K-Drama Review: ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ Tells the Story of a Theme Park Director with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Hyde Jekyll Me

Hyun Bin Played as One Character with Two Identities in Hyde Jekyll, Me

We’re coming back with another K-Drama review! This time, we’re going to talk about Hyun Bin and his magnificent role in the psychological drama Hyde Jekyll, Me! In this article, Channel Korea will tell you all about Hyde Jekyll, Me, so make sure to keep on reading! The drama was released in 2015, with two of the main characters played by Hyun Bin and Han Ji-min. In this drama, Hyun Bin was the male lead character with the two different personalities!

Hyde Jekyll, Me was adapted from the Webtoon series made by Lee Choong-ho with the title Dr. Jekyll Is Mr. Hyde. One of the selling points of Hyde Jekyll, Me was its concept, as it presented us a psychological theme. Along with romantic dramas, those with a psychological theme are also among everyone’s favorites, since people are fascinated by stories about someone’s psyche, whether it was their phobia,, traumas, mentally, or something else.

Through this article, Channel Korea introduces you the psychological drama Hyde Jekyll, Me and all the details you need to know about it!

Hyde Jekyll, Me: Review

Hyde Jekyll Me

Hyde Jekyll, Me was a story about someone who diagnosed by D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder), a was kind of mental illness where the sufferer has two or more different personalities. The main character, Goo Seo-jin (played by Hyun Bin), was diagnosed with D.I.D. He was the son from Wonder Group, and also the Wonderland’s director.

Since Goo Seo-jin has two different personalities when he was Goo Seo-jin, he was someone who couldn’t drive, a serious person, he didn’t like to help other people, he was cold, he never laughed, and had no tolerance at all. Meanwhile, when he was controlled by his other personality, his name was Robin. Robin was someone who had a friendly personality, was kind, someone who can drive, cheerful, and always smiled.

Hyde Jekyll Me

Goo Seo-jin met a girl named Jang Ha-na (played by Han Ji-min) in Wonderland, where Goo Seo-jin worked. Previously, the Robin psyche hadn’t appeared for the past 5 years, but since Goo Seo-jin met Jang Ha-na, Robin started to come out frequently. Moreover, when Dr. Kang, Goo Seo-jin’s therapist, was kidnapped, Robin’s appearance was more often being shown. Robin was really in love with Jang Ha-na and always taking care of her, meanwhile, Goo Seo-jin never liked her.

It turns out that when Jang Ha-na and Goo Seo-jin were children, they once met and Jang Ha-na was trying to save him when he was about to suicide, although as adults, they haven’t recognized each other. Jang Ha-na never knew that Goo Seo-jin and Robin were the same person, since Goo Se-jin always said that he was Robin’s twin. Robin and Jang Ha-na’s relationship was close, then it became romantic. But still, Jang Ha-na didn’t know that her boyfriend had two different personalities. She still thought that Robin was Goo Seo-jin’s twin.

Hyde Jekyll Me

Robin and Jang Ha-na kept on looking for Dr. Kang, Goo Seo-jin’s therapist, until they found the suspect, Ahn Seung-geun, a technician in a hospital where Dr. Kang worked. Ahn Seung-geun admitted that he was Goo Seo-jin’s childhood friend, Lee Soo-hyun, but he was lying just to get revenge towards Goo Seo-jin.

Scenes in Hyde Jekyll, Me

And here are some of scenes from Hyde Jekyll, Me!

Hyde Jekyll Me

One of the memorable scenes was where finally Robin and Jang Ha-na were getting married! Even though, sadly, it was their last chance to be happy together, right before Robin disappeared to heal Goo Seo-jin’s mental illness.

Hyde Jekyll Me

Another moment from Jang Ha-na and Robin! Due to their relationship, Robin was always asked Jang Ha-na to stay with him at his house, even though actually Goo Seo-jin didn’t like her presence at that time.

Hyde Jekyll Me

And also, one of the sweet scenes where Jang Ha-na and Robin were kissing for the first time! It was one of the awaited moments from them, and also awaited for Hyde Jekyll, Me viewers!


