K-Drama Review: An Autistic Savant Becomes a Paediatrician and Tries to Prove Himself in ‘Good Doctor’

Good Doctor: The Soundtrack


Good Doctor was a successful KBS2 drama with high viewership ratings. The drama Good Doctor’s original soundtrack was released on October 8th, 2013.

Title Singer
Miracle Lee Young-hyung
I’m in love 2BIC
Is crying Baek Ji-young
Looks Good Ha Dong-gyun
How come you don’t know Kim Jong-kook
Love Medicine Joo Won


Part 1. “Miracle” is a melodic ballad song that is accompanied by musical strings and performed by singer Lee Young-hyung. The melodic acoustic guitar and the mellow tune is combined with Lee Young-hyun’s expressive voice producing a melancholic song for the main OST of Good Doctor.

“Miracle” tells the story of the magic and power of love. The strength of loving brought a miracle for those who needed it.



Part 2. “I’m in Love” is an acoustic ballad song performed by 2BIC, a talented Korean duo formed by Nextar Entertainment.

“I’m in Love” tells the story of a person being in love with someone. The person can’t express his feelings in words or actions, keeping his emotions only for himself.

The MV showed the relationship development between Park Shi-on and Cha Yoon-seo, starting as work colleagues and ending up as lovers.


Part 3. “Is Crying” is performed by Baek Ji-young. The drama OST queen, Baek Ji-young, contributed her voice on this semi instrumental romantic ballad song.

“Is Crying” tells a story about a person wanting an answer from the person she loves. She cried and waited for a long time but the person made her wait endlessly.

The MV showed the struggling Cha Yoon-seo while working as a doctor. She worked hard to save lives on the operation table. Park Shi-on was always by her side to comfort and encourage her while working as a doctor.


Part 4. “Looks Good” is performed by Ha Dong-gyun, a Korean singer and songwriter.

“Looks Good” tells a story about a person in a loving relationship. He liked everything about his lover and wanted to give even more love every day.


Part 5. “How Come You Don’t Know” is performed by ballad singer Kim Jong-kook. His sweet and mellow voice is mandatory for this kind of drama.

“How Come You Don’t Know” tells a story about a person who is waiting for his love to come and realize his love and attention. Like a fool, he kept waiting until his love interest realized it.


Part 6. “Love Medicine” is performed by the leading actor himself, Joo Won. “Love Medicine” is a sentimental and warm ballad song. Joo Won’s soft voice is accompanied by an acoustic guitar and the strings bring a calm feeling to Good Doctor viewers.

“Love Medicine” tells a story about a person who falls in love again after experiencing a sad heartbreak even though he knows that this love could hurt him again in the future.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Good Doctor

  1. A unique storyline based on the medical profession

Good Doctor is enjoyable because it tells the story of the medical profession. Viewers can admire a doctor’s dedication to cure a patient’s illness and save lives.

  1. Joo Won’s acting skills

Joo Won has performed various characters in Korean dramas, from an antagonist step-brother in King of Baking, Kim Takgu, a masked hero in Bridal Mask and a skilled surgeon in Yong-pal. Joo Won did a good job performing a young man with a mind like a child. His blank stares and facial twitches were automatic and natural. It seemed that he had done a lot of research and observation of people with autism and savant syndrome.

  1. Romantic ballad original soundtrack

The Good Doctor OST was released following the success of the drama. Famous singers such as Kim Jong-kook and Baek Ji-young borrowed their voices to the album. The singles in the OST album are romantic ballad love songs with melodic and instrumental piano and acoustic guitar.

  1. Joo-won and Mun Chae-won’s love progression

The couple started as hospital co-workers but developed into a loving relationship. Joo-won’s childlike character becomes a mature young man after interacting and connecting with Mun Chae-won’s character.

  1. Excellent life lesson

Viewers can take notice of Joo Won’s character’s progress. He could overcome his weaknesses and difficulties and finally succeed in developing his career. People shouldn’t look down on people with autism and savant syndrome because they also have many talents and strong will to succeed.

Good Doctor is a great drama with touching scenes and inspiring stories. All the cast performed their role very well, earning this drama a high viewership rating and praise from the viewers.

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