min, will recover from her sickness if Bo-nui spends a night with a man born in the year of the tiger.


Je Soo-ho is a successful young man and a game company CEO. Due to his arrogant attitude toward his employees, his employees sabotage the launching and take his game to another overseas game company. His company’s good image is ruined and now he has to try his best to recover his company image.

While preparing for the launching of his latest game he bumps into Bo-nui several times in an awkward way. One day, while Bo Nui is out drinking, she sees Soo-ho and grabs his hand. She asks him repeatedly about what the year he was born is. Upon learning that Soo-ho was born in the year of the tiger, Bo-nui approaches him and seduces him to sleep with her.


Lucky Romance is focused on the life of Shim Bo-nui, an ordinary young woman who does her best to support her sister. Viewers can sympathize and feel similar struggle albeit in other different ways with Bo-nui’s character. Hwang Jung-eum performed the role of struggling, yet cheerful Shim Bo-nui perfectly. This drama is worth to watch and is highly recommended.

Lucky Romance: The Cast


The drama Lucky Romance is concentrated on the chemistry and romantic relationship between the female leading actress, Hwang Jung-eum, and the male leading actor, Ryu Jun-yeol.


Hwang Jung-eum performed the role as Shim Bo-nui. Shim Bo-nul is a beautiful and smart woman. She works hard and does several part-time jobs to support her sister’s treatment. Her main downside is her totally superstitious character. Child Bo-nui was portrayed by Lee Ye-son while young Bo-nui was played by Park Seo-yeon.


Ryu Jun-yeol played as Je Soo-ho, CEO of Zeze Game Company. His character is introverted but he is a very smart and logical person. His actions are calculated and based on logical thinking. He is a genius who at a very early age was able to solve extremely difficult mathematical equations and got his degree in the United States. His downside is his shyness and lack of confidence in public speaking caused by trauma encountered at a young age. He is also an arrogant employer who treats his workers badly. Child Soo-ho was portrayed by Gil Jeong-woo while young Soo-ho was portrayed by Seol Woo-hyung.


Lee Soo-hyuk played as Choi geon-wook, or Gary Choi, a successful professional tennis player. Gary Choi owns Canadian citizenship but is Korean by birth. Shim Bo-nui was his first love during childhood and he looks for her when returning to Korea. He has an athletic body and stylish looks. He is confident, strong and persistent, sometimes too much of it, which is at the same time his strong and also his weak point. Hong Dong-young played young Gary Choi’s role.


Lee Chung-ah played the role of Han Seol-hee of Amy Han, a successful director of the company that manages Gary Choi’s activities. She is a 34-year-old woman, who happened to be Soo-ho’s first love. She has a strong but introvert character with a perfectionist attitude. She always hides her feelings from her coworkers due to the loss of her brother in a fire accident.