K-Drama Review: ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ Tells the Story of a Theme Park Director with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Hyde Jekyll, Me: The Soundtracks

Hyde Jekyll Me

Now, let’s move on to the official soundtrack from Hyde Jekyll, Me! And here are some of recommended songs from the drama!

Because of You by Baek Ji-young

First, we have Baek Ji-young with Because of You! From the lyric translation, we can see the revealed the feeling between Goo Seo-jin/Robin and Jang Ha-na. Since he met with Jang Ha-na, everything was changed, included his feelings.

Because of you, the reason I’m alive

I have only loved you, now I only love you, and tomorrow I will only love you

You’re the only one who made me change, because of you“.

Falling by Park Bo-ram

Next, we have Falling by Park Bo-ram! From the song and the lyric translation, we are presented wtih the love story between Goo Seo-jin/Robin and Jang Ha-na, especially when Jang Ha-na was fallen for Robin, and she had no idea that Robin actually was Goo Seo-jin.

I am falling, I can’t hide these feelings

Falling, how should I tell you?

Maybe you know already“.

Embrace by Yoon Hyun-sang

Then we have Embrace by Yoon Sang-hyun! From the lyric translation, we can witness the precious moment between Robin and Jang Ha-na, even though it didn’t last any longer. Sad and memorable at the same time!

We were each other’s love, always together

If I close my eyes, can I go back to those times?

All of the happy times are still so clear

Is the empty corner of my heart, your empty spot?”

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Hyde Jekyll, Me

Hyde Jekyll Me

Are you still not sure whether to watch Hyde Jekyll, Me or not? Don’t worry, here are 5 reasons why you should watch Hyde Jekyll, Me!

1. Interesting Story-Line

As we said previously that Hyde Jekyll, Me was based on D.I.D themes, which was one of the interesting parts about the drama! Not only that, Hyde Jekyll, Me also presented us the love story, the revenge, and the psychological theme as the main story-lines!

2. Hyun Bin And His Two Different Characters!

Hyun Bin’s acting ability is undeniable, moreover, in Hyde Jekyll, Me he was cast as the two different main characters! On one occasion, we could seen him as Goo Seo-jin, the arrogant and cold guy, other times we could seen him as Robin, the warm and friendly guy!

3. Romantic, Yet Sad 

Even though romantic scenes aren’t something new in K-Drama, the scenes in Hyde Jekyll, Me weren’t like other romances, and can leave you feeling touched and sad at the same time! Moreover, when you were watching the precious moments between Robin and Jang Ha-na, and then you were realized that Robin wasn’t real, he was just the other kind of personality!

4. Full of Multitalented Actors and Actresses

Trust us, the cast from a K-Drama also affect the viewers, right? Then Hyde Jekyll, Me won’t disappoint you, since mostly the cast from the drama were famous and obviously, full of talent, such as Hyun Bin, Han Ji-min, Sung Joon, Hyeri, and many more!

5. Highly Recommended for Psychological Drama Lovers!

For those of you who have been craving a psychological K-Drama, Hyde Jekyll, Me is highly recommended for you! Instead of serving us the general psychological drama, Hyde Jekyll, Me presented us more than that, so make sure that Hyde Jekyll, Me is on your drama list!

That’s all for the article! Channel Korea has introduced you the everything you need to know about the K-Drama Hyde Jekyll, Me! Don’t forget to share your thoughts and leave a comment down below!