K-Drama Review: Friendship in the 70s, in the Drama ‘Girls Generation 1979’

The Soundtracks

01. SF9’s Jae Yoon – Again, We Meet

One of the members of SF9, Jae Yoon is part of the line-up which sings the original soundtrack of Girls Generation 1979. Here are the songs, below:

02. HONEYST – I Like You (Drama Ver.)

The song from HONEYST, I Like You, was actually their original song, but they also made another version specifically for the drama.

Listen to the song, below:

03. AOA’s Hyejeong  – Love Girl

One of the AOA main vocals, Hyejeong shows off her sweet vocal color on a new OST for Girls Generation 1979. Watch the video, here:


5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Girls Generation 1979

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Girls Generation 1979
  1. An Adaptation from a Popular Novel

    Some viewers might not know that this drama was actually an adaptation of a popular novel called Lingerie Girls Generation (란제리 소녀시대) in 2009.

    The story itself is about a female student from Daegu and her teenage life. Because the setting was at the ’70s, this novel became popular among teens and adults who want to reminisce about their younger selves.

  2. Filled with Talented Young Actor and Actress

    Even though the drama was filled with some young new actors, they’ve all received a lot of praise for their work. For example, Bona from WJSN, who played as the main character on the drama. Even though it was her first time playing in a the lead role, she showed awesome acting skills.

    Chae Seo Jin, is the younger sister of a phenomenal actor, Kim Ok Bin. After following her sister’s path, many directors think that her acting skills are amazing. Then there are Yeo Hoe Yeon and Seo Young Joo, and both actors are shining together with their minor roles.

  3. A K-Pop Fan? This Drama is Totally Recommended!

    Are you a K-Pop fan, especially CNBlue and WJSN? This drama will surely have a special place on your heart. Besides Jong Hyun’s comeback to the acting industry, Bona’s acting skills gave her an opportunity to be the lead role on her second drama. There’s also Dohee, a former member of Tiny G, who has already been praised for her strong acting in other dramas.

    A drama like Girls Generation 1979 is an opportunity for idols to show the other side of the boy-groups or girl-groups, that not can they sing, dance or rap, but they also can act wonderfully.

  4. Throwback to Korea in the 1970s

    Various styles and sets from this drama will surely amaze you. Besides the detail and wardrobe, the sets for the various locations, such as the house, school, and even the streets will make you feel like you’re riding a time machine!

  5. Daegu, A City With All the Charms in It

    As one of the four largest cities in Korea, Daegu has its own unique charm, which is different from Seoul, Busan or Incheon. Other than the beautiful nature views and the unique city structure, their distinctive accent is also very charming for some people.

And that’s why you should watch Girls Generation 1979.