K-Drama Review: ‘Hide and Seek’, a Story of an Heir, Secret, and Greed!

Hide and Seek: The Soundtrack

hide and seek k-drama

Here are some of the Hide and Seek soundtrack recommendations from Channel-Korea that you have to listen to!

Traces by Beige

“Traces” by Beige is a ballad song related to Min Chae-rin’s feelings, especially her love toward Cha Eun-hyuk! The song is narrating the true feelings, and somehow it also makes people forget about their cruel past.

Someday by Lee Geon & Seo In-young

The song “Someday” provides such a soft and warm melody! The love song is related to the main characters’ love story as well which makes the song highly recommended for you!

You Are by KLANG

“You Are” by KLANG might be one of the saddest songs of the whole soundtrack since it has the meaning of a deep lyric. The song is narrating about someone who is left by their lover, and their relationship is over. It is an obvious reminder of Ha Yeon-joo’s romance with Cha Eun-hyuk, right?

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Hide and Seek


hide and seek k-drama

Here are the 5 reasons why you need to watch the K-Drama Hide and Seek!

1. Interesting Plot & Storyline

The plot of Hide and Seek is filled with such an interesting story since the drama isn’t focused only on romance or drama, but also on how to overcome the family problems, the love-hate relationship, as well as the character development!

2. Riveting Acting Performance from The Cast

Hide and Seek features a bunch of great actors and actresses, and they definitely amazed people with their acting performance! Even the viewers would really love the protagonist or also hate the antagonist due to their amazing acting!

3. Complicated Conflict and Unpredictable Scenes

Throughout the episodes, people would be getting really emotional due to the complicated conflict between the characters and the unpredictable scenes. This is one of the most interesting parts of the Hide and Seek drama!

4. Relatable to Daily Life

The way Hide and Seek portrays a good life and privilege in a rich family is quite relatable with daily life and also the ‘modest’ life in a modest family. People who watched the drama somehow felt the ‘relatable’ feel as well!

5. Nice OST

Hide and Seek also provides a lot of good and easy-listening songs which became good company while you watched the drama!

Overall, the Hide and Seek drama is highly recommended for you! Especially for those people who are looking for melodrama, romance, and complicated conflict within a drama. For you guys who have watched Hide and Seek, what’s your opinion about the drama? Let us know the answer in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!