K-Drama Review: ‘Full House’ is a Classic Korean Rom-Com that You Will Love!

Full House: The Soundtracks

Some factors of a successful K-drama are not only the storyline and the stars, but also include having an unforgettable soundtrack. Here is the eargasm of the Full House soundtrack

  1. I Think I by Byul, this song usually comes when Lee Yong Jae or Han Ji-eun started falling in love

2. Destiny by WHY, this song usually when Lee Yong Jae is feeling sad towards his feeling

3. Geu Deh Ji Geum by Lyn, this song usually comes when Lee Yong Jae and Han Ji-eun spent time together happily.

4. Title Shuffle-Humming, this soundtrack comes out when Han Ji-eun is doing her work, like cleaning house, writing, etc

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Full House

So many reasons you need to watch this romantic comedy K-drama, including

  1. The fuss between Han Jo-eun and Lee Yong Jae through the entire story will make you laugh and feel both annoyed yet entertained.

  2. Han Ji-eun’s beautiful house near the beach makes you want to live there, or at least experience it.

  3. Their fashion style, especially Kang Hye Won’s, is really fashionable and unique, Han Ji-eun always wear cute, beautiful dresses.

  4. The refreshing and memorable soundtrack and the popular cute song “Papa Mama Bear” sang by Han Ji-eun in front of Yong Jae family.

  5. A satisfying and happy-ending drama, this makes viewers really happy with the happy ending.