And now, we’re going to talk about Hyde Jekyll, Me’s spoiler! The last episode of Hyde Jekyll, Me told viewers about the final relationship between Goo Seo-jin, Robin, and Jang Ha-na. Even though most people loved the relationship between Robin and Jang Ha-na, it was actually quite sad, since Robin was never alive. He was only the alternate personality of Goo Seo-ji and, eventually, Robin disappeared since it was the only way to heal Goo Seo-jin’s mental disease.

Until the last day, Jang Ha-na wanted to give Robin the last chance to be happy, and they decided to get married. But they had to separate. Jang Ha-na and Robin were separated before Robin went to Dr. Kang’s place, since Dr. Kang was about to bring Goo Seo-jin back. And also, Goo Seo-jin was a better person than before, but it wasn’t enough to make Jang Ha-na fall in love with him easily. But still, since Robin’s side has remained in Goo Seo-jin, Jang Ha-na started to accept him as the pure Goo Seo-jin. Deep down, Jang Ha-na realized that Robin was in Goo Seo-jin’s self.

Hyde Jekyll Me

Moreover, Goo Seo-jin gently assured Jang Ha-na to love him for who he was. Goo Seo-jin took over Robin’s driving ability and drawing abilities. And at the ending, Jang Ha-na lived happily with Goo Seo-jin with their new life!

Hyde Jekyll Me

The ending was really magnificent and proper for all of the characters! Even though there were a lot of problem, obstacles, and complicated situations between all of them, eventually they found their happy ending. If you are looking for an excellent psychological drama, then Hyde Jekyll, Me is highly recommended!

Hyde Jekyll, Me: The Cast

Hyde Jekyll Me

Let’s meet some of the cast from Hyde Jekyll, Me!

Hyun Bin as Goo Seo-jin / Robin

Hyde Jekyll Me

Hyun Bin was cast as Goo Seo-jin, the director of a theme park who was diagnosed with D.I.D (Dissociety Identity Disorder), the mental illness where he had two different personalities. When he was Goo Seo-jin, he was a cold and arrogant guy, meanwhile, when he became his other personality, his name was Robin, and he was a friendly guy.

Robin was involved in a relationship with Jang Ha-na, even though Goo Seo-jin’s real personality didn’t like her at all. To heals his illness, the Robin’s personality had to disappear, even though it hurt Jang Ha-na’s feelings. Eventually, Goo Seo-jin was becoming a better person and he became involved in a good relationship with Jang Ha-na.

Han Ji-min as Jang Ha-na

Hyde Jekyll Me

Han Ji-min was cast as Jang Ha-na, she was one of the workers in the theme park that Goo Seo-jin ran. After Goo Seo-jin met her, the Robin’s personality came out more often, until both of them were involved in a relationship. During their relationship, Jang Ha-na didn’t know that Robin was the other side of Goo Seo-jin, because Robin always said that he was Goo Seo-jin’s twin.

Jang Ha-na never liked Goo Seo-jin due to his cold personality, but she was really in love with Robin. Jang Ha-na had to accept the truth when Robin’s personality had to be integrated to save Goo Seo-jin. As their last chance, Jang Ha-na and Robin were married right before Robin’s personality disappeared.

Eventually, Jang Ha-na accepted the truth, and she always remembered that Robin was part of Goo Seo-jin’s self. Both of them became closer and had a good relationship together in the end.

Sung Joon as Yoon Tae-joo

Hyde Jekyll Me

Sung Joon played as Dr. Yoon Tae-joo, he used to be Goo Seo-jin’s childhood friend, but he wanted revenge towards Goo Seo-jin. He played the villain character very well, and felt as though he wasn’t guilty at all. Eventually, his crime was brought to light and he went to jail as his punishment.

Shin Eun-jung as Dr. Kang

Hyde Jekyll Me

Shin Eun-jung was cast as Dr. Kang, the personal doctor and therapist of Goo Seo-jin. She had already been his doctor for quite a long time, and always helped him. Even though she was once kidnapped, eventually Dr. Kang was freed and helped Goo Seo-jin and his mental illness.