K-Drama Review : ‘Gap Dong’ Tries to Build Up the Suspense and Plot Twist, But Fails Spectacularly

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Gap Dong’

gap dong

‘Gap Dong’ is a good crime-thriller K-Drama that’s based on true case in South Korea. If you need a little bit more explanation and reasons why you should watch this drama, Channel Korea will give it them to you.

First, who wants to skip the brilliant acting from the actors? The cast from Gap Dong really bring us to acknowledge them as their characters, not as the actor or actress again. Also, the character development is really good, though you maybe will feel something weird or cringe a little in some scenes. Still, their roles are really worth your time to watch.

On the other side, the story brings us to how the copycat of Gap Dong, Ryu Tae-Oh, wants to bring back the tense, the terrifying feel for the city the same as the Real Gap Dong, but, in the end, he can’t beat the real one. He failed, bringing us to know him the best for his role as Gap Dong, the psychopath.

Next, The role ‘Ryu Tae-Oh’ is a great match for Lee Joon and he excels at it. A lot of viewers watched just to see him, and Lee Joon didn’t disappoint. He brings us a sadistic character with twisted smile on his face and a total lack of empathy, and it’s just so good to watch. He shows us his “madness” with this role.

The story is also makes you ask yourself some questions about the meaning”freedom”, or what being “forgiven” means. Is it really true that death means “freedom”? But why then were the murderers also afraid of death? It’s too heavy for some audiences, but for you who enjoy this kind of flow on the plot, you will enjoy ‘Gap Dong’.

Every time you think you’ve got it figured out, this story brings you to many twisted characters and suspense, although in some ways it may seem a little ridiculous or some characters’ choices could make you feel annoyed. In the end, this drama is recommended to watch for you who loves thriller-crime genre.

So, that’s all our information for you about the K-Drama ‘Gap Dong’. Don’t forget to leave a comment down below and let us know what you think about it. And, as always, keep supporting the hard work from the cast and the crew who work behind the scenes. See you at the next article!