K-Drama Review: Flower Soldier Will Protect Joseon in ‘Hwarang’


Discover The Unusual Drama, Hwarang!

Have you watched the K-drama Hwarang? If you haven’t watched yet, don’t worry! This article will tell you all about Hwarang and the details you should know!

As a daeguk K-drama, Hwarang has an unusual story-line, a lot of great actors, and and beautiful scenery in every episode! Since Hwarang was a group of handsome and reliable warriors, viewers can’t help but to fal in love with them! Do you want to know more? Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth and everyting you need to know about the drama!

The KBS Drama “Hwarang


Hwarang is a series which is based on the theme of daeguk (kingdom) and mixes romance and history, which aired on KBS. The show was set in the Silla Kingdom in the King Jinheung’s government. Historically, King Jinheung was the 24th Silla king. When he was appointed as king, he was still young and the government was controlled by his mother, Queen Ji Soo.

What is Hwarang? Hwarang was an army created by Queen Ji Soo to protect her son, Jinheung. He was hidden by his mother because she was afraid that enemies would take his throne and kill him. Hwarang armies were trained to be reliable soldiers, loved by the people and respected by other kingdoms. To be involved in Hwarang, a candidate had to be good looking, smart, and well-trained in self defense.

Hwarang aired on KBS every Monday and Tuesday and ran for 20 episodes, starting in December, 2016.  A lot of well-known actors were cast in Hwarang, such as Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-shik, Go Ara, BTS’ V, and more.

Cast and Character Role Introduction


As a brief introduction, let’s look at some of Hwarang‘s cast and their characters in the drama!

First of all, there’s Go Ara who was cast as Ah Ro, a physician. Ah Ro was also known as a good story-teller. Every time she told a story, the listeners were immediately drawn in. Ah Ro came from mixed classes. Her father was a nobleman, but her mother was a villager.

Go Ara

Next, there’s Park Seo-joon, who played Moo Myung, a poor man and the child of a farmer. Moo Myung was one of the warriors in Hwarang and led a complicated life. For a while he was using his best friend’s identity and lived with his best friend’s family. Moo Myung was known as the most charismatic of the Hwarang warriors. He was a loyal friend and a lot of people liked and respected him.

Park seo joon

Park Hyung-shik played Sam Maek-jong / King Jinheung. He was Ji Soo’s son and the technical ruler of the Silla Kingdom, but his mother took control of the government at the time because she felt he was too young to rule well. He was known as The Faceless King, since on one would recognize his face because the queen had kept him hidden since he was a child. Until Sam Maek-jong became one of the warriors in Hwarang, people had no idea what he looked like.

Park hyung sik

Choi Min-ho who was cast as Soo Hoo. He was cheerful, charming, rich, and loved to show off his charm. Even though he was called a playboy, he was actually a kind person.

Choi Min Ho

Do Ji-han played as Ban Ryu. Like Soo Hoo, he came from a wealthy family, but he and Soo Hoo were hostile, since their fathers were also hostile to each other. Do Ji-han had a fierce aura and was careless. He was also quite wicked and could hurt people unexpectedly, it was a reaction to pressure from his father, who wanted him to be a king.

Do Ji Han

Kim Tae-hyung was cast as Han Sung. Han Sung was someone who was cute and quite spoiled, and he was the most childish, yet cheerful warrior in Hwarang.

Kim Taehyung

Story and Plot


In the introduction we talked a bit about what Hwarang was, that it was an army whose job was to protect all of the people of the Silla Kingdom and the kingdom itself

Specifically, Hwarang was the elite group of warriors. Through Hwarang, the warriors were trained to be reliable and strong in the face a war, but they were also taught how to play musical instruments and learn about traditional dance. The warriors came from the upper classes, with the exception of Moo Myung, a poor man who was the son of a farmer.

Hwarang was created by Queen Ji Soo, who had taken control of the Silla kingdom. She was ordered to protect the crown prince (Sam Maek-jong), so she made Hwarang. She also wanted the group to be unfailingly loyal to the young prince.

The story began with Moo Myung, who was helped Mak Moon (played by Lee Kwang-soo), his best friend. Mak Moon was looking for his family and his only clue about them was a necklace that he wore. They were searching for someone with a matching necklace, until one day Moo Myung met a girl who wearing the same necklace as Mak Moon. She was Ahn A-ro, a girl who was known as a story-teller. Many people loved the way she told a story, including Sam Maek-jong, who was actually the crown prince, even though no one knew who he was.

Mak Moon played a smaller role than some of the other characters, but he had an important role in the plot. Because of Mak Moon, Moo Myung met Ah Ro and the other warriors in Hwarang. Until one day, Moo Myung was using Mak Moon’s identity and living with Mak Moon’s family as Ahn Sun-woo (Mak Moon’s real name). Ahn Sun-woo has a little sister, Ahn A-ro, the famous story-teller. Ahn A-ro was excited when she was met her brother Ahn Sun-woo, even though she didn’t know that he was actually Moo Myung.


Ahn A-ro fell in love with Ahn Sun-woo, but she knew that it was a forbidden feeling. One day, when everything was revealed and she knew that Ahn Sun-woo wasn’t her older sibling, Ahn A-ro was the first one to revealed her feelings towards Ahn Sun-woo. Even though Sam Maek-jong often confessed his feelings towards Ahn A-ro, her feelings were only for Ahn Sun-woo.

The series ended after 20 episodes. The show had a happy ending for Ahn Ah-ro and Ahn Sun-woo’s relationship, even though there was also a war between Ahn Sun-woo and Sam Maek-jong. Eventually, when Sam Maek-jong was crowned King Jinheung, Ahn Sun-woo and his Hwarang friends swore to always be loyal to the new king.




Who fall in love with the soundtracks from their favorite dramas? Here are some good recommendations from the Hwarang soundtrack for your music list.

Wherever It Is by Han Dong-geun

Han Dong-geun with Wherever It Is! The song was a ballad with some romance within it. From the lyrics translation, we can relate the song with Sam Maek-jong’s feelings towards Ahn Ah-ro, even though his love for her was unrequited.

As I get one step farther

I can see your love even clearer

How much do I have to hold you in my heart in pain

For me to forget?

Even If I Die, It’s You by BTS’ V & BTS’ Jin

This song is from BTS’ V and Jin and is called Even If I Die, It’s You! It’s another beautiful soundtrack from Hwarang, with lovely lyrics. We can relate this song with Ahn Ah-roo and Ahn Sun-woo’s relationship. Even though they were trying to deny their feelings, as time went by, the feelings became apparent.

I really want you, I put my life on the line

Take me into the scattered light

To the end of the world“.

I Can Only See You by Red Velvet’s Wendy & Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Last, but not least, there’s Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Wendy with I Can Only See You! The lyrics translation related with Ahn Ah-roo’s feeling towards Ahn Sun-woo, and also Sam Maek-jong’s feeling towards Ahn Ah-roo!

All day, I can only see you

Should I try to be cool

And approaching you first?

Memorable Scenes


Let’s take a look at some memorable scenes from the drama Hwarang!


One of the emotional scenes from Hwarang, when Ahn Ah-roo said that she finally knew that Ahn Sun-woo (Moo Myung) wasn’t her older sibling!


Another of the best scenes from Hwarang, when finally Ahn Sun-woo and King Jinheung were involved into a fight!


Who was waiting for the romantic scenes between Ahn Sun-woo and Ahn Ah-ro? Here is one of the best!


We’re sure that Hwarang viewers were fond of the cute friendship between Hansung and Moo Myun, right?