K-Drama Review: ‘Full House’ is a Classic Korean Rom-Com that You Will Love!


Full House, A Marriage Contract Between an Ordinary Girl and an Actor

This South Korean Drama, Full House, has stayed popular since it was first released in 2004. The romantic comedy aired on KBS2 for 16 episodes from July 14 to September 4, 2004. In Korea romantic comedies have been the most influential and popular among all the other genres. Starting with a funny story line, a cute actress, a cheesy oppa (actor), and a compassionate love story. This drama can steal your heart and leave you highly entertained. Full House has a great list of stars, including Song Hye-kyo, Rain, Han Eun-jung, and Kim Sung-soo. It’s considered as a pioneer in romantic-comedy dramas and enjoyed major success all over the world, especially in the Asia region.

Full House: Review



Han Ji-eun is a naive girl and aspiring writer who doesn’t have parents anymore. She lives in her big house alone, despite the fact that her late father named this house “Full House”. The house has a modern interior with huge windows at the front and a wonderful location near the beach. Han Ji-eun worked as online novel writer. One day, her best friends trick her into believing she has won a free vacation to China. While she was on holiday to China. Her best friend sold her house and ran away.

On the flight to China, Han Ji-eun met a movie star named Lee Yong Jae when she accidentally threw up in his shirt, and she kept the dirty shirt after Lee Yong Jae just left it in the plane. When Han Ji-eun was about to check-in to her booking hotel, they couldn’t find her reservation and she met Yu Min Hyuk, who on a business trip. He helped her finally get a room at the hotel.

Han Ji-eun was running out of money and couldn’t contact her best friends, so she recklessly asked for help from Lee Yong Jae, the only person she knew before in China. Lee Yong Jae helps her after she pretend to be Yu Min Hyuk’s ex-girlfriend. After she returned to Korea, she discovered that her house was empty and had been sold by her best friend. Furthermore, the buyer was Lee Yong Jae. They made a mutual marriage contract in order for her to get her house back and for them both to have a place to live.

Lee Yong Jae was in love with Kang Hye Won, his childhood best friend and his personal fashion designer. Kang Hye Won didn’t return his feelings, because she was in love with Yu Min Hyuk, who just treated her as a sister. This complicated, but still funny love relationship become the main story of this drama. Han Ji-eun loved Lee Yong Jae, Lee Yong Jae was confused about his feelings toward Han Ji-eun but couldn’t ignore Kang Hye Won. Kang Hye Won just realized that she lost Lee Yong Jae after he married Han Ji-eun and come back to get Lee Yong Jae, whereas Yu Min Hyuk was always beside Han Ji-eun when she was crying and sad because of Lee Yong Jae’s attitude. In the end, Lee Yong Jae really falls in love with Han Ji-eun.


This is the first scene, when Han Ji-eun meets Lee Yong Jae on an airplane to China. She asked Yong Jae a lot of questions, then she started to get drunk because of the alcohol she drank. This is capturing their messy and funny first meeting scene.


This scene will make you laugh at Lee Yong Jae when he is teaching Han Ji-eun how to ride a bicycle.


Lee Yong Jae wants to make Han Ji-eun cheerful again, so he suddenly took a role as maid instead of Han Ji-eun. This is also funny scene, when Han Ji-eun tricks Yong Jae into doing this and that and also shows how sweet and caring Lee Yong Jae is to her.


The real proposal Lee Yong Jae made to Han Ji-eun. This scene will really steal your heart.

Full House: The Cast

Rain/Bi as Lee Young Jae


Lee Yong Jae is the popular star, handsome, stubborn, sweet, and arrogant, yet funny, jealous, and sensitive. His family has a complicated mindset toward his acting career. He has a childhood crush on Kang Hye Won, but later on falls in love with Han Ji-eun. His habits at home are that he’s crazy about cleanliness, and he loves teasing Han Ji Eun with weird nicknames like ‘Bird’ or ‘Chicken’. On the other hand, he could become the sweetest and weirdest guy when he started falling in love with Han Ji-eun. The funniest part is when he gets moddy and jealous when seeing the relationship between Han Ji-eun and Yoo Min Hyuk. Some scenes would make you feel annoyed and mad when he couln’dt clarify his feelings towards Han Ji-eun and Kang Hye Won, making Han Ji-eun upset.

Song Hye Kyo as Han Ji Eun


Han Ji Eun is the cute, lively, cheerful, naive, loving, aspiring writer, who ends up losing her house to the movie actor Lee Yong Jae because of her best friend. She wants to pursue her dream to become a great writer, but due to a trick by her best friends she lost her house, and ends up to be working for the actor as a maid in her own home. She hen enters a contract marriage with him, all to get her house back. She’s a really cute and sweet personality, who could make anyone around her joyful just by being around her. She showed her love to Lee Yong Jae even though she knew that Lee Yong Jae was still in love with Kang Hye Won. She can accept anything that made him happy, even if it made her sad.

Han Eun Jung as Kang Hye Won


Kang Hye Won is elegant, beautiful, and rich but lacking love. She is the childhood friend of Lee Yong Jae and Yoo Min Hyuk. She is a fashion designer and stylist for Lee Yong Jae. She was falling in love with Yoo Min Hyuk but stuck to Lee Yong Jae at the same time and was manipulative enough to make him stay by her side after Yoo Min Hyuk rejected her.  She is eventually let Lee Young Jae go after Han Ji-eun when she realized that he really loved Han Ji-eun.

Kim Sung Soo as Yoo Min Hyuk


Yoo Min Hyuk is a mature man, a good looking guy, rich entrepreneur, and caring personality. He’s also Lee Yong Jae and Kang Hye Won’s childhood friend. He doesn’t pay much attention to women because of his busy life, but when he met Han Ji-eun, everything changed. He started falling in love with Han Ji-eun’s personality. He really tried to win Ji Eun’s affection, even proposing to her, however after discovering that she really loves Yong Jae, he later gives up. People might possibly choose Min Hyuk over Yong Jae, since he treats women so much more nicely, but we must admit that Lee Yong Jae and Han Ji-eun were made for each other.