K-Drama Review: Four Friends Struggle with Their Jobs, Dreams, and Love in ‘Fight My Way’

Fight For My Way

What is The Meaning of Best Friends?

In life, people need to be connected to other people, because humans are social creatures. We can be united by our differences or our similarities. Commonly, people are close with their family, their spouse, or their best friends. This time, we’re going to talk about what it means to have best friends, as seen in the K-Drama, Fight for My Way!

In Fight for My Way, we get to see the good friendship between the four main characters, who have known each other since childhood, who show us what it means to have best friends. With best friends, we can do anything that we want, we’re always have someone to talk to in any kind of situation, and of course, best friends are always there for us!

In this article, Channel Korea introduces you the K-Drama Fight for My Way, the joys of being best friends!!

Ordinary People Living in an Ordinary World with Their Ups and Downs

Fight For My Way

Fight for My Way is a drama from South Korea that shows us the relationships between four best friends. The friends are Choi Ae-ra (played by Kim Ji-won), Go Dong-man (played by Park Seo-joon), Baek Sul-hee (played by Song Ha-yoon), and Kim Joo-man (Ahn Jae-hong). Choi Ae-ra, Baek Sul-hee, and Go Dong-man were all close friends since childhood, when they got older, they added Kim Joo-man to the group, since he was Baek Sul-hee’s boyfriend.

They were living next to each other, where Choi Ae-ra was living with Baek Sul-hee, and Go Dong-man was living with Kim Joo-man. Choi Ae-ra worked as a receptionist in a department store and had a passion to be an announcer, Baek Sul-hee was a kind woman who worked as doing customer service, Go Dong-man was a former Taekwondo athlete who was currently working as an insecticide officer, and Kim Joo-man was a worker in marketing in the same office as Baek Sul-hee.

Fight for My Way

In Fight for My Way, we witness all their struggles. Go Dong-man wanted to be an athlete again, even though he was hesitant. Choi Ae-ra wanted to be an professional announcer even though she was rejected many times during interviews, and there was also the difficult situation between Kim Joo-man and Baek Sul-hee, because both of their families were disapproved of their relationship.

In the drama, we are shown how we can reach our dreams by our faith and our effort, along with support from the people surrounding us, such as family and our closest friends. Choi Ae-ra received a lot of support from Baek Sul-hee and Go Dong-man when she tried to reach her dream to be an announcer, and when Go Dong-man went into Taekwondo competitions supported by Kim Joo-man, Baek Sul-hee and Choi Ae-ra.

Fight for My Way

Meanwhile, the sweet relationship between Kim Joo-man and Baek Sul-hee was also supported by Choi Ae-ra and Go Dong-man. Even though Baek Sul-hee once thought about breaking up with Kim Joo-man, her friends gave her the support to stay in the relationship she wanted.

In the end, we could see the results of their efforts during Fight for My Way. Choi Ae-ra finally received an important chance to become an event host, Go Dong-man successfully won a Taekwondo competition, and Kim Joo-man and Baek Sul-hee were living happily together and solving their relationship’s problems.

Scenes in Fight for My Way

Fight for My Way

The picture above is from one of the scenes from Fight for My Way! It shows a usual morning with Choi Ae-ra, Baek Sul-hee, Kim Joo-man and Go Dong-man waiting for the bus together on the way to their various jobs.

Fight for My Way

This is one of the memorable scenes where Go Dong-man won a Taekwondo competition, and Choi Ae-ra was there to support him, and she was also hosting that competition!

Fight for My Way


Fight for My Way

And also, the last two pictures show the sweet moments between Kim Joo-man and Baek Sul-hee! Even though both of them were busy with their careers, they still always had a great time together.

The Casts

Fight For My Way

Let’s get to know more about the Fight for My Way’s main cast!

  • Kim Ji-won as Choi Ae-ra
Kim Ji-won

Kim Ji-won played the character of Choi Ae-ra, a playful woman who worked as a receptionist in a department store. Choi Ae-ra knew Baek Sul-hee and Go Dong-man since they was young, and she was also one of Kim Joo-man’s best friends. Since she was young, she loved to talk in front of a microphone, that’s why she really wanted to be an announcer. She was went into any announcing interview she could, whether it was as a host, as a news reader in television, or other opportunities, but she still hadn’t made it.

Eventually, Choi Ae-ra found an alternative way to prove her communication skills. She was being an event host, and it was at the Taekwondo competition host where Go Dong-man was one of the competitors!

  • Park Seo-joon as Go Dong-man
Park Seo-joon

Park Seo-joon was played Go Dong-man. He was formerly a Taekwondo athelete, but then he dropped out and worked as an insecticide officer, even though it wasn’t an occupation that he wanted. In the end, Go Dong-man found his confidence again and finally went into the Taekwondo competition and came out the winner!

Go Dong-man was living with Kim Joo-man, and he already knew Choi Ae-ra since he was young. Eventually, he became Choi Ae-ra’s boyfriend.

  • Song Ha-yoon as Baek Sul-hee
Song Ha-yoon

Song Ha-yoon was played by Baek Sul-hee. In Fight for My Way, she was the completely innocent woman who was in a relationship with Kim Joo-man. Even though she was innocent, sometimes she was really mature and showed a very maternal side. Baek Sul-hee worked in customer service, and she was in the same office as Kim Joo-man. Sometimes she was living with Kim Joo-man, but sometimes she was living with Choi Ae-ra.

  • Ahn Jae-hong as Kim Joo-man
Ahn Jae-hong

Ahn Jae-hong played Kim Joo-man, Baek Sul-hee’s boyfriend. Kim Joo-man worked in the marketing department at the same office as Baek Sul-hee and lived with Go Dong-man, or, sometimes, with Baek Sul-hee. He was already knew Go Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra from a long time ago. Even though there were problems in his relationship with Baek Sul-hee, eventually they found out that they were made for each other!