K-Drama Review: Romance Between a Member of a Special Rescue Team and a Doctor in ‘Forest’


Find Out About Forest, K-Drama About A Soothing Romantic Love Story In A Mysterious Forest.

Forest deserved credit for filming a romantic love story in a tranquil and mystical forest. Behind the dense forest canopy and huge trees, the secret to the past is unraveled. Handsome actor Park Hae-jin and beautiful actress Jo Bo-ah collaborated in KBS2 Forest.

The plot of Forest revolved around the meeting of an egoistic successful businessman with a foul mouth surgeon in a tranquil forest. Both of them have larger than life egos and self-esteem. Due to an unfortunate event, they became trapped in the forest and they must cooperate to find a way out of the forest. While spending time in the romantic and tranquil forest, they become attracted to each other discover secrets about their past.

In this article, Channel-Korea talked about the 2020 KBS2 drama, Forest. So stay tuned!

 Forest Review


Forest is a romantic K-drama about a handsome 911 officer’s meeting with a beautiful surgeon. Park Hae-in collaborated with actress Jo Bo-ah in this visually pleasing drama. This Wednesday-Thursday drama aired from January 29 to March 19, 2020, on KBS2.

Park Hae-in performed as Kang Sn-hyeok, a young, smart, and physically attractive emergency service unit. Among all of his good characters, he couldn’t remember anything from his childhood past. Due to his memory issue, he wishes to find out about his past. One day, while on a duty, he ventured into the forest to find a missing person. Inside the forest, he met a beautiful surgeon, Jung Young-jae, played by actress Jo Bo-ah, who recently resides in the neighborhood. They became attracted to each other and felt something strange between them.


It turned out that both of them share a similar paths in the past. The couple realized something from their past as they live together and spend more time inside the mysterious forest. The closer they become, the more they found out about each other’s past. The forest and their relationship become the key to open Kang San Hyeok’s past

After his latest appearance in romantic K-drama, Cheese in the Trap, Park Hae-jin finally made fans happy in his return to the small screen. Jo Bo-ah made another appearance as a female leading role in romantic K-drama. Before being a surgeon, her characters used to work as a psychiatrist. Due to problems with her patients, he shifts profession and became a surgeon.

The production of this drama deserves a full round of applause for filming the drama in a scenic and mysterious forest. The forest’s tranquility provides both healing and romantic scenes to viewers. The filming was done in a scenic natural forest in Gangwon Province. Tall trees, fresh leaves, dense canopies brought the soothing element for Forest viewers.

Forest: The Casts

Park Hae-jin as Kang San-hyuk


Kang San-hyuk is the leader of the Red Line Investment company. As the leader of a prominent company, he specialized in the merger and acquisition of the troubled company and reinvented the company into a successful one. In the process, he earned huge money from his clients.

Kang San-hyuk has an animal instinct and a genius brain. He is the star professional in investment. He doesn’t care about romance and romantic relationships. His appearance is impeccable with a handsome look and tall figure. He always looks good, concerns about his appearance, and be ready at times because of a sudden meeting with investors in anytime and anywhere.


Kang San-hyuk has a cold heart and he isn’t afraid of accusing anyone of causing trouble. He always wins because he was fearless and careless about his opponent. Aside from his winning attitude, he masters camouflage. He can be a delivery man when talking to one and be a slaughterhouse worker when dealing with a meat processing company. His diligence makes Red Live Investment the leader in the industry. He is a perfectionist and proud of his achievement

He came to a mountain and went into Meoryeong Forest to find out information about a competitor who stole his contracts. He realized that a big conglomerate was involved in the spying of his project. He applied for as 911 officer to secretly investigate his competitor’s motive. He assumes that his rival is trying to establish a large resort inside the forest. While investigating the matter, he met a beautiful surgeon. As they try to find a way out of the forest, they discover something similar to their past life.

Jo Bo-ah as Jung Young-jae


Jung Young-jae is the ace surgeon in a prestigious hospital. She is a very talkative person and she was famous for badmouthing other people. She used to be a psychiatric intern but decided to quit her profession. Jung Young-jae changes her department and becomes a surgeon. Due to her talkative and foul mouth, she easily becomes the public enemy in her workplace.

Jung Young-jae is a thick-skinned surgeon who dances in front of other people and humiliates herself rather than admitting her mistake. When traveling to the forest, she met with the handsome businessman, Kang San-hyuk. Two huge egos collided in the forest and each one asserted their strength and opinion. In the end, they became attracted to one another and discovered something special in their past lives.

Jung Yoon-joo as Oh Bo-mi


Oh, Bo-mi is a member of a devoted civil servant family. All of her family members work as civil servants in the law field. His father is a detective chief, her mother works as a tax-evading specialist while her older brother works as a maritime police officer and her younger brother works as a customs officer.

In order to become a forest police, she tracked down criminals and kept the forest in its primeval condition. Due to her beginner officer level, Oh Bo-mi is being underestimated by citizens and people living around the forest. Oh, Bo-mi is an active woman who meticulously visits every corner of the forest to find evidence. She was never hesitating in giving fine and arrest the person who breaks the law. She responded swiftly to any complaint and any report from people who live around the forest.

When a huge incident had occurred in Miryeong Forest, she jumped to the scene and investigates the matter. Not only that she finds much evidence, she also finds love and romance.

Noh Kwang-sik as Choi chang


Choi chang has a kind and warm personality. His face exudes kindness and he always smiles at everyone. He is a sweet, soft, and kind guy who despises man that treats a woman badly and made them cry.

He came from a rich family and he never worries about money. However, his father is a hardworking wood merchant who cares nothing other than money. He is tired of living behind his father’s shadow. Choi chang hated his father for putting money and the forest first rather than him.

Since he always lives close to the forest since childhood, Choi chang has a talent in appraising the value of every tree in the forest. He can guess the price of a tree even though he saw it from a speeding car. Rather than giving a designer bag for his girlfriend, he thinks of giving trees to his girlfriend as a present.

Forest: The Soundtracks


5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Forest

  1. Scenic forest and natural view.

The beautiful forest of Miryeong village could provide visual healing to K-drama fans, other than watching Park Hae-jin’s handsome look.

  1. Collision of egos

Each leading role has larger than life egos. When trapped in a mysterious forest, both of them must cooperate to find the exit.

  1. Battle of mental health

Forest showed the importance of mental health. Both leading roles suffer from a traumatic past. Past incidents haunted and followed them even until they reach adulthood. Inside nature, their mental health finally recovered.

  1. Romance

There were a lot of romantic scenes when both of the leading roles trapped inside the beautiful forest. The calming and tranquil forest is the best place to spend time and built a romantic relationship.

  1. Helping yourself by helping others

By taking care of others and the people around you, you can discover and correct your flaws. As they spend time helping each other, Jung Young-jae and Kang San-hyuk recover from their past trauma.


That was all the information about a romantic love story in a mysterious forest. After three years of hiatus, Park Hae-jin finally returned to the small screen. His male leading role is very much being anticipated by his fans. Let’s wish that his next project could come sooner.