K-Drama Review: Four Friends Struggle with Their Jobs, Dreams, and Love in ‘Fight My Way’

The Soundtracks

Fight For My Way

Now, we’re moving to the official soundtrack of Fight for My Way!

1. Good Morning by Kassy

This is one of the famous soundtracks from Fight for My Way! We bet you’ll automatically remember every moment of Choi Ae-ra and Go Dong-man every time you hear this song! From the lyrics translation, we can conclude that the song was related to the relationship between Choi Ae-ra and Go Dong-man. Even though they often argued, they still belonged together.

Always, the deeply engraved traces keep growing

I can’t push it out because of you

Whenever I feel like I feel today

I end up wanting you“.


2. I Miss You by Cha Yeoul Band

This is one of the ballads from Fight for My Way. Every time you hear this song, we’re sure you’ll go into a melancholic atmosphere! If you hear I Miss You, there’s a shadow of the story where Choi Ae-ra and Go Dong-man were involved in an argument and were really angry wtih each other.

You can also imagine the scene where Kim Joo-man and Baek Sul-hee were broken up, and it was hurting both of them, but they tried to hide it. This is one of the saddest songs from the drama.

I miss you

Like an unchanging illusion

I miss you

Stay with me

I can always feel you inside of me“.


3. Ambiguous by Seo Eun-kwang, Lim Hyun-sik, and Yook Sung-jae)

And this one is one of the catchiest songs from Fight for My Way! Once you’ve heard it, you won’t forgot it!¬† From the lyric translation, we can imagine the sweet relationship between Go Dong-man & Choi Ae-ra, and also Kim Joo-man & Baek Sul-hee! As we can see from the title, Ambiguous, the song represents the love between them all!

Sometimes like a friend

Sometimes like a lover

Like an ice-cream

My heart, you let it melt“.

10 Reasons Why You Should Give ‘Fight My Way’ A Try

Fight For My Way

1. Relatable Story-Line in Real Life

Fight for My Way has a light story, and felt relatable with our common things in daily life! From the drama, we know how to struggle for a dream, and when your desire doesn’t come as fast as you want, and you have to fight to reach it!

2. Sweet Romance Inside

Who doesn’t love romance movies? Of course we do! In Fight for My Way, we could see the sweet relationships from two main couples, Choi Ae-ra & Go Dong-man, and also from Kim Joo-man & Baek Sul-hee. If you’re already watched Fight for My Way, tell us who your favorite couple is, between them!

3. Full of Multitalented Artists

One of the reasons why people watch some dramas is because of the actors or the actresses. In Fight for My Way, there are multitalented artists such as Kim Ji-won and Park Seo-joon, and other great actors, as well!

Fight for My Way

4. The Good Chemistry 

From the first episode, the great chemistry Kim Ji-won, Park Seo-joon, Song Ha-yoon and Ahn Jae-hong is apparent, and it makes us feel like we were actually involved in the drama!

5. Important Moral Values

As we can see in the title, Fight for My Way is a story about struggle and working to reach our dreams. One of the popular quotes from the drama was “Even if I don’t succeed, I’m going to just go for it!“.

6. The Good Bromance

You’ll be charmed by the bromances between Go Dong-man and his Taekwondo coach, and between Go Dong-man and Kim Joo-man. Both of them had special parts in Go Dong-man’s journey, and sincerely supported him!

Fight for My Way

7. Recommended Rom-Com Drama

For those of you who really loved a good rom-com, this drama is a must-watch! You will love the romantic yet comedic story-line in Fight for My Way.

8. The Different Character from Park Seo-joon

In other dramas, we often see Park Seo-joon playing the cool, calming, flamboyant man. In Fight for My Way,  Park Seo-joon plays Go Dong-man, a cheerful and a hard-working man who is a very different type than the roles the actor usually plays!

9. Inspires Us to Reach for Our Dreams

As it’s already been noted, Fight for My Way is about the struggles of real life. If you haven’t reached your own dream yet, don’t worry! Like people commonly say, if there’s a will, there’s also a way to reach it!

Fight for My Way

10. Highly Rated

Some people commonly saw the drama due to the ratings. And if you were one of them, don’t worry! Fight for My Way was one of the best drama with the highest ratings, so make sure Fight for My Way was on your drama list!

Well, that’s all that Channel Korea has been introduced the K-Drama review: Fight for My Way! If you haven’t watch it, go watch it and if you’ve done, share your thoughts about that by writing on the comment below